Is Fordham University A Good School?

Is Fordham University A Good School?


Before we get into any school or college, we do our level best to make sure it’s ideal for our education. We cross-check every aspect from studies to assessment to campus and even extracurricular activities. Fordham University is a school in New York that many consider. There may be many plus points that we can look up but let’s also look at some concrete reasons and see if it’s as good as the internet says. 


It’s okay to have doubts even about the best schools before you can apply there. We recheck to see if there are any loose ends around and this article will tell you all you need to know about Fordham University. Every school has its strengths and weaknesses. However, what matters more is how they tackle those weaknesses and build on their strengths. Read about Fordham University and why it is a great school to enroll your child.

About Fordham University 

Coming to details, Fordham University is a private research university. Founded back in the 1800s, the university has had its reputation for quite some time. A Catholic Jesuit university that highly relies on principles and morals and functions as the foundation of the discipline. 

The university has accomplished quite a bit over the many years. In this list, one can find prestigious scholarships, impressive hours of community service, a good acceptance rate, and a firm trust from recognized internships and companies. 

Being a Jesuit university, Fordham highly bases its trust on learning and developing roles of wisdom and faith in the process. Its mission is the discovery of wisdom and the transmission of learning. Together with this come more factors that make the school as proud and popular as it is. 

Is Fordham University a good school

Many have given a yes to Fordham University and agree that it is a good school. No doubt, the values, and mission, as well as the functioning, speak the same. At Fordham University, the aim is to build good students and better human beings. Here are a few concrete reasons why Fordham is a good school: 

  • Diverse offerings

 Fordham University has ample diverse options to offer in terms of academics. For undergraduates and graduates as well as honors programs and fellowships, there is no limit to the opportunities available. Moreover, with there being many options to choose from, there are also many programs under each that students can pick as per their suitability. There are a few courses that aren‘t the very best with curriculum and professors. It’d be best to check the repute of your course but overall it is a good school with quality education. Additionally, the university also offers religious studies, social studies, and professional studies. 

  • Dynamic services and facilities 

 At Fordham University, priority is given to students not only in terms of career but also in health, culture, arts, and a lot more! Ample facilities are provided for students beyond the regular ones that you’d find at other schools. These include public safety, multicultural affairs, student involvement, commuter services, and many more. The food is not commendable but many other factors make up for it. Students’ lives are considered important and are cared for well-developed growth in every aspect. 

  • Rankings 

To talk ranks and titles, Fordham University is not far behind. They have scholars, have been known as a health professional school, and have been accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Moreover, it has come among the top 100 schools in the US news and has been having a potential growth on the graphs over the years! One can conclude that they’re building and getting better as they go.

  • Acceptance rate 

 Fordham has a fairly great acceptance rate. While it may not be at the top, the acceptance rate stands around 46% making it fairly easy to get in. Additionally, their enrollment rate isn’t all that great but because it is a private university, we can overlook that fact. Additionally, it has a retention rate of almost 90% which means students who did choose to come in are loving it! 

  • Students love it! 

 Based on what students have to say, they’re loving Fordham University. Though every student may support their school, Fordham has its reasons why it’s a great option. While the students don’t applaud the curriculum, they seem to love the campus. Another reason is that diversity and culture are accepted and welcomed in a friendly way making students more comfortable. Fordham has received an overall 4/5 star rating and it’s worth counting! 

  • Financially supportive

Fordham seems to be a highly expensive university to get into given that they’re a private one. However, they do understand the financial struggles and don’t allow that to stop students from learning. Along with their high fees, they offer a load of scholarships and financial support for students to receive a quality education without barriers. 


Fordham University is an overall good school. No school is perfect and rightly Fordham has its cons and weak points. However, there is a great recovery growth as well as a priority for students. Apart from that, the University has its values in place along with much to offer to give a full-filled and enthusiastic school life. Therefore, it is quite a great option to consider. The only thing you want to recheck is the credibility of the course you’re opting for and you’re good to go! 

  • Does Fordham University have sports? 

Quite a bit. Fordham does have its range of athletics to choose from Varsity sports, club sports, and many other athletic facilities. However, there is more priority given to teaching and other programs.  

  • Are there any summer courses at Fordham? 

Yes! There are interesting summer options to choose from at Fordham. You can opt for programs, courses and even summer internships lined up to suit your preferences! 

  • What is the internship opportunity at Fordham?

There are good internship opportunities at Fordham. However, a few courses have limited internship slots. If you’re determined to do internships, you may want to check their offerings concerning the course you pick.