Lube Mobile Services

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All engines rely on refined oils to maintain them running smoothly and problem-free, mile after mile. All our customers have to do is contact us and we’ll come to you, anywhere in the country, to examine, fix and change parts and filters. And that we have our customers brace on the highway in a swift period.

Lube Mobile Services

The weather sometimes becomes a challenge to us and our customers but that is the role of being a mobile mechanic. We love to be at your service. 

What We Do At Lube Mobile Services?

Lube Mobile services have been a reliable source of repairs and maintenance for automobiles since 1982. We have our professional technicians waiting to assist our customers when our services are employed.

Are Our Charges Based On Time And The Acquisition Of Car Parts?

Our services are only for the time spent on repairs and maintenance and servicing of their car. In addition, the customer gets a discount of 10% on all car parts bought from our dealers and outlets in the country.  

Are Our Worker’s Technicians, Contractors or Employees? 

We have technicians, contractors and employees working with our mobile service providers to access and resolve problems when our service is employed. We work as a crew and correspond with other members of the team to ensure the efficiency of the client’s claims. 

What Are Our Working Hours? 

We have a scheduled appointment for all our employees who work in shifts and others on a contract basis. 

This allows lube mobile technicians to run with a 24 hour work period daily. It’s our pleasure to meet the inquiries of our scheduled needs 168 hours a week. 

Do We Work On Saturdays? 

Our mobile Technicians function through the week, weekends inclusive. However, our services attract a surcharge of $40 for both Saturday and Sunday.  

Work On Public Holidays?

  • We work on public holidays For our reputation for consistency and efficiency with a surcharge of $40. 
  • Due to the festivals in our national holidays, we promote and provide a discount of 30% to mark festive and local holidays. 

How Do We Determine The Price Of The Work? 

  • The number of funds to be paid after services depends on service delivery.
  • Customer service is necessary to the image of the company and spares no step to ensure our prices are modest fees. 
  • Mobility is the basis of what we do and assigning a mechanic to assist the customer to fix issues with car repairs and maintenance costs $150. 

How Certified Are Our Employees And Technicians? 

  • As part of our professional principles of lube Mobile services, we have a strict policy to employ only tradesmen with working experience of not less than 4 years. We have a programme for developing entrepreneurs with a passion for learning for training projects. However, they only work in our workshop. 

Does Our Client Have To Pay For The Work In A Few Hours And How Do They Pay? 

  • Paying for services has to be made after the work is done. Except for further service required to be repaired, a surcharge will be expected for the parts. The surcharge is to be paid at our office. We accept bank cheques, cash, MotorPass, mobile money transfers, fleet card, Express and Diners and all Credit cards from banks in America. 
  • Is there any confirmation on the warranty with the work done for our customers?
  • We have certified documentation on all our services provided to our clients. To get you on the move is our dearest concern. We understand your needs and are capable of all standards to meet our clients’ needs. 

Is Any Membership Needed For The Services? 

  • Our services are based on the repair and maintenance of cars. Clients have suggested there should be a constant membership fee for constant and reliable services as we have been providing for 45 years now, but we have no ongoing registration.


Lube Mobile services have been a reliable source of repairs and maintenance for automobiles since 1982. With outlets nationwide and 24-hour automobile services, we have our professional technicians waiting to assist our clients when our services are employed.

Our mobile mechanics can assist our customers with their car batteries, drive belts, starter motors, car tires, clutch and brake repairs, alternators, fuel systems, and auto electric parts. Employees and contractors are experienced and only use the best products on the market with a 12-month warranty.