How to Stay Home from School?

How to Stay Home from School?

There might be some reason why you have decided to stay away from school, which can be based on your personal preference. Your choice of staying away from school can be as short as a day off or for a week, depending on your desires. Staying away from school requires great acting skills because you must find a way to convince your parents or guardian that you won’t be going for your studies. This could be a difficult challenge to achieve, however in this piece; I would walk you through the process of staying at home and skipping school. Let’s know How to Stay Home from School?

To achieve your mission on how to stay home and skip school, here are some important tips you would need to follow as they would be real pointers to help you stay at home and skip school for the number of days you choose to. Each of these decisions you have chosen to follow might have its consequences, but you must be ready to bear the consequences as they come. Although if you are not injured, or there are no feasible health challenges that you are going through, you might have a big challenge achieving this goal of staying at home. Here are ways you can achieve your goal of not attending school. 

Faking That You Are Sick 

To win over your parents or guardian that you wouldn’t be going to school and staying at home, you must be ready to fake it as early as possible. This is mostly because you should sound convincing enough that would make anyone believe you. You cannot wake up the following morning and claim that you wouldn’t be going to school that same morning after you had an eventful evening the day before. The sooner you start to act, the better you can easily achieve your goal. It would be best to show a little fatigue and complain of body pain a day ahead of your plan to skip school. For instance, if you have an interesting morning where you have been running errands and getting things done, by the afternoon time you can stay indoors and complain about being lazy and not having the strength to get things done. Ways to achieve your lazing around includes;

  • Act weak and tired around your parents or guardian: To easily win your parents or guardians’ minds over the following day you plan to stay at home, you must act tired, weak and lethargic around your parents, giving them an impression that you are not feeling too good. In the evening you shouldn’t follow your normal routine and, if by any chance you watch TV, just lay down and put up a tiring face, while it is also advisable that you go to bed as early as possible.
  • You can also easily switch things up to make them more real by pretending to eat little dinner or avoid eating at all. With this acting you have put up it is easy to say that you are not feeling too well and you can ask your parents if they could make you a hot tea as a substitute for the meal you have skipped. 
  • More so, you can decide to convince your parents better and claim that a kid in school vomited, or that one of your friends missed school yesterday; however, ensure this is a friend of yours that isn’t familiar to your parents. Again, this information would signal to your parent/guardian that possibly there is something wrong going around your school.

Exhibit Symptoms

Exhibiting symptoms and signs noticeable to your parents would also be a good way to convince anyone around you that you aren’t feeling too good. Outward signs like rashes can be hard to fake. Other signs like vomiting, external pains, and aches are good ways to achieve a convincing act for your parents. Here are ways you can easily exhibit symptoms;

  • Frequent visit to the bathroom: here is a way to give anyone you are living with an impression that you are not feeling too good. It could also signify that you have a stomach bug, which can even be intensified by jumping up quickly and running to the bathroom periodically. Flushing the toilet every time you visit the toilet would also suggest to your parents that you might be suffering from diarrhea or some food poisoning.
  • Fake sore throat: this is another feasible sign you can easily fake and use as a convincing way to show that you aren’t feeling too good. Act as if it is complicated to swallow food and you would need a warm tea. You can use a few cough drops to show that you are trying to treat the sore throat. You can consider faking some coughing activity sometimes as well.
  • Fake a migraine headache: You can suddenly become too sensitive to light and sound. It is a feeling that will show that you have a serious headache and you wouldn’t be comfortable watching TV or listening to music. You can also easily act like throbbing and claim you are nauseous. 

This act up would easily convince your parents or guardian that you aren’t feeling too great, and it would be best to keep it that way until the day ends. By the following morning, convincing your parents you want to stay home wouldn’t be difficult as you would have won their hearts over already and make them believe you are very sick.


Staying at home can be very challenging to achieve; however, with the help of your acting skills and following the above steps, you would easily achieve your goal of staying home. More so, you mustn’t quickly snap back into better immediately, as soon as they return from either the office or outing the following day you have decided to stay at home. 


Is it ok to stay home from school?

It is ok to stay away from school if you have some contagious diseases that you might get infected with. However, if everything is great in school, you should attend school regularly. 

What is a good excuse to stay at home?

The good excuse you can give to stay at home is that you have a doctor’s appointment or aren’t feeling too good, or there is an emergency at home.