How To Fake Sick For School?

Is the school year going to begin soon and you are in no mood to attend school at all? How can you make your parents believe that you are sick? Well, this is not so easy but still can be achieved. You need to learn certain tips and tricks and smartly fake your sickness so that you do not get caught and spend the day comfortably at home. But you also need to understand that parents are not stupid and they have already crossed your age. Let us read “How To Fake Sick For School?”

You can try pretending to give priority to your school, choosing a particular sickness, trying to show some symptoms the day before school, start complaining about certain parts of the body, acting tired and lethargic, etc. In this article, we are going to discuss some tips and tricks to fake a leave for school. Go through this list one by one and choose the one you like.

Prioritize your school

The first thing that you can do when you need to fake sick for school is trying to make people believe that school is your priority. This is an essential tip and you need to understand this properly. Your body language and activities should show that you are very much excited to go to school. For this, you can choose a homework, project, or assignment that you need to show the other day and get super busy with it. You can even come to the dinner table late pretending that you need to complete your work first. Now the next step is to pretend that you have suddenly fallen sick and you can’t help it. You can express your disappointment by being sad for not being able to go to school even though you had worked so hard to complete the assignment the day before. This way your parents will believe that you are sick and not make any excuses.

Choose a sickness 

If you want to give an excuse for skipping school then choose sickness and pretend that you have symptoms of that particular disease. You can choose any disease of your choice but we suggest you choose among common cold, high fever, or stomach flu. But before you give an excuse for a particular sickness make sure you do the proper research beforehand about the symptoms of that illness so that it looks genuine. To fake a disease perfectly you need to be aware of every symptom of that particular disease else you won’t be able to convince your parents that you are sick and might miss the chance of staying at home.


The normal body temperature is between 97 F to 97 F. This temperature might increase or decrease depending on the activities you do such as running, playing a particular sport, or just sitting idly. To fake a fever, you need to achieve a body temperature of about 99 F to 102.2 F. You can put the thermometer under hot water for some time and check the reading. Make sure that it doesn’t cross 102.2 F else your parents will take you to the doctor which you don’t want at all. So what you can do is take your towel and soak it in hot water and wipe your face with it. When you call your parents they will come and touch your forehead just to find out that it is really hot. But you need to call your parents pretty quickly before the temperature of your forehead falls else you will get caught.

Common cold

Another disease you can try faking is the common cold. You should know that the common cold has symptoms like sneezing, headache, running and itching nose, cough, sore throat, mild fever, loss of taste and smell, etc. It is a bit difficult to fake a common cold but if you study these symptoms then you might be able to come up with some ideas to fake it. 

Stomach flu

If you drink contaminated water or come in contact with a person who is already infected then there are chances you can have stomach flu. It is a communicable disease. This is very important for you to understand how stomach flu transmits from one person to another. You can tell your parents that you are possibly infected with stomach flu and try to come up with a believable story. For instance, you can say you and your friend were having street food after school and maybe that was the main reason for the transmission. Now note down that stomach flu has symptoms like vomiting, stomach pain, nausea, and even mild fever. Once you have researched well then you can put the plan into action. You can wake up in the middle of the night before school and complain about a terrible stomach ache and tell your parents that you have just vomited before waking them up. You can even use a fake vomit to make the situation more realistic and convincing.

Show the symptoms the day before school

When you have done proper research on the diseases that you can think can be faked easily. It’s time that you make good planning on how to enact it. It is always a good idea you don’t switch between diseases but stick to a particular one. Also do not mix one disease with others. Start by giving your parents some hints regarding that illness, maybe at the dining table the night before your school. Then begin showing those symptoms. You can act tired, sad, and lethargic. Then pretend that you don’t have an interest in completing the dinner no matter how tasty the food is. Try to convince your parents that you are sick by showing the symptoms. But please make sure that you do not overdo the symptoms and start showing the symptoms one by one to achieve perfection.

Change Your Usual Routine

As a student, you have a routine that helps you to do things on time and keep a track of your studies. But here we have a little twist. To skip school, you need to make some changes in your normal routine and draw the attention of your parents that something is not right. For instance, you might love to watch a favorite show every night before going to bed. Skip the show and go to bed directly. If you spend some time outside with your friends in the evening, cancel it and spend time indoors. If your parents come and inquire about your odd behavior, don’t speak much and say that you are not feeling good and want to feel like lying on the bed. Go to bed earlier than usual. This will alert your parents that something is wrong with your kid. You don’t need to fall asleep in reality but pretend to have fallen asleep. But if you manage to stay up late at night, when you wake up the next morning you will look tired and your baggy eyes will help you achieve that entire sick look. You can wake up a couple of times at midnight so that the members of your family notice this. You will be easily able to persuade your parents the next morning that you are not feeling well.

Boost the Morning Symptoms

You must wake up before your parents. If you are trying to fake a common cold then try making loud coughing sounds and if you are pretending to suffer from stomach flu then you need to make loud vomit sounds to wake your parents up. Use your kitchen and pretend to make tea so that you can relieve your throat and try to look tired and lethargic. Try to get dressed for your school ignoring your parents if they come checking on you. You will soon see that your parents will want you to take the day off and spend time at home.

Complain about certain body parts

The next tip that we want to suggest to you is to start complaining about certain body parts. We have a list of pains that draws both the attention and sympathy of our parents which are headaches, sore throat, stomach pain, nausea, etc. You can choose any one of your choices but combine one with the other. For example, if you have chosen a headache then don’t add knee injuries or toothache to it because it is not going to help you at all. You might be sounding like an idiot in doing so. So be careful about this and act accordingly as suggested.

Try not to fake a cold 

It is very much advisable that you should not try to fake a cold to avoid school. Especially mothers can easily identify a fake cold or cough and you will have to deal with the consequences of lying later on. So. If you are planning to fake a common cold then you must be very much confident in faking the symptoms. Otherwise, there are high chances that you will get it pretty easily.

Don’t overdo things

Well, we discussed a lot of various diseases that you can choose to fake sick for school. But you need to understand that you should not be too dramatic. Don’t try to overdo things else it will look fake. For example, you are pretending to have a high fever then you try getting up from the bed and suddenly fall just like you are shot by a bullet. You lie down on the floor and try to get up but fall again. Don’t exaggerate things because it will only look funny and no one will take you seriously. So try to act genuine and avoid drama. If your parents realize that you are just pretending to be sick and want to gain sympathy to avoid school then you will not be able to use the trick again in the future.

Act tired, sad, and lethargic

So we already suggested that you refrain from overdoing things. But yes, you need to act tired and lethargic and this is very important. A sick person should look sad and tired. If possible you can try to look messy by not combing your hair and not washing your face. You should not be engaged in your regular activities like playing or running outside. You should not fight with your brother or sister no matter what the situation is. You need to avoid your favorite food and TV shows. To be clear, you need to show that you lack energy and all you need is pure rest. 

Remember that parents are not stupid

Your parents are not as stupid as you think. You should not forget that they were once kids and thus they have tried all those tricks that you can think of. So, It is not a task to fool them. They might catch you faking a sickness if you don’t plan it properly. Those kids who think that it is easy to fool parents often get caught and thus there is no point in being overconfident about this. Parents know very well that their kids keep searching for excuses to skip school and especially they do this when there are tests or the teachers burden them with certain projects and assignments. If you want to stay home you need to make your sickness genuine.


So, after reading the article you have possibly got a clearer picture of How To Fake Sick For School?. We have provided all the possible tips and tricks that will help you to avoid a day at school. But keep this in mind, do not misuse these tricks, and do not try to fool your parents almost every day. And always remember that skipping school is not a good thing. Please don’t make it a habit.