Apple store Payment Options

Purchasing products, music, or other media content from the Apple Store can be a challenge if you do not know its payment options and how you can go about them.

Apple Store has and accepts different online payment options. These payment options vary by country. Therefore, you would have to know the payment option in your country and the different payment options you can choose from when you purchase from the Apple Store.

Apple store Payment Options

Different payment Options are Accepted by The Apple Store.

• Apple Pay

 Apple Pay is one of the ways you can make payment when making an order from the Apple Store. This means of payment succeeds in using cash or physical cards, and it is effortless and far safer.

Apple Pay is used the traditional way money is being used, online or offline. Apple Pay is straightforward to set up. This payment method is used by more than 85 percent of vendors in the United States, and it is flexible in its usage.

• Apple Card

The Apple Card functions similarly to a credit card. When you have to use your Apple Card to buy at the Apple Store, you may pay for your new purchase monthly at a zero percent percentage rate, with no hidden fees. Your information is stored in your iPhone and is straightforward to grasp with the Apple Card. 

The Apple Card is everything a charge card should always be since it provides 3% cashback on all Apple transactions and 2% when used with Apple Pay.

• Credit or Debit Cards

The credit card provides you with lines of credit that can be used to purchase products and balance transfers or cash pre-orders and expects that the loan is paid back later. A debit card, on the other hand, is a payment card that withdraws money directly from a consumer’s debit account when it’s used.

Making a transaction using your credit or debit card is simple. Add any credit or debit cards to your iPhone’s Wallet app.

And make sure you add your cards to other Apple devices you choose to use with.

When paying for an order with an international credit card, kindly note that the purchase price may be unstable with exchange rates. Furthermore, your debit or credit card company may charge you international conversion fees, which could also raise the overall cost of your purchase.

• Paypal

PayPal has been introduced to the Apple Store as a mode of payment. You can link up your PayPal account to your Apple ID, and then it can be used to pay for content, products, and services. PayPal allows you to shop online and physically and send and receive money from your phone.

If multiple deliveries are in your order, your PayPal account will be charged differently for each shipment. A PayPal account can not be added to an Apple Pay, making it impossible to use PayPal to make no-contact Apple Pay purchases. However, you can add PayPal to your Apple ID. This will make it easy for you to use PayPal on your iPhone to buy apps and music on the Apple app.

• The Apple Gift Card

The Apple Gift card can be redeemed at any Apple Store to pick up items, content, or media. Apple Gift Cards could purchase Apple products, entertainment, and services online.

You can also use Apple Gift Cards now at the Apple Store. Apple gift cards are now only accepted in the country from or where they were bought. You can purchase your order using your gift card, one credit card, and your Apple Account Balance. Apple Gift Cards are subject to applicable terms and conditions.

• Apple Business Lease or Apple Financing Services.

Apple provides business owners who rely on technology with payment programs to help them with the cost of keeping at pace with current technologies.

 Apple products have now been made accessible to be brought into your institutions or organisation through new payment solutions that are simple and cost-effective.

This Financial service allows you to change as your organisation or institution needs to change. With easy-to-use, expiring options, you have absolute control of your fees.

• Apple Account Balance

Your Apple account balance, also referred to as the ID balance, is the total of all redeemed Apple Gift Cards, App Store, and iTunes Gift Cards. At any moment, you can utilise Apple Gift Cards or manually add money to your Apple Account Balance.

The amount is then used to purchase Apple products, content, and other services. You may check the balance of your Apple Account online.

To utilise your Apple Account Balance to purchase things from the Apple Store app, you must be logged in with your Apple ID. Then, during the payment step of the checkout process, select an amount to spend toward your purchase.


If you have a challenge purchasing or updating apps, you will need to update your payment method or add a new one. Next, you must verify if your country’s payment options are available. If you already have verified that a payment option is available in your country and still have the same issues, contact your financial institution.

Frequently asked questions

How do Apple Card Monthly installments work?

When you pay using an Apple Card, you can use your monthly installment. This can be found in your iPhone’s Wallet app. You can also sign up and begin using it right away

Can you pay monthly for a MacBook without an Apple Card?

Apple is working with Goldman Sachs to build an “Apple Pay Later” installment service. This service helps Apple Pay users to pay for any order they want to make within a period of two-week interest-free or a month-long period with interest. In this Apple, the card is not needed.