Is Juilliard An Ivy League School?

Juilliard is the most famous, private, performing arts school in the U.S. A. It was started in 1905 and they roughly train about 850 graduates and undergraduate students. The school is in New York City and accepts only the crème dé la crème in dance, music and drama. It’s students are the utmost dedicated and have a graduation rate of 95%. The teachers too, are the best you will ever find. Let us know more detail about ‘Is Juilliard An Ivy League School?’.

Is Juilliard An Ivy League School?

Is Juilliard An Ivy League School?

Include Ivy League members. Be a renowned, private university and abundantly competitive. Be prestigious and selective in academics. Have a high graduation and low acceptance rate to be the most elite schools in the world. Their administrators are top tier and offer financial aid to disadvantaged students. She offers all the above, making it Ivy League.

Below are the main things Juilliard offers-

  • Dance
  • Music
  • Drama

1. Dance 

One of the very first forms of communication was dance. It has reached across centuries and cultures. Now it is a form of art but just as powerful in evoking emotions and sending messages. Juilliard specializes in ballet, modern and contemporary techniques. They encourage punctuality, versatility and being a nuanced performer. Students will learn the history and works from the past to help them stay informed and become the dance makers of the new world. Famous choreographers will challenge them too. Through Juilliard classes they will learn to perform and receive compositional opportunities that will build up self esteem and confidence.

2. Music 

In the old world music was king. People who did not study music even knew composers such as Bach, Mozart and Tchaikovsky. It was an universal language. Juilliard believed music to be a form of art that is time honoured & traditional. Therefore experienced artists passed it on, to their students. The Juilliard students were taught to interpret music of all periods and even given the freedom to manipulate it and make it their own. They experienced chamber music and large ensembles not only with other music students but with the school’s dancers and actors too. Their recitals were enjoyed inside and outside the school as well as around the world.

3. Drama

Juilliard offers drama, to the students, who would learn to write plays with imagination, artistry, passion and clarity. Their syllabus consists of classics such as Shakespeare and Chekhov as well as exciting new works. Students will be able to write diverse stories about today’s world and even discuss difficult subjects that even teachers and parents are embarrassed to discuss. They are also taught to act. So when the actor becomes more aware of the surroundings and not afraid to speak the truth, through the play wright’s stories any issue can be addressed and social discomfort can be eradicated. By teaching drama to the students, Juilliard has also contributed to society.

A few wonderfully interesting facts about Juilliard-they have

  • Distinguished Alumni-pianist Van Cliburn, cellist Yo Yo Ma and Conductor Leonard Slatkin.
  • A turn-of-the-century American Conservatory-It was built so American students would get the same quality of instruction as that of the best European conservatories.
  • A benefactor’s legacy-Thanks to Augustus Juilliard’s massive funding 2 schools merged together and produced today’s Juilliard School.
  • Expansion beyond music-William Schuman increased the school’s reach by also offering a new dance division.


In conclusion, with the answer paragraph or the paragraph written in bold as criteria and the extra effort it has put in, to make a good name for itself, it is safe to say that Juilliard is an Ivy League School.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Do they offer degrees or diplomas?

Yes. Juilliard Music offers the Undergraduate Diploma, Artist Diploma, Bachelor of Music, Graduate Diploma, Master of Music and Doctor of Musical Arts. Juilliard Dance offers an Undergraduate Diploma and Juilliard Drama offers an Undergraduate Diploma.

  1. At what age can you join Juilliard?

On admission they may give preference to students in the early stages of their performance careers but for auditions they have to be atleast 16 years old.

  1. Is there housing for the students?

Yes. The Meredith Willson Residence Hall is a Juilliard operated space and is shared by the Juilliard and the School of American Ballet students. It can house 348 students and each floor has 4 suites. Students’ safety is assured through the Lincoln Centre Security staff, who monitor the place 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Entrance to the campus requires going through 2 check points and all guests are given identification cards.

  1. Do they allow to do a double major?

Yes they do. But only in the Music Division. Students must audition and get approved by the dean and both departments. Curricular of both departments must be followed and this may require an additional year of study.