FedEx Customs Clearance Process


FedEx is a worldwide freight service that handles millions of shipments every day to more than 200 countries across the world, and its crew well knows customs procedures in different nations/areas. If your cargo has unique customs needs, FedEx Customs clearance process offers a full value-added service.

The process of customs clearance in FedEx denotes that the shipment will only move on to the following transit stage after customs clearance. The process includes custom brokerage, export documentation, and a custom self-assessment program. 

FedEx Customs Clearance Process

Customs Clearance Services That FedEx Can Provide

FedEx is a reputable freight company that collaborates with customs officials all around the world. Freight carriers have created cutting-edge procedures and processes as a result of years of working with customs officials to assist reduce the burden of paperwork, speed up customs clearance, and ease the transportation of international freight.

Here are a few of the customs clearing processes assistance options that FedEx offers:

  1. Clearing Customs

As one of the biggest customs brokers in the world, FedEx offers expert customs clearance, making it as simple as possible to go through customs when utilizing the FedEx Express service to ship overseas.

Customs and Tax Calculations, Trade Facilitation Techniques, Customs Guarantees, Protest Planning and Execution, Customs Refund Systems, and Issues with Follow-Up Processing To facilitate international shipping, All FedEx Provides a Variety of FedEx Customs Clearances. It is a middleman service.

When shipping with FedEx Express, these professional customs brokerage services are available for free (with certain limits).

  1. Exporting Files

It can be time-consuming to prepare an export document, especially if you don’t know what to do or don’t have the necessary equipment. Through FedEx Trade Networks, which offers a quick, accurate, and dependable export paperwork solution, FedEx assists in resolving this issue.

  1. Customs Clearance System EXPRESSCLEAR

For quick and precise processing, customs clearance, and sending of international FedEx customs paperwork, FedEx offers a completely automated computerized EXPRESSCLEAR customs system. The system electronically transmits cargo information to customs using cutting-edge technology so that it may be processed before or during flight.

This enables customs brokers and destination airport brokers to examine business invoices, calculate customs duties and taxes, inquire about the specifics of an air waybill, and receive the cargo information you need to confirm. Packages that have already been cleared for customs and by customs can be processed and sent in time to make the original delivery date.

This indicates that more than 90% of all shipments may be sent out the same day.

  1. Self-Assessment Program For Customs

If you often import and export products to and from Canada, the Customs Self-Assessment Program (CSA) may be of assistance to you. FedEx stands out as Canada’s first integrated customs self-assessment approved carrier.

If your company has CSA certification, this service makes it possible for pre-approved importers and low-risk carriers to clear cross-border goods customs. CSA programs can assist you with FedEx Express by:

  • Expedite the customs clearance process for products traveling over the border between Canada and the US.
  • Reduce paperwork significantly and do away with the requirement for pre approval.
  • Utilize their exclusive tracking and billing system to pay customs costs.

The Time FedEx Takes for Custom Clearance

Customs clearance times vary depending on the kind of cargo, the country of origin, and the country of destination. The documentation needed for the sort of products being delivered determines the time needed for clearance, which varies from nation to country. However, FedEx can speed up and simplify the customs clearing procedure by using the EXPRESSCLEAR computerized technology. As a result, up to 90% of all freight can be cleared on the same day.

Fee for FedEx Customs Clearence Process

FedEx customs clearance is included when shipping using the FedEx Express service, and FedEx declares the cargo. FedEx will, however, ask for and charge the appropriate service fee if the shipment needs special processing and you request it from a FedEx customs broker.

Standard customs services may be subject to fees in some nations, regions, or FedEx locations. For delivering internationally to locations that FedEx serves directly, additional costs could be necessary. On the customs invoice, a separate line item is designated for the total FedEx customs clearance for these auxiliary customs service fees.


This article is an attempt at providing you with all the nooks and corners of the Fedex custom clearance process. For more information, it is recommended that you visit their website. Make sure that you always know the policies and information before you avail of their services. 


  1. How long does customs clearance take in FedEx? 

FedEx often holds the items for 10 days to await instructions from or permission from the customer.

  1. What are the documents required for FedEx Customs?

It requires FedEx International Air Waybill, FedEx Ground Shipping Label, Commercial invoice, Certificate of origin, and Export License.

  1. Is FedEx International given precedence in a hurry? 

Delivery to the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean often occurs within one to three working days from most other countries and on the next business day. Major European cities are often reached by 10:30 am in two working days.

  1. How precise is the update from FedEx? 

In general, FedEx tracking data is quite trustworthy and precise. If all goes according to plan, customers will be able to trace parcels at every step and receive real-time updates on the whereabouts of their purchases.