How to Describe a Smile in Different Ways?

How to Describe a Smile in Different Ways?

To know how to describe a smile in a different ways….read on this article….!

A smile is a feature of every creature on this planet. It is an expression that gives you the freedom to let your feelings be displayed to the world. It is an interesting feature and it has a different shade of expression attached to it. Can all smiles be considered happy

No, not at all. Smiles can give the expression of being blissful or dejected. It can even be dark and demeaning ,smile describe your happiness . Smiles are not always associated with glee and warmth. The vastness of its expressions and the meaning you can attach to it makes you want to explore and describe the various types of smiles you can find in this world. Some smiles can lead you to cloud No 9 and some smiles can lead you to the dungeon of hell. 

When do you smile?

Smiles are displayed after an act of satisfactory revenge or on an achievement. Smiles display your detest or a liking. Some can even fake a smile or fool a person into believing that they are okay when they are not. Such is the power of a simple smile. Decoding a smile can help you gain a better perspective of the world around you as studies show that smiling is associated with living a longer and better life. Hence, It can give you a fuller experience of living a good life. 

What are the different ways you can describe a smile?

The different ways one can describe a smile are as follows:-

A toothy smile

She gave a toothy smile when she learned that she had passed the test.

A melancholy smile.

He was so lonely that he gave a melancholy smile to the passers-by on his way to work.

Sarcastic smile

When he gave a sarcastic smile, everyone knew that he had a bad intention.

kind and caring smile.

On seeing the condition of the orphan kid, the woman was led to display a kind and caring smile to the child.

Faint-hearted smile.

She was so lost and scared that she gave a faint-hearted smile.

Victorious smile.

His confidence to win the race made him display a victorious smile even before he could complete the race.

Embarrassing smile.

The man gave an embarrassing smile to the woman when she learned that he had no money to take her out for dinner.

Satisfactory smile.

The jury displayed a satisfactory smile when the right verdict was made.

Scornful smile.

She was filled with a haughtiness that made her give a scornful smile to everyone at her party.

Showy smile.

He invited all his friends to show off his car collection and his showy smile caught the attention of all those who were invited.

Spiteful smile.

She was filled with so much hatred that she gave a spiteful smile when she finally took her revenge.

Angry smile.

When he has that angry smile on his face, he looks like the devil himself reincarnated.

Psychotic smile.

That serial killer had a psycho smile when the FBI caught him red-handed at the crime scene.

Pity smile.

The beggar was so hungry and cold that he had a pity smile when I went to serve him lunch.

Thankful smile.

You can see in his smile how thankful he was to have received the gift.

Cheesy smile.

The aunt tried her best to convince her niece to give at least a cheesy smile but it was of no avail.

Humble smile.

The woman gave a humble smile when she knew that she had been selected for the part.

Self-righteous smile.

The priest had such a self-righteous smile when he caught the man stealing.

Fake smile

She was all fake including her fake smile.

Plastic smile

The way he can paste that plastic smile on his face is mind-blowing.

Evil smile.

You can just see the evil smile in my two-year-old son when he wants to do some naughtiness.

Innocent smile.

No one can forget the innocent smile of a child as they learn new things.

Exciting smile.

She gave an exciting smile when her ticket to Paris was booked.

Treacherous smile

Can a smile be so treacherous that it can kill the very soul of the one getting betrayed?

Romantic smile.

The lover gave a romantic smile to his beloved while cuddling her.

Trustworthy smile:- The guard at the Museum always gives a trustworthy smile whenever I speak to him.

Reliable smile:- when she smiles, I feel relaxed and secure.

Friendly smile.

The villagers gave a friendly smile to the lost tourist, making him feel safe.

Agreeable Smile

I always like to discuss with the manager because he never fails to give an agreeable smile whenever we have a brainstorming session of genuine problems that need immediate attention.

Submissive Smile.

The way he gives a submissive smile as I disagree on some topics makes me love him even more.

Confident Smile.

During events, our manager has this confident smile on her face. It invigorates the entire team.

Professional Smile.

The air-hostess always has a professional smile on her face that is so pleasant to see.

Caring Smile.

The mother gave a caring smile to her daughter when she gave a naive reply.

Memorable Smile.

I will never forget this guy I met at the airport. One thing I remember about him is his memorable smile that radiated by boring shifts every time.

Optimistic smile.

He always has this optimistic smile whenever we start a new project.

Strong Smile.

She was in deep pain but when we paid a visit to her at the hospital, she gave a strong smile to all of us, assuring us that she is okay when I know she is not.

Resilient Smile

Can a smile be so resilient that it makes you question if that person is made of iron?

Competent Smile.

That competent smile on his face when he was giving the most awaited face was refreshing to witness at that event.

Conscious smile.

She let out a conscious smile due to her crooked teeth.

Reluctant Smile.

The child was so afraid of the doctor that he gave a reluctant smile when asked to come in for a check-up.

Sheepish smile.

The boy knew that he had been caught lying, hence smiled sheepishly.

Brave smile 

She gave a brave smile when she learned that her house had been robbed. 

Grinch smile 

I love to watch the movie, “The Grinch”, just because of that grinch smile.

Coy smile.

That sex trafficker had a coy smile on his face. The judge gave a heavier sentence because of that. 

Wonderful smile 

The snow and the Christmas lights made the kids give a wonderful smile for the Christmas photography.

Painful smile 

The woman was in such full labor that she couldn’t help but give out a painful smile on the operation table

The above points are to describe how to smile.

What are some of the words you can associate smiles into?

They can be lovely, pure, delightful, or extremely sad and can take the light out of you. Some smiles can be so evil that they can send shivers down your spine. Some smiles can make you get lost in the thoughts of that person. It can let you into the very souls of the person smiling at you and it can make you feel as though you have a friend to get you through the night. 

Some smiles are so innocent that when you see one, it makes you want to protect that child or that person and tell them that everything is okay and you don’t have to be lost anymore. Such is the varied expression that smiles can portray. 

The typical smile of a person makes you remember them for a lifetime. Some smiles can leave an imprint in your heart forever. You can have a faint smile when you are feeling lost and confused. You can have a gummy smile when you are smiling from ear to ear showing all your teeth and gums. 

What are smiles associated with other than lips?

It is interesting to note that smiles are associated with lips in the US and other parts of the Western world but in other countries like Japan, smiles are associated with the eyes. Yes, that’s right, you can smile with your eyes too. When you smile with your eyes, the focal point is your eyes making them squinty. When you smile with the lips, the lips are curved up and the facial muscles are relaxed. It is interesting to note that you can fake a smile too. When you fake a smile, research shows that facial muscles around the eyes are not used so one can judge a fake smile from miles away. A fake smile is more like a smile that is pasted on your lips, hence the word plastic smile came forth as It’s like putting a plastic smile on your lips. 

Why should smiling be an important part of your life?

Smile for all the right reasons to bring out the best of you and the people around you. There are nineteen types of smiles that have been discovered. Among those only 6 are connected with feelings of true happiness and joy. When you try to smile for true happiness and satisfaction, you gain confidence in yourself and those around you. Research shows that smiling more can make you appear more successful and confident. A person can display self-assurance when you can see them smile even in tough situations. 

It makes you look well-put and polished. It can make you look powerful even. Especially when you smile while you are serving someone, for instance in a job or a social setting, it makes you look more appealing and polite. Thus, smiling more can make you a successful entrepreneur, professional and can improve your love life considerably. A romantic partner looks more charming and appears kinder and more loving when he/she has a smiling demeanor. 

How to differentiate between a genuine and a fake smile?

A genuine smile is not very easy to do for those who have a prideful heart. It takes a whole lot of authenticity and sincerity to get that genuine smile, aka, Duchenne smile. It is for those who are humble and understanding. Research shows that when you make others happy or satisfied, you display that Duchenne smile on you. Otherwise, the fake smile is displayed. 

Common characteristics of people who display a Duchenne smile?

They are caring and optimistic. They have a genuine love for people and can be seen doing acts of love for others selflessly. This makes them have a higher rate of genuine happiness than others who do not display a genuine reason to serve others. For instance, they are ready to accept themselves and others as they are because they are grateful people. This particular characteristic can be found in people who display a Duchenne smile often with their eyes crinkle up. One secret to getting this genuine smile is to have a genuine love for others.

What do those six types of smiles do for you in the social setting?

The six types of smiles which create the feeling of warmth and joy point the way to a new relationship, maintaining an old relationship, or opening you up to new opportunities in that new place, work, or country. It is used to gain the trust of people. It makes you look like someone reliable. Yes, smiling can open up many favors for you. Smiling gives a green signal for others to open up a conversation with you. It makes them feel that you are harmless and social and that you are friendly and open for a good time of interactive discussion. 

For centuries, in many countries smiling was associated with negative meaning. It was not encouraged especially in the public place but in modern times, smiling has become a widely accepted social norm and those who don’t smile are considered unsocial and impolite. Smiling more makes you look worthy to spend time with and intrigues others to get to know you more.

What does a fake smile or an ingenuine smile indicate about a personality?

It is something that everyone dreads. You don’t want to receive one, even if you may be tempted to give a fake one sometimes to others. A fake smile displays a lot of characteristics of the person displaying it. It makes you feel insecure and unloved when you receive such a smile. It gives a feeling of coldness and lacks sympathy or care. A fake smile when you receive one can make you feel down and dejected. It shows that the other person is uninterested in you and is not willing to work out things between you. 

Why do people make fake smiles at others?

Those who often use fake smiles are altogether not evil or psychopaths. Sometimes a fake smile is displayed because of many other reasons other than the intention to hurt or harm you. Those who are socially obligated to maintain an image have to resort to such a smile, esp, when the odds are against them, they are not free to display their true raw emotion in public, therefore, they make this fake smile to save the day. 

For some fake smiles are a gateway to rob other people of their money or attention. It is done to coerce someone into doing something in their favor. In short, it is done with selfish motives. When a person makes a fake smile, however hard they try, you will notice that their eyes will not crinkle, just the upper lips will move up. It is easy to spot one if you are intently looking for it.

How to have a purposeful smile?

You can always make sure to check your emotions. For that, you have to be more self-aware and notice your feelings as they come and go. The art of smiling at the right time in the right place is to be present fully in the conversation or the place. You don’t have to smile for no reason as that will make you look desperate or plain stupid. Smile with a purpose. 

The purpose of your smile has to be to understand the world around you and to make the world understand you a little bit more. Smile your way into success at your workplace. Studies show that the more you smile at your colleagues or boss, the more doors are being opened for you. It can make you have a smooth transition at any stage of your life.

How effective is a smile?

Research has proved that the more a person deliberately smiles, the more the body responds to it and creates a feeling of genuine happiness. Start your day with genuine interaction with yourself and your world. Some love to meditate or go for a jog that way they are connected to themselves. Smiling is an important feature to carry at all times. It is a go-to feature that you need to carry out in the social world as well as in the private world. Though you have put on the best suits or have the best make-up on, if you do not have a smile on, it is futile. Smiling is a powerful tool and it must be practiced daily.

The other thing you can do is simply be genuinely interested in others. Listen intently whenever they speak. That is the key to knowing them and grasping their every point. When you do that, you will have plenty of genuine reasons to laugh with each other. Last but not least is to forgive good and forgive fast. 

How to forgive genuinely?

Genuine forgiveness simply means you do not hold on to any grudge and forgiving fast is to not think a second thought and just let go. Some people take months to forgive, well that means that person has wasted months of exercising forgiveness. Studies show that our body mechanisms are not built to harbor grudges and unforgiveness. If you want to see an unhappy person, visit someone who has a lot of self-pity and a grudge. 

When should you not smile?

All the talk about smiles doesn’t mean that you have to smile all the time at any cost. Maintain a healthy boundary within yourself and others and make smile to describe yourself. When you are being harassed or disrespected, you don’t have to even give a fake one. Smiling is a good feature but being a doormat is the last thing you need to do. Smiling to please everyone will make you look diffident and you don’t want the tag of a people pleaser to be upon you.

How to judge a smile?

The best thing one can do is have a clear judgment on when to smile. A person who has a strong emotional intelligence can nicely navigate the situation and make intelligent decisions on whether it is the right time to smile or not because smile describe you. Although Smiling is good, many can use it to take advantage of the situation, therefore if you are in an authoritative place and need to evaluate your subordinates, you need to study the art of smiling and learn the difference between genuine and fake one. 

How to Develop your character to maintain that smile?

The more you are connected to yourself in a genuine, healthy way, the more you can become relatable to others around you. As you learn and grow your personality you will gain a better understanding of the different types of smiles. Maintain your smile at all times like maintaining a positive demeanor by developing your patience as jumping into conclusion can affect your interaction with the other person and cause tension instead of a smile. Have a peaceable spirit which means to be harmless. Always have an opening for interpretation in any circumstances.


Whether you want to smile or not, it has become a social norm to do so if you want to be acceptable in this civilized society. Smiling often requires effort and for it to be effective, you need to be a great listener. Compassion also comes into the equation. A compassionate person always displays a genuine smile at all times. The qualities that you need to look for or inculcate in your life are all those mentioned in this article. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. How does a smile help your body?

Smiling can help your body release cortisol and endorphins. It has evidence of reducing blood pressure and increasing your endurance.

2. How can you practice smiling better?

There are exercises like the whistle, the rabbit, and the wide smile which can greatly improve the way you smile.