Embassy Suites Pet Policy

Do you have a pet that you need to bring along with you when you travel? If so, you might be wondering what the Embassy Suites pet policy is. In a general sense, most embassies will allow small, domesticated furry friends in the suite. However, some may have more restrictive policies, so it’s important to check beforehand. 

Embassy Suites Pet Policy

Embassy Suites’ policies vary, but typically they allow furry friends in the suite only if they are leashed and under control at all times. Furry friends should not be allowed on furniture or beds and should be kept out of public areas such as the lobby or pool area.

Embassy Suites Pet Friendly Policies You Should Know About

As a furry friend-friendly hotel, Embassy Suites offers preferential treatment to furry friends. Some of the policies that are in place to accommodate furry friends include: 

  • A complimentary full breakfast is offered for your furry friend each morning 
  • A daily attention package is provided which includes treats and toys) 
  • “furry pal Access” rooms (which make an extra room available on request with a surcharge) are also available at no cost. 
  • These rooms have been specifically designed with furry pals in mind and come complete with features such as elevated beds, scratch posts, and towel animals/pillows). In addition, all hotels offer “Paw Prints” – personalized bed sheets that feature pictures of your dog or cat!

The Top Reasons To Leave Your Furry Pal At An Embassy Suite

There are several reasons why you may want to leave your furry pal at an embassy suite. First and foremost, these suites are designed specifically for furry pals. They have all the amenities that your furry pal would need, including food, water bowls, toys, and bedding. In addition to this special treatment, Embassy Suites also offer peace of mind since they’re monitored 24/7 by staff who are experienced in handling animals. 

Finally, unlike regular hotels or apartments where furry pals can create messes simply by being there, Embassy Suites are professionally clean, and a strictly no-furry pal policy is enforced. This makes it easy for you to relax while Away on Business without having to worry about leaving your beloved furry pal behind.

Enrolling Your Dog In The Embassy Suites Animal Policy:

Enrolling your dog in the Embassy Suites animal Policy is easy and can be done online. After you have completed the enrollment form, a representative from our team will contact you regarding your animal’s account status and any further questions or concerns that may arise.

All animals are eligible for discounted rates at all Embassy Suites hotels, including those located within the U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam, Saipan/Leyte Island in the Philippines, Turks & Caicos Islands, and the British Virgin Islands.

To enroll your dog in the Embassy Suites animal Policy, you will need to call our reservations department at 1-855-935-2782 and provide the following information:

  • Name of animal
  • Date of arrival
  • The phone number for updates (if applicable).

After providing this information, one of our representatives will be able to help you complete the necessary paperwork. Your animal will then be eligible for all the amenities that are offered within our hotels, including access to outdoor terraces and swimming pools during normal pool hours. In addition, we’ll take care of any additional medical expenses that may arise while they’re with us.

Tips On How To Keep Your Animal Safe When Traveling With You

Animal safety is key when traveling with your dog or cat, so make sure to follow these tips:

  • Make a list of the familiar places where your furry pal can and cannot go while you’re away. This will help minimize anxiety for both you and your furry pal during travel.
  • If possible, keep all food and water bowls in one location while you’re on vacation so that there’s no temptation for your furry pal to stray from home.
  • Bring along enough disposable bags to stash dirty clothes; this will also help reduce messes on furniture and floors throughout the house while you’re away.


The embassy suite is known for providing world-class service to its passengers. The embassy has always impressed its passengers with its affordable and comfortable services. Its service for animals has made traveling easier for all. We hope this article was informative and helpful for you and your furry friend.

  1. Why do you think Dogs or Cats can’t be allowed at all Embassy Suites hotel locations?

Furry pals may be great family members, but they are not allowed at all Embassy Suites hotel locations because of the risk of animal allergies and other health concerns. 

  1. What are some of your favorite places to visit that allow furry pals in their hotels and restaurants?

Some of my favorite places to visit that allow furry pals in their hotels and restaurants include The Ritz-Carlton, Villa D’Este, Andaz Westlake Village, and Sea Island Resort & Spa.

  1. Is it acceptable to have more than one furry pal at once (cats and dogs) in your embassy suite?

While it is not typically recommended to have more than one furry pal at once, there are certain cases where this may be permissible.

  1. Are there any specific rules that need to be followed when bringing furry pals into the country?

There are a few specific rules that need to be followed when bringing furry pals into the country, including getting your furry pal’s rabies shot and registering them with the government.