How fast can SAT scores be sent?

When applying for college in America, most institutions of higher education will require the applicant to submit an SAT score, also known as the Scholastic Assessment Test. An SAT score can be defined as a college admissions test that evaluates and judges a student’s readiness when applying for a college degree. Let us know, How fast can SAT scores be sent?

How fast can SAT scores be sent?

An SAT is comprised of two sections, the first section is about evidence-based reading and writing, and the second is about mathematics. The total time for the SAT exam is currently 3 hours. However, if you’re choosing to go for the optional essay section, then the total length of the SAT should take you 3 hours. 50 minutes. 

The main question that almost all college applicants have about the SAT score is how long it would take for the score to be sent to the chosen university, as the answer to this would help in preparation for the exams. 

The official college board mentions that SAT scores should take between 1 to 2 weeks for the intended university to receive once you have officially ended your exam. The reason why colleges do not receive your final score in an instant is that there is a process the college board must go through before sending out the final transcripts. 

What is the fastest way of sending my SAT score to the university?

There are currently 2 options that the student can pick from when choosing to send their final scorecards to the intended universities. These options are, firstly sending the scorecard for free, but this process will take a couple of weeks. The second option is called the rushed score report and will be explained further below. 

Currently, when all students sit for the SAT exam, they will be asked if they would like to send free score reports to only four universities of their choice. This should not be much of a problem because if you are struggling to pick a university then you have an additional nine days after the exam to change and edit the four universities that you would like to send the score report. 

This option of choosing four universities to receive your score is one of the fastest methods as the intended university will receive your final scores within 10 working days. 

The second method of sending your final score report to your preferred university is called the rushed score report. This method involves the student having to pay an additional $31 rush fee on top of the regular score report fee. Choosing this option assures the applicant the college board will send out their final score to the intended university within one to four working days. 

When would it be considered ideal to send my final report cards?

The time it would take, and which option would be best suited to your needs depends on the choice you choose between the free or the rushed score reports. If you go for the free option, then it is recommended that you sit for the SAT exam at least seven weeks before the university application deadline, this will make sure that you have ample time to complete your tasks. 

However, if you go for the paid rushed score reports option, then you are recommended to sit for the SAT exam at least four to five weeks before the application deadline. It is suggested that you do not opt for the rushed score report possibility, because these rushed reports do not always get sent to the college faster and may end up taking more time than you had planned. 

In conclusion, your final SAT scores can be sent to your preferred universities depending on the option you pick between the free and the rushed report system. Although the difference between the timings could only be 1 to 2 weeks, it is highly recommended that you prepare for the SATs with ample time needed to send your results to the colleges. 

The following section of this article will feature a few FAQs that you may have regarding the SAT and timings. 


  • Is it possible to cancel my SAT scores? 

Yes, it is possible to cancel your SAT scores, but this must be done within the day you completed your exam. This would involve having to talk to your exam supervisor about the cancellation. 

  • How long should be spent preparing for an SAT exam?

The minimum time you are required to spend studying for an SAT exam is between 5 to 12 weeks. This gives you ample time to read and answer practice examinations as much as possible. 

  • How do I register for an SAT exam? 

The board of colleges has a form that you can fill out and register by mail. Alternatively, you can contact your school for further information on SAT registration. You can get a free copy of the SAT publication from your counselllor.