Ivy League Party Schools We Rank Them Best To Worst

Ivy League schools are the best education institutes in the country. The ivy university group is said to be so good because of great academic and traditional ethics. Collectively they are said to be worth more than 160 billion dollars. Schools like – Harvard, Stanford, and so on cost almost $90 billion. Let us rank the Ivy league party schools from best to worst.

ivy league party schools we rank them best to worst?

Like, every other school group there is a list of ivy league party schools depending on several factors including – all-rounder, academic tradition, sports, and so on. The list goes on as the name and prestige of a school do have an impact on the ranking of ivy schools and they are said to have this prestige because it is said that the graduates are future athletes, presidents, and students of such caliber. 

To know more about the ivy league party schools and their rank from best to worst read the article below.

Ivy League Party Schools Rank: Best to Worst

The ivy league party schools ranking has a distinct factor that affects the rank and after thorough research considering all factors, here is the ranking list of top ivy league schools: –

Princeton University

Princeton is one of the oldest universities on the list and is known throughout the world. It has the best academic resources such as – 

  • Libraries
  • On-campus Art Museum 

Princeton also consists of social science to engineering, computer science to biomedical, and social service professions. And even after having more than 30 major courses the student-faculty ratio falls under 4 to 1 and because of this the university also provides one-on-one sessions with teachers and small classes.  

Harvard University

Harvard University was founded in 1636 and is the oldest educational institute on the list. The Harvard comes at #2 rank on the list despite having more than 100 research centers, 14 schools, and institutes providing medical, engineering, law, and several other major courses.  Along with the highest freshmen entries, similarly, Princeton Harvard also has extraordinary and big libraries, and not only that Harvard also provides more than 450 extracurricular and athletic organizations activities. University also offers distinct programs for under-graduates, post-graduates, and so on. 

Yale University 

Yale university is known mostly for drama and music and not much in academic fields, unlike all the other ivy universities. Yale University has more than 10 different schools including one of the best law universities along with medical, art, and nursing.

Yale is not only known for drama and music but is also widely known for its social science, biological and biomedical. It is also the first university in the world to offer an award on completion of a degree in medicine. Also, Yale has the first school of public health.  

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania like yale is world-class in arts and not in academics. According to a survey, the University of Pennsylvania has the maximum number of intellectual students in all ivy league institutions with more than 16% of international students, it also has a high acceptance rate.

More than 3,000 undergraduate or post-graduate students apply for the university and more than 400 student groups such as – arts, sports, academics, politics, and so on. The University of Pennsylvania has many schools such as – 

  • Penn schools of Dental Medical
  • School of Engineering
  • School of Designs
  • State Art Research labs and so on.

Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College is known mostly for its own programming language BASIC which is one of the first native American programs. This college includes the Tuck School of Business, School of Engineering, and Medical School of Geisel.  

Dartmouth College has more than 50 research centers, schools, groups, institutes, and so on. Like, Harvard Dartmouth also has a nice student-faculty ratio which 7 to 1 and it also provides small classes and off-campus programs for innovating and inspiring new as well as seniors in college.    

Brown University

Unlike other universities and colleges in this group, Brown University is a private research center along with being a university. Brown University also has a personalized studying course for all its students allowing them to think themselves and be creative and innovative. 

Brown has more than 80 majors and courses such as – Egyptology, Assyriology, and entrepreneurship. It is also one of the few universities to provide medical and undergraduate degrees together in a single 8 years long course. The brown university does not just have one but six different libraries specializing in distinct majors and courses.

Cornell University

Cornell University is the newest in the list created in 1865. Cornell University has the mission to create creative, innovative minds and discover and preserve knowledge. Cornell being the newest also have the lowest number of schools including only 7 undergraduate schools and colleges. 

However, despite having a dwindling number of schools, the university offers the largest school of Arts and School of Agriculture and life. It also has the top-ranking College of veterinary medicine and hotel administration.   

Columbia University

Columbia is the oldest university on the list situated on the West side of Manhattan and has one of the highest academic structures in all ivy league schools. Columbia university is also known mostly as it has given many important inventions especially technological and literacy innovations were discovered here such as – FM, literate magazines, advocacy groups, and so on.

Columbia also has the lowest number of undergraduate schools – Columbia college, FU Foundation School of Engineering and applied science, and School of general studies.


By the analysis of the topic, ivy league party schools we rank them best to worst, it has been concluded that there are distinct factors and stats that are required in order to make Ivy league schools ranking list as all the schools and universities have different specialties and majors and to accurately rank them it is important to find a common point and factors to help rank the ivy league schools.  

In the article, all 8 Ivy League Party Schools are discussed and ranked along with all the distinct common points and factors.