Best Photography Schools World

It’s been a great journey for you and you’ve traveled and bought your new camera along with you and created a portfolio that would make you look like the best candidate for any world-class photography school in the world. Now comes the rough part of selecting which one you have to apply to and which would be the best for the rest of your career path. Let us see ‘Best Photography Schools World’.

Best Photography Schools World

Some of the best schools in the world

Selecting schools is a tough decision and since it could be the make or break school in your career path and applying to the right school may just be the right option for you. Since there are a hundred schools to choose from and the list given down below will help you to select a school that’s for you. Let’s get started :

1. New York Institute of Photography

This school offers a lot of professional training and guidance for the students that go here. They offer various Photography programs although they don’t particularly offer degree courses, this institution offers the best courses with a wide selection to choose from and offers all the young photographers to get a chance to study and learn at the budget they can afford. 

The acceptance rate of the New York Institute 

Since it is an online course program it can be taken by anyone from anywhere in the world and all they have to do is fill in the enrollment application and pay out the fees and the student should be enrolled.

Fees structure of the institute

The fee that a student has to pay to attend this school can range between $400 to $3500. 

The cost will vary according to the course that the student chooses. It also depends upon how qualified they are to be in the course. 

There is an additional $1200 fee for equipment included in whatever course they select. 

2. Columbia College (Chicago)

Columbia College is one of the best around in terms of providing courses for students along with a wide variety of choices such as fashion photography and fine arts photography being some example of fine choices. 

The acceptance rate of Columbia College 

Columbia College has an acceptance rate of about 90% for a photography course or any other related course.

Fees Structure 

The fees of the structure of Columbia College Chicago are as follows :

Tuition: $13,300

Application fee: $50

Registration fee: $50

Health care fee: $85

Activity fee: $150

International application fee: $100

U-pass fee: $153 and for part-time students- $115

Technology fee(when credit hours are more than 6 hours): $115

Graduation fee: $175

3. Vancouver institute of media arts

Vancouver Institute or Van Arts as it is famously known as is in Vancouver, British Columbia. Van Arts offer one-year professional photography where students can learn all about photography in a short amount of time and with the best faculty one can hope for, all the faculty members are real professional photographers now teaching students real-life lessons and how to apply skills that they learn here to the real world outside of the school walls. 

The acceptance rate of the Vancouver institute of media arts

Vancouver institute of media arts has an account rate of 98%. The institute allows students who are high school graduates and 19 years of age for admission.

They have to send in their portfolio with 12 some of their best projects or work samples for review before admission.

Fee structure 

The institute takes an amount of $37750 as a tuition fee for the professional photography course offered by them. 

An additional $12000  should be taken into consideration as living expenses for the students. 

4. Royal college of arts

The most prestigious and renowned name in the schools of Photography is the Royal college of arts in London, England. The programs provided here are phenomenal for young budding photographers. The course they offer is two years in terms of duration. During this time students are going to attend a lot of seminars and participate in various group activities and workshops are set up to give out a hands-on professional experience for the artistic and realistic improvement of their skills.

The acceptance rate of the Royal college of arts

This college has the lowest acceptance rate amongst all the others and reaches up to 27.2%. This indicates that the college has a very selective admission process and students enrolling in the institute should have a shining portfolio to distinguish their talent and work from others which will get them selected. 

Fees structure of the Royal college of arts

The royal college of arts offers a photography course for 1 year and the fees structure of the college is as follows:

Tuition fee: $38391 or £32,000. 

5. Photography studies college

This fine institute is located in the Southbank area of Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. Here you will be provided a full-fledged all the over world recognized bachelor’s degree which will be completed after two and a half years the best part is even with on-campus classes there is an option for online classes so you can attend the classes at your convenience. There is also a mentorship program for the students to talk and connect with real industry professionals and get a hand on experience of the job and guidance with their career and internships and even full-time can also be some of the great benefits of the program.

The acceptance rate of Photography studies college of Melbourne

The acceptance rate for the photography studies college of Melbourne is 100%. It offers full-time on-campus and online courses where students can enroll anytime and when they get the acceptance confirmation they can pay the required fee and proceed to take the course.

Fee structure 

The fee structure of Photography studies college is as follows:

For national students pursuing an undergraduate certificate of Photography course: Determined fee for the course is $12,350 per unit of study.

The duration of the course is one unit of study which consist of 120 days of study. 

For international students: The course fee is taken as per the number of units of study just like for local students. The amount for international students for the same course is $13,650. An additional fee of $500 is taken as a non-refundable administration fee.

Fee structure for Masters of Arts Photography course: The fee structure of the course is set as per the duration of the course which is of 18months further distributed in 3 semesters with a focus on different aspects of the field. 

The tuition fee per semester is $13,750 and this applies to only national students. 

Fee structure for international students: For international students fee is taken the same way as the national students, they also have to pay a fixed amount per semester.

 The fee for international students per semester is $13,750 along with the tuition fee of $27,500. 

An additional administration fee of $1000 is charged. 

All the fee is to be paid face-to-face at the south Melbourne campus or online as per the instructions provided. 


Whether you choose a school from the above list or some others choosing the school is a tough process since we all want the best for our career journey a few things to remember is to choose the school with the best all-round faculty and how much budget you have to enroll mixed with your other expenses are one of the most important factors to be included while considering any of these colleges.