What SAT Score Is Needed For Syracuse?

Syracuse University is renowned for its academic prowess and draws in a formidable group of candidates annually. A robust SAT score is a vital prerequisite for gaining entry into Syracuse University. The focus of this article is to examine the requisite SAT score for acceptance into Syracuse University, its significance in the admissions process, and techniques to enhance your score. Let’s learn about ‘What SAT Score Is Needed For Syracuse?’.

What SAT Score Is Needed For Syracuse?

What SAT Score Is Needed For Syracuse?

The necessary SAT score for admission to Syracuse University fluctuates annually and is impacted by several variables such as the caliber of the applicant pool and the number of available openings. Nonetheless, according to the university’s admission records, the typical SAT score interval for successful applicants falls between 1230 and 1420. It is crucial to acknowledge that while a high SAT score is crucial for acceptance, it is not the sole element assessed during the admissions process. Syracuse University also considers the applicant’s high school academic records, extracurricular pursuits, letters of recommendation, and application essays.

Syracuse University admission requirements

Syracuse University is an extremely selective academic institution, and gaining admission to the university is a highly competitive process. Prospective students must satisfy multiple criteria to be considered for admission. These prerequisites include submitting standardized test scores, high school transcripts, letters of recommendation, and an application essay.

Regarding standardized test scores, Syracuse University accepts both SAT and ACT scores. The university does not exhibit a preference for either exam and allows students to choose the one that best showcases their skills. Admitted students typically possess an average SAT score range of 1230 to 1420, whereas the average ACT score range is between 27 and 32.

Apart from standardized test scores, Syracuse University evaluates the candidate’s high school academic records. The university seeks applicants who have pursued a challenging curriculum and have performed exceptionally well in their studies. They also assess the cumulative grade point average (GPA) and the grades obtained in key subjects such as English, math, science, and social studies.

Recommendation letters are also a significant element of the admissions procedure. Syracuse University mandates two recommendation letters, one from a high school counselor and the other from a teacher. These letters should highlight the applicant’s academic proficiency, personal qualities, and potential to excel at the university.

SAT score requirements for Syracuse University

The admission process at Syracuse University emphasizes the significance of SAT scores. While the university does not have a strict minimum SAT score requirement, a high SAT score is pivotal for acceptance. Typically, admitted students possess an average SAT score range of 1230 to 1420. Nevertheless, it should be noted that having an exceptional SAT score is not a surefire way to secure admission, and the university also assesses other criteria such as the candidate’s high school academic records, extracurricular pursuits, and recommendation letters.

Syracuse University provides information on the SAT score percentiles of accepted applicants, besides the mean SAT score range. For the latest admission cycle, the 25th percentile SAT score stood at 1170, the 50th percentile score was 1320, and the 75th percentile score was 1480. This implies that 25% of the admitted students secured an SAT score lower than 1170, while 75% received a score higher than 1170.

While Syracuse University places significance on a high SAT score for admission, it also urges applicants to challenge themselves academically in high school, engage in extracurricular activities, and exhibit leadership qualities. The university strives to enroll versatile students, have the potential to excel academically, and are capable of making a positive impact on the campus community.

Syracuse University follows a comprehensive admissions approach, implying that they evaluate the entire application package and not just the SAT score. Thus, candidates with lower SAT scores might be assessed for admission if they excel in other aspects of the application. Conversely, applicants with high SAT scores could be declined admission if they fail to satisfy other standards or do not match the university’s ethos.

Strategies for improving SAT score

Improving your SAT score can be a challenging but rewarding process. Here are some strategies that can help you boost your SAT score:

Start early: 

Give yourself plenty of time to study and prepare for the SAT. Start studying at least a few months in advance of your test date, and create a study schedule that allows you to cover all the material you need to master.

Take practice tests: 

It is recommended to attempt numerous practice tests to gain familiarity with the test structure and question types. This will aid in recognizing areas of proficiency and inadequacy, allowing one to concentrate their study efforts more effectively.

Focus on your weak areas: 

Once you’ve identified your areas of weakness, focus on them during your study sessions. This might mean spending extra time on math concepts that you struggle with or practicing more reading comprehension passages.

Learn test-taking strategies: 

Acquiring test-taking tactics can enable you to approach the exam with greater efficiency and effectiveness. Some examples of these strategies are mastering the skill of eliminating answer choices, utilizing context clues to solve questions, and managing the allotted time for the test.

Work with a tutor or take a prep course: 

If you’re struggling to improve your SAT score on your own, consider working with a tutor or taking a prep course. These resources can provide personalized instruction and help you identify and address your weaknesses.


Now We’ve learnt about ‘What SAT Score Is Needed For Syracuse?’, To summarize, meeting the SAT score requirements is an important aspect of getting admitted to Syracuse University. While there is no set minimum SAT score, a high score is crucial, in addition to other factors such as high school transcripts, extracurricular activities, and letters of recommendation. To improve their chances of admission, applicants can adopt several strategies, including early preparation, practicing with sample tests, focusing on weaker areas, acquiring test-taking skills, getting assistance from a tutor or prep course, and maintaining a positive attitude and motivation.