What Are Some Short Term Goals For High School Students?

A high school is an institution whereby students are taught and evaluated at the conclusive stage of secondary education. A student in high school would have progressed beyond the primary level of education without having proceeded towards the tertiary level of education. To be successful in high school and progress toward the tertiary level of education, high school students ought to accomplish some notable short term goals. Within this article, I’ll endeavour to pinpoint each of these essential goals and illustrate their utmost importance to those high school students. Let’s begin with What are some short term goals for high school students?

What Are Some Short Term Goals For High School Students?

Why these goals?

Four short term goals exist which are ideal for high school students to be triumphant in their studies. Adherence to these goals would instil worthwhile qualities that’ll be integral to their future academic, corporate and social success. So let’s gain further insight into such goals as of now.

Completion of assignments

Of these integral short term goals, let’s first take a look at the optimal means for a student to complete their assignments. High school students ought to employ clarity and foresight in the composition of their homework. Those said traits aid an eminent level of knowledge being displayed in their various homework compositions. Students need to induce a stellar sense of cohesion within their assignments to assure notable concepts are avidly expressed to their various teachers. To coherently accomplish their assignments in sync with stipulated dates for submission, students should consistently apply appropriate time management techniques. With the application of proper editing measures, they’ll note any sort of errors within the body of their assignments. Of course, this is necessary to avoid oversight, detect inaccuracies and swiftly resolve such mistakes. In so doing they’ll ensure that assignments are drafted in an ideal manner. The final drafts of those assignments would eventually ensue in accord with the standards put in place by teachers for the designation of grades. With those said guidelines being properly adhered to, these high school students would strive to epitomise a standard of excellence in their completed assignments.


High school students should also be attentive and aptly interact with their teachers and schoolmates during classes. This would encourage further collaboration and cooperation on the part of students. The aforesaid can lead to the emergence of new study groups, with already existing ones being expanded in this instance. With the aid of their classmates and teachers, highly interactive students can absorb and impart knowledge to a greater degree within the classroom. The furtherance of dialogue amongst students and teachers can encourage troublesome topics to be discussed more thoroughly, analysed to a greater degree and better understood for the most part. In so doing students would come away with a greater degree of insight in terms of the inherent notions of their various academic subjects. Interactivity is certainly integral in an academic sense for the resolution of problems and articulation of ideas on the part of students. Hence students should always display a considerable level of interactivity within their classrooms to assure their eventual success in the variety of subjects pursued at their specific high schools.

Improvement of grades

Accordingly, high school students should aim to elevate their academic grades to a constant standard of distinction. They should at first perform a bit of self-analysis to discern which sort of subjects they’re having difficulty with. When they detect an accurate depiction of their various academic weaknesses, they can promote upliftment of their performances at high school. Such students should then seek to enrol in tutorial classes where tutors can guide and edify their students in a personalised manner. High school students would become better acquainted with the precepts and tenets of their troublesome subjects. This englightenment would lead to an improved cognizance of their current academic pursuits. Students should also pay a greater degree of importance to their at-home studies in this instance. For example, at least five hours per week should be set aside by students for personal studies that are attentive to their weaker subjects. With the above being put into place and heeded to, an eventual improvement in the quality of their various assignments would materialise. As a result, an elevation of their grades from a substandard nature to a measure of distinction ensues. With this being the case, a high school student would certainly be well suited for their upcoming midterms and end of semester examinations.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Added to this a high school student would surely benefit from regular participation in an extra-curricular activity as this can go on to foster the positive development of their well-being. Since as one becomes involved in sports, acting, music or social causes, their motivation to succeed in whatever endeavour that they’ve opted for is elevated for the most part. Furthermore, regular participation in extracurricular activities can lead to a significant enhancement of a high school student’s self-esteem, confidence, morale and self-respect. Due to the appreciable degree of socialisation that occurs within this scenario, the betterment of one’s communication and analytical skills can come to the fore. With that being so, this scenario can transcend beyond extracurricular activities toward an improvement in their overall performance from an academic standpoint.


Adherence to these four goals is undoubtedly essential to a high school student’s current and present academic endeavours. Since they’ll be primed towards attaining a High School Diploma and General Education Assessment (GED) and be in good stead to succeed at the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), a standardised exam that’s used for admission to colleges and universities. We can therefore deduce that these students, in heeding those short term goals, would be well suited for immediate and long term successes in academic, corporate and social circles as it were.


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