Honeylove Reviews

Honeylove is a D2C venture-backed startup brand that manufactures garments with built-in shapewear. Betsie Larkin, an EDM artist who founded Honeylove, created her own style of shapewear after researching so much on the quality and types of shapewear available in the market. She launched Honeylove in 2018. Tops, pants, and lingerie collections are too a part of the brand’s expansion with its set new standards. Lets see Honeylove reviews.

Honeylove Reviews

Customers looking for perfect shapewear can always approach Honeylove. This is a brand that sells garments with a built-in shapewear feature. Its unique style of shapewear makes customers choose the brand for various occasions. The features included in each garment eliminate the discomfort of wearing.

About Honeylove

Being unique in its style, Honeylove’s features have attracted many customers around the globe. This brand is created by women for women customers and has an A+ rating on the BBB. It involves the application of technical and artistic approaches to the challenges faced in the fashion industry.

The main focus is to make women feel confident in their outfits. The garments are available in different sizes, shapes, and models. They have categories based on the kind of outfit too (for example, wedding shapewear). Honeylove collections include bras, sculptural, tops, bodysuits, bottoms/leggings, and underwear; the bestsellers being SuperPower Short, LiftWear Cami, CrossOver Bra, EverReady Pant, Boldness Tank, and Boldness Bodysuit. 

The fabric used is mainly nylon spandex and the shapewear also has a gusset that is made up of 100% cotton. Honeylove shapewear is available in the shades of skin tone nudes and black.

Size and Fit

Wearing a garment that fits perfectly needs a helping hand, which is why the Honeylove website has short videos for visual learning of how to wear their products. If a customer faces difficulty in finding the exact size and fit, she can contact a Honeylove Fit Expert who will analyze and recommend the correct size and style. Honeylove products are available in sizes ranging between XS and 3X.


The price of the products is a bit high. But still, they are worth the cost. The high cost is due to its quality, fabric used, durability, and the process of making them.

Honeylove does not provide any offer or coupon code because they believe they provide the highest quality products of shapewear at the best cost. Although, there are discounts on an occasional basis that can be seen on the website. Purchases carried out in the United States can have free shipping and returns.


Honeylove is liked by most people because of its features. They are as follows:

  • The shapewear has a great level of compression, lift, and support;
  • The material with which they are made is of high quality;
  • They are machine washable;
  • No silicon strips or plastic straps are used;
  • They are comfortable and fit perfectly.


Garments from Honeylove come in a high-quality zipper-lock bag that can be used for storing the products safely. Along with that comes a laundry washing bag which can be used while washing in a washing machine; it also protects the shapewear while traveling so that it doesn’t get dirty or snagged on any other clothes.

Customer reviews

Honeylove has a customer rating of an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. A majority of customers are satisfied with the items. Some of the positive and negative reviews are listed below.


  • The fabric used is skin-friendly.
  •  They fit perfectly and are comfortable, unlike any other brand.
  • Shapewear can be used for a longer time.
  • Washroom-friendly.


  • The prices of the orders are high.
  • Poor customer service.
  • Some customers reportedly mentioned the struggle of removing the waist boning while using the washroom.


With a high customer rating, Honeylove has attracted many women across the globe to use its products for special occasions. Honeylove has a unique style of clothing that makes it different from other brands. The reviews of Honeylove are mostly positive, which shows how satisfied the customers are. Although the prices of the products are high, they are good to buy because of their quality. Therefore, with all the features Honeylove products have, they are worth a try.


  1. Are the products shipped internationally?

Yes, international shipping is available, except for North Korea. International shipping costs depend on the daily checkout procedure.

  1. How long would it take to ship a product?

For orders within the United States, it would take 5–6 days; for international orders, it would take 8–14 days. A fast shipping option is available on request. Honeylove has a 30-day return policy.

  1. How to contact Honeylove?

Live chat is available at Honeylove.com, send a message to 1-855-568-3676, call at 1-855-740-8229, or send a mail to support@honeylove.com.

  1. Are Honeylove products available on Amazon?

Although some products show up on the Amazon website, the original products of Honeylove are available only on their website, honeylove.com.