Best HVAC Schools

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning are written short as HVAC. When Residential and Commercial constructions are introduced with a system of moving air indoors and outdoors, and a heating and cooling system is also preserved, it is regarded as HVAC. HVAC is ensured by educated professionals who attend learning programs related to HVAC in their respective schools. Let us know about that the Best HVAC Schools.

Best HVAC Schools

HVAC systems ensure that your building is warm in winter and gives a relaxed feeling in summer. The HVAC Specialists make sure that they install the HVAC system in a way that filters the indoor air and keeps you safe and healthy, as well as maintains humidity. It is a job that requires technical knowledge and proper degrees to handle tasks related to HVAC with proficiency. 

Best HVAC schools include the University of Northern Ohio, Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, Northern Michigan University, Ferris’s State University, Penn Foster College, University of North Dakota, Ashworth College, Excelsior College, Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology, and UC Berkeley Extension are among the best HVAC schools in the United States of America. Upcoming students should study before enrolling in an HVAC program to understand how to go through an HVAC Degree into a well-established HVAC job. 

If you want to know more about the best HVAC schools in the United States of America, then you have landed at the right place.

You can search for better jobs and employment opportunities with the help of the best HVAC colleges. They train you for unique certifications, which greatly help your future career.

Best HVAC Schools

The best HVAC schools in the United States of America are as follows:

University of Northern Ohio

The University of Northern Ohio is located in Lima, Ohio. It provides wide-ranging Degrees in HVAC technology, which is why it is considered one of the best universities for HVAC degrees in the United States of America.

The students taking this Diploma/Degree get themselves ready for entry-level jobs. The diploma consists of 16 months course, whereas the Degree takes 20 months. The application fee is $20, the total tuition is $16,200, and the rest of the Expenses for books and supplies cost nearly $1,750.

Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

This University’s located in Boston, Massachusetts. This University’s HVAC program consists of 800 hours for eight months. They ensure that the students know all the practical aspects of HVAC services. Their classes are in the morning and evening; the students adjust the lecture timings according to their convenience. 

The students are given maximum help by allowing them to pay their tuition fees after they start earning in the practical world. The Total Expenses per semester are $8,475, but they do not include health insurance, technology fees, or tool charges.

Northern Michigan University

Northern Michigan University is located in Marquette, Michigan. They give complete knowledge of technical functionalities in their Degree program. The technology certificate is a two years program; forty-four credit hours are to be completed while working with the professionals. Two years advanced Associate Degree Program (Applied Sciences) is successfully running at the University. In this University, the students are studying at the same time they are working with the practical practitioners of the industry.

The HVAC Degree’s expenses are almost $20,812 per year, which makes it above $40,000 for the entire Degree.

Ferris State University

This University is located in Big Rapids, Michigan. Their Associate’s Degree program focuses on industry. Their Degree helps students polish their skills to enter the desired sector. Their Degree for HVAC professionals’ combines classroom instructions and practical experience. It provides students with all they need to become HVAC professionals; no previous experience is required.

The total annual tuition cost for an associate Degree is $12,740 in Canada and the USA. Students from other countries must pay a tuition fee of $20,552 to the University.

Penn Foster College

Penn Foster College is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The professionals already working can grab their certification at their convenience. They can increase their job opportunities by having a hand in this Degree in five months. It follows the distance learning system with easy-to-understand courses.

When the program ends, vouchers given by the University can be used by students to pass their certification test. You can pay the total cost of the Degree or pay installments. The entire cost is $899; if you pay in installments, you must pay $1089 for the whole course.

University of North Dakota

This University’s location is in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Their HVAC program is delivered online, and students can gain the certificate in less than a year. Their instructor has teaching experience more than ten years. The students can take their classes at flexible times of their choice. This training costs $11,982 per year, including the tuition fee and other Expenses.

Ashworth College

Ashworth College is located in Norcross, Georgia. It is one of the cheapest HVAC online courses, which can be completed in four months. It guides the EPA certification exam and other online exam preparation material.

The tuition cost is $799 if you pay the whole amount at the time of admission. If you choose to pay monthly, your total cost will be $999.

Excelsior College

Excelsior College is located in Albany, New York. A work-ready certificate can be acquired from this University to let your employers know you have all the technical skills and knowledge to conclude the task given to them. This way, they become master technicians. This course costs $8,945 for all the students every year.

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology

This University is located in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. It awards the refrigeration and air conditioning Degree that helps students gain hands-on experience maintaining, installing, and repairing the desired systems. Students also work as an internee to finish their Degrees at the University. The HVAC program has expenses of $5,760 to complete this Degree.

UC Berkeley Extension

UC Berkeley Extension is located in Berkeley, California. The curriculum of their HVAC program consists of 4 regular courses and three electives. You pay for Course registration and other miscellaneous expenses separately for this course, apart from the tuition fee of $ 5,080.


All the schools mentioned above are the best HVAC schools in the United States of America. If you want to become more and more relevant in the industry practices and avail good opportunities in the market, then you must benefit from these degrees to add services to your resume.


Which is the highest certification of HVAC?

Master Specialist certifications are the highest certifications for HVAC technicians.

Which state pays the highest and lowest salary to HVAC technicians?

Alaska pays the highest annual salary to HVAC technicians. Alabama pays the lowest yearly salary to HVAC technicians.

Where do HVAC technicians provide their services?

HVAC technician provides their services primarily in schools, homes, factories, offices, buildings, etc.