Is Drexel Online Good School?


Drexel has been in existence since 1891. The school was founded by a financier philanthropist, Drexel Anthony. Initially created as a school catering to Arts, Science and Industry, the school’s focus was changed to include a comprehensive technology overview, and its name was also changed to include this development in 1936. Drexel is known for its exceptional learning experience focused on the online community. The institution enables students to focus on the knowledge that investments in education, influence the professional outcome. The top question this article attempts to answer is, how good of a choice is Drexel for students in this era? Let us know is Drexel online good school, the global rank of Drexel online school and the ways to getting into Drexel online in this article.

Is Drexel Online Good School?

Is Drexel online good school?

Drexel is rated for its exceptional curricula. The structure of its online program ensures that students are consistently being introduced to the best learning experience and materials in their field of study. The institution is accredited and rated the third top-tier institution based on research in the state of Philadelphia. Therefore, Drexel is a great choice and a good school for anyone asking.

What does Drexel university offer?

Drexel offers the flexibility of study to those having to juggle busy schedules and manage tight work schedules with education. The online university offers a range of bachelor’s degree programs, giving students an array of courses to select from. Constantly ranked among the best choice for bachelor’s degree programs online. It also offers several props and benefits along with its great learning curriculum. Let’s look a little deeper into the benefits of attending Drexel university.

Cost-effective learning

Drexel online school, in addition to its many benefits, offers a cost-effective option for those looking for a more affordable schooling experience. The university ensures that students never really have to worry about affording school fees throughout their program. Different courses offer different rates for different programs. There are also several packages involved for special person categories such as the students affiliated with the military and others with different organizations in partnership with Drexel as an organization.

The school also has tons of financial aid and monetary benefits for various individuals in need of help. This financial help includes offers such as loans, tailored payment plans, employment reimbursement tuition deferment plans and other set-ups.

Tons of Degree options

Another benefit and factor that makes Drexel a good school is that it offers a wide range of courses for students to select from online. The programs offered are not restrictive, thus giving options to more people to participate on their learning platform. This range of degree options also indicates that the university employs a large force of credible instructors and lecturers across the many departments to help deliver these learning materials.

Some of the degree options offered by Drexel include; Business counselling, Communication, media arts, education and even specializations in cybersecurity. The list of courses offered by the institution is one of the contributing factors to its being listed as one of America’s best colleges and continues to chart top in multiple educational rankings.

Flexibility with Time

One other benefit this university offers is the flexibility of combining school and life outside school. The university has an excellent online learning platform different from others, that structures its learning experience specifically for individuals. Reviews online laud the university as one that has given reasonable flexibility in maintaining the balance of work and education.

Although challenging and limit-testing, the online school makes up for this by ensuring that most of its classes are allochronic. Also, because a high percentage of its learners are adult students combining classes with work and other aspects of life, the flexibility of time and classes makes it convenient for the majority of students. 

How is Drexel Online School Ranked Globally?

One thing that indicates a good school or institution is how the world perceives its standards. For most institutions, getting good rankings and ratings puts them in positions of authority and builds trust in the work that they do.

Drexel online school has, since its inception, enjoyed incredible ranking both online and offline. The institution has received several accolades for the efforts put into the learning culture and practices. The institution maintains a good position on the list of the top 100 best Online Bachelor’s degree programs in the United States among the different institutions surveyed. The criteria used in arriving at this rating involves attributes such as excellent academic foundations, financial aids and support to learners and mode of delivery of knowledge to the learners on the platform. With all these criteria, Drexel online excels easily, earning them their top spot on the list.

The institution is also ranked among the top 26 in the Master’s engineering program and 10th in the Computer Information program, all for veterans. In the world of finance and business, the school’s online program sits comfortably on the 12th, 24th and 13th for Finance MBA, General Management MBA and undergraduate Business program respectively.

In health and medicine, Drexel online also maintains some of the top spots. For example, the institution clinches the 2nd spot overall for Best online Nursing education in the Master’s graduate category. Niche areas such as, Master’s in Nursing Administration, Family Nurse practitioner master’s and Online master’s in Nursing for Veterans, the institution sits on the 7th, 8th and 16th positions for best overall.

Therefore, is easy to note that Drexel online not only offers excellent education, but the world also recognizes its endeavours. Without any doubt, the institution is highly recommended and remains an excellent choice for students looking for a great online learning experience.

Getting into Drexel online

Establishing the fact that a university is a great option for learning, An important question for students will be, how then can one gain admission into the Drexel online school?

The admission process into Drexel also makes it stand out as one of the best in the world. Although applications to schools can be a scary task, Drexel as an institution makes it relatively easy to apply to their programs.

The process involved in applying to the institution is summarized into the following steps;

1. Application Submission

This process happens on the school’s website. The best part of Drexel’s online application is that there are no application fees attached to this 

and the entire process can last at most 20 minutes.

The application into Drexel is straightforward. Students should ensure that they submit all required materials also while turning in their applications. This phase is important because the speed of submission influences the speed of a response from the institution.

Ensure to track the application status via the school’s web portal. Also, for those requiring assistance with financial aid, applying during the application submission stage is helpful.

2. Review and Response

After the application has been sent in the school swings into action, reviewing and going over the application sent. Management personnel in the admission office review the application, going over the materials sent and comparing them against set requirements.

If your application is successful, the school sends out an email alerting you of their final decision.

3. Welcome to Drexel

Once your application is approved and an acceptance email sent, the applicant is required to confirm the acceptance by making a deposit and filling out the enrolment intent form.

A Drexel student email will then be created for you and access to the learning platform of the school is granted. Also, requirements and timetables are sent out to students to enable them to get familiar with their schedules and other information about the school.


Drexel is an excellent choice for schooling both online and offline. The Drexel online school is a good choice for the many benefits it offers to its students. With its accredited online degrees, both for the bachelor’s level and advanced level, the university sets itself apart as one of the best in the field of learning.

Drexel University is also known for its innovation and pioneering major online breakthroughs. Although launched less than two decades ago, the online platform of Drexel university already ranks top of different accredited lists for the excellent work being done. Its almost 150 degrees available online is also another great reason for picking this university as a choice for learning.

Frequently asked questions

1.Is there a test requirement for gaining admission into Drexel Online?

 Drexel online is affiliated with the university, and like its principal, Drexel online has a test requirement policy for admitting students into the college. Therefore, students hoping to gain admission into the university would be required to submit a standardized test or score such as an SAT or ACT. Although the learning platform does not have a specified required score point for students, it is important to note that the tests are a requirement for admission.

2. Are courses on Drexel online self-paced?

 The university makes it easy for students to attend classes and does not follow a rigid timeline for classes. In other words, most classes are self-paced, giving students the flexibility to pace themselves and carry out their activities at their own pace.

In other words, convenience is one of the important things offered at Drexel Online. The school also uses the quarter system instead of semesters. Quarters at Drexel are usually 20 weeks long.