Best Nursing School in New York

In the medical field, nurses have been the greatest allies for doctors and patient and an important pillar in the Healthcare community. They are ones that ensure the all round well being of a patient and be on the front. Choosing a nursing school is the next best step in ensuring your career path towards being a fully licensed nurse. Let us know the ‘Best Nursing School in New York’.

Best Nursing School in New York

Best Nursing School in New York

There are a lot of schools that provides various programs in nursing all around the world, but few of those best exist in one big city, New York, not only do you get to study at the big apple but the students are credit with being the most brilliant minds and hospitals are after such students that can perform the best and new York school offer that opportunity to them and then some of these can become  Let’s look at the list.

1. Stony Brook University 

This particular New York nursing university emphasizes in the field of social welfare and help in the local community and globally. Their nursing programs help countless aspiring nurses to be more involved into the health sector and in turn help millions of patients during their career. It is located on the east campus, the Stony Brook cancer centre and Stony Brook University hospital.

  • Acceptance rate of the Stony Brook University 

Stony brooks being one of the top tier medical school in New York has a very selective admission process with the acceptance rate of 48.9% 

  • Fee structure of Stony brooks

Stony brooks has a very extensive fees structure and it includes:

Tuition fee: $7,070 for New York residents.

Tuition fee for out of state or international students: $24,990.

Room fee: $10,254

Meal plan fee: $6,340

Health insurance plan: $ 1,500

2. New York University 

NYU is globally known for it’s wide range of courses and admission and a number of successes from the university itself in every industry, and for nursing students “NYU Rory Meyers nursing school” is a perfect opportunity to get ahead into the world of Healthcare and be one of many leading position holders that were graduated from NYU and be among the top tier in the nursing profession with highest salaries. This institute is also been funded by the National Institute of health and ranks 11# worldwide. 

  • Acceptance rate of the New York University: 

Being one of the most famous university to offer thousands of courses it’s acceptance rate is as low as 24.6% which does not give much chance to students but at the same time it allows to enroll the most brilliant and talented minds to get into this university.

  • Fee structure of the New York University:

Fee structure of New York university is as follows:

Tuition fee: $60,500 (This also includes some Mendota fee in the admission)

Room and board fee: $21,063.

Books and study material fee: $1,500

Transportation: $1,115

Q. How does NYU help aspiring students to get into the world of health institutions and is it really the right option for students?

A. If you’re still wondering that the school is worth even looking at then you may need to read the text written above one more time and if that doesn’t impress you then here are some points why NYU can be a great choice for pursuing nursing programs:

•NYU nursing school has a state-of-the-art built in approximately 100 square foot, simulation centre that allows students to be learn in the best way possible along with real life situations to be handled by the students themselves anyhow the best way to learn is to learn on the job and that’s the motto that NYU follows with hundred and thousand of students attending the courses each week.

•Once the students become practicing and licensed nurses they get the opportunity to work with acute care hospitals, local community health centres and many more around the city.

And this should be enough to impress the most clinical of people that NYU is really the best choice for you.

3. Columbia University

 Columbia University of nursing, founded in 1892 and has been of the oldest schools with midwifery courses. And is also the collaborative centre for the infamous world health organization or more commonly known as WHO. Since this one of the most influential nursing school in the Healthcare industry and in the U.S. it features a 16,000 square foot top tier facility for simulation programs for students to be trained in before they head onto become practicing nurses. 

It has examination rooms, various hospital rooms, and also a high tech delivery room. This particular nursing school is backed many know and leading organizations in terms of funds and grants some for the example can be National Institute of health and Healthcare research and quality agency just to name a few. 

  • Acceptance rate of Columbia University 

Columbia University of Nursing is one of the most prestigious medical school around the world which makes it the first choice of many students looking to earn a degree in the medical field. The Columbia University of Nursing has an acceptance rate of 6.7%. This low acceptance rate means the selection process is very tough and Competition tends to he higher

  • Fee structure of Columbia University 

Columbia university has different fee structure based on the course that a student undertakes, the fee for the courses are as follows:-

  1. Master of science in nursing : The course has a duration of 17 months and has the tuition fee of $20,000. 
  1. Bachelor of science in nursing: This course covers the basics of nursing practice and has a tuition fee of $23,000 for the first year of the course. It has he duration of 4 years which rounds up the tuition fee up to $92,000 for the whole course.

Q. What will students be offered with this course?

A. most of the students pursuing a nursing program are international and have been offered scholarships for the students to attend the school in case of a financial aid.

4. Rockland community college

 For the students not wanting to enter a prestigious college or couldn’t get an admission in the colleges that were their first choice,  there are some schools on the list that offers the best courses in nursing. Specifically in Rockland college there are simulation training and professional clinical practices for making their students get to their desired leading position in the medical industry. Along with their practice routines there are also courses designed to cater to the needs of the students whether it be professional or not. 

There will be four semesters in total for the completion of the programs and the list doesn’t here there are also five days NCLEX review course, which not only analyses the nurse syllabus but prepare you for the official RN licensure exam. 

  • Acceptance rate of Rockland community college

Since it is a community college the Rockland community college has an acceptance rate of 100%. 

  • Fee structure of Rockland Community College

Rockland community college has a nursing program under the name of Associates of science and the fee structure of the college is as follows:

  1. Tuition Fee on an yearly basis: $4,500 (for state residents)
  2. Tuition fee for international or out of state students: $9,500
  3. Books and supplies fee: $1340


So the list ends here, but don’t lose hope since there are many more school within the big metro city of New York that offer globally recognized degree programs and state of the art knowledge facility and they also extend opportunities in the form of  affiliations to best hospitals and medical centres to give out a more hand on learning with the experience and can be the best learning experience for your career.

They all are not prestigious or community you can choose which goes best for your professional needs and personal goals and you can be the next best nursing member of a renowned hospital and these school offer courses to even the students already practicing medicine hence there is something for everyone in the city.