Is Seton Hall An Ivy League School?


Seton Hall is a Roman Catholic university located in South Orange. The college provides several undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate programs in business, education, sciences, law, diplomacy, public policy, international relations, arts, natural sciences, and theology. There are several factors as to why Seton Hall is not regarded as an Ivy League college. This article discusses why Seton Hall is not an Ivy League school and what requirements need to be fulfilled by a college to be an Ivy league. 

Is Seton Hall An Ivy League School?

Is Seton Hall An Ivy League School?

No, Seton Hall is not part of the Ivy League school. The Ivy League is a group of eight universities located in the United States, including Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Yale University. Seton Hall is a private Roman Catholic university located in South Orange. 

What Makes a College an Ivy League ?

The Ivy League is a group of eight prestigious universities in the northeastern United States: Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University. The Ivy league colleges are popular for their academic facilities, research facilities, seminar halls, and pastel clubs. However, what makes a college an Ivy League school goes beyond just these factors.

There are several things that characterize the Ivy League colleges as different from the other colleges including that they are all private, nonprofit institutions that have been around for a long time, with most of them having been established in the 18th or 19th century and they all only take the best students out of all the applications received. They also have substantial endowments, which allow them to provide generous financial aid packages and invest in state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge research, and distinguished faculty. 

Overall, what makes a college an Ivy League school is a combination of factors, including its history, selectivity, endowment, academic excellence, and athletic prowess. These institutions have a long-standing reputation for providing their students with an exceptional education and a pathway to success in their chosen careers.  

Reasons for Comparision of Seton Hall to the Ivy League University 

The college is compared to the Ivy League colleges because of its reputation for academic excellence and selective admissions process. It is a highly respected institution with a rigorous academic schedule. 

Seton Hall offers several programs including business, law, international relations, and medicine. They are known for their rigorous schedules and these programs are compared to that offered by the Ivy League colleges. The college only accepts students from very good academic backgrounds making it very selective as compared to the Ivy league colleges. 

The students at Seton Hall have achieved many accomplishments with several scholarships, merit fellowships, and internships at top law and consulting firms. The college is also known for its research, something that the Ivy League colleges rigor upon. 

Seton Hall has a very high-rated faculty that is spread all around in all disciplines as compared to the Ivy Leagues. It also involves several practitioners all around the globe. Many have also received international recognition for the same.  

Difference Between Seton Hall and Ivy League Colleges 

  • Reputation: The Ivy League colleges are highly regarded worldwide, whereas Seton Hall does not have that recognition. 
  • Size: Ivy League colleges house way more students than Seton Hall. Harvard has around twenty thousand students, whereas Seton Hall has around ten thousand. 
  • Admissions: The Ivy League colleges are way more selective than Seton Hall in their admission process. The admission rate for the Ivy League colleges is very low as compared to Seton Hall.  
  • Curriculum: The Ivy League colleges are not very well-versed with the liberal arts curriculum, and their curriculum is engraved from their long-standing history, whereas Seton Hall is pretty new. 

Rankings of Seton Hall 

Seton Hall University is a well-respected university that has received a number of accolades for its academic programs, faculty, and student outcomes. Here is an overview of some of the university’s recent rankings:

  • U.S. News & World Report: In the 2022 edition of U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges rankings, Seton Hall is ranked #118 among national universities. The university is also ranked #62 in the Best Value Schools category and #58 in the Best Undergraduate Business Programs category. Additionally, Seton Hall’s School of Law is ranked #59 among law schools.
  • Princeton Review: In the latest 2022 edition of the Princeton Review’s Best 387 Colleges guidebook, Seton Hall was rated at the top. The university is also ranked #6 in the Best Colleges for Business Majors category and #6 in the Best College Library category.
  • Forbes: The very good ranking of 547 in Forbes’ 2021 list of America’s Top Colleges was awarded to Seton Hall. The northeast regions rank the college at 222 on their yearly list. 
  • Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education: The Wall Street 2022 edition ranks Journal/Times Higher Education College Rankings, which also puts Seton Hall at 422 overall and at 115 in all the universities in the region.
  • Money: Seton Hall is ranked #459 in Money’s 2021 list of Best Colleges in America. The Northeast regions have the college’s ranking at 149.  


Concluding, Seton Hall is a very respected college in Park Orange located in the United States. Though it is not an Ivy league University. The ivy league universities only consist of the best universities located in the northeastern region of the country that makes them stand out. They are also known for their prestige, financial resources, and high admissions processes.