Is Kalamazoo College An Ivy League School?

Kalamazoo College may not make the list of the twelve coveted Ivy League schools in the United States, but it can stand head-to-head with any prestigious school. At Kalamazoo, students are broadly trained and engaged in competing with the best in terms of development.  Lets start with Is Kalamazoo College An Ivy League School?

Is Kalamazoo College An Ivy League School?

School Overview

Kalamazoo College often referred to as K or K College, is a privately owned liberal arts institution. Thomas Merrill and Judge Caleb Eldred started the school in 1833 as a Baptist college.   In 1855, the school became Kalamazoo College after it got its accreditation to grant students degrees. Today, the school has no affiliation with any religious body.

In short, only a few colleges can deeply engage their students in academics and extra-curriculum activities like Kalamazoo. Whether it makes the list of Ivy League or not, Kalamazoo College has become one of the most competitive institutions in America.


The institution offers a personalized learning method through an open, flexible curriculum. Hence, students are exposed to real-world events through its service-learning, independent senior year project, and study abroad opportunity. At Kalamazoo, students master the art of relating with professors and peers. Therefore, the school is a school created to cater to the needs of students.

The best part of studying in Kalamazoo is having more time for your passion and what you wish to learn. Henc, it becomes easier for students to become better at what they know best. Additionally, the school puts effort into every student to achieve great results at the end of four years. 

Professors understand how challenging class could be for students, and they find better ways to make learning easier for everyone. They relate with students as a peer, which increases the bond between students and lecturers. While professors require more from their students in learning, they regularly offer them internship opportunities.

The institution offers students 13 concentrations, five special programs, 22 minors, and 31 majors. According to the National Science Foundation, the school ranks among the top institutions that help students earn a Ph.D.

Kalamazoo has an intense classroom that demands the best from its students, making learning as competitive as any Ivy League school. The college is considered a test-optional institution that ranks #71 in National Liberal Arts Colleges based on different indicators of school excellence.   

The K-Plan used by Kalamazoo College is a personalized four-year degree that allows students to become better academically. Most students earn merit or need-based financial support. For instance, Heyl Scholarship helps students with full tuition in science courses. 

Student Body

Attending Kalamazoo College broadens the mind of students and makes them open-minded and liberal to real-life experiences. The selection process makes it extremely difficult to find students with the same idea. Thanks to the school’s accommodating environment, students can express their sexuality and gender without fear.

The small learning setting allows students to discover their niches in the school. Therefore, students can engage in things that make them happier and more productive.

Campus Life

While Kalamazoo College offers students flexibility in their study life, study hangovers, letting work linger, or missing classes rarely happen. Students have a balanced work-life that allows them to indulge in extra-curriculum activities. Residence halls often host community-based events that offer students fun activities and good food. In addition, activities such as “ Zoo After Dark, Friday night movies, and other programs allow students to unwind. 

Kalamazoo College provides sports opportunities for students to engage in different NCAA Division III university sports. As a result, they participate in the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association.    The school has nine sports for men and women respectively in different categories.


Kalamazoo may be a prestigious school, but it does not qualify as an Ivy League college.  While it has some similar characteristics with most top-rated schools in the United States, its selection criteria is lenient.  If you cannot get into an Ivy League school, Kalamazoo College can be your alternative.    We stated that the school has a robust academic and extra-curriculum life. As a result, you have the opportunity to develop your overall skills in a competitive, educational environment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kalamazoo College

  1. What are the admission requirements for Kalamazoo College?

Every school has its admission requirements, but if you want to attend Kalamazoo college, you need to concentrate on the following:

  • Testing requirements (SAT and ACT)
  • Application requirements
  • GPA requirements
  1. What is Kalamazoo College’s acceptance rate?

Before you can gain admission into Kalamazoo, you need to score at least 72.8%. Therefore, the acceptance rate is lightly selective if you can meet the SAT/ACT and GPA expected scores. 

  1. What is the expected GPA required to stay at Kalamazoo College?

The college requires its students to achieve a 3.84 GPA or more. As a result, students should be academically sound and above average. In addition, transcripts need more A’s, and students should have taken numerous IB or AP classes for a chance in the school.

  1. What can I do if I have a low GPA?

Students with low GPAs can use a higher ACT or SAT score to complement their low GPA scores. Meanwhile, the admission decision depends on students’ SAT/ACT scores and GPA, coursework difficulty, recommendation letters, extra-curricular activities, and personal statements.