Examples of Death Announcement

Hello friends, today we will discuss examples of death announcement. In this article, we will see how to write a death announcement, vintage templates of death announcements, death announcements of some public figures, and many more regarding this, so read the whole article very carefully. I will try to cover all the necessary points and discuss some serious point notes in this.

Let’s initiate our matter- Examples of Death Announcement. Firstly, we will start with basic definitions and terminologies which will be best to understand the topic.

According to biology, death is the permanent state of life in which the body of a person becomes disabled, all the biological functions that sustain in living being stopped functioning, the heart stops pumping the blood, blood stops its flow, the mind stops controlling the body, no transportation of proteins and useful nutrients to the brain and finally intelligence inexistent.

Death is the irreversible cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism.

After death, family members do rituals and funerals of the decedent’s body, giving the last goodbye to the decedent.

When a person who is somebody’s father/mother, sister/brother, wife/husband, a friend when expired, it becomes problematic for his loved ones to digest this truth. So, it becomes important to convey this message to all the members, relatives, friends, and to the people to whom the decedent was in touch. 

Examples of Death Announcement

What do you understand by Death Announcement?

Death announcement is a quick transitory, printed/text/concluded mouth statement notifying the community of the person’s death. It is an official and public revelation that your cherished one is no more. It is the first information given to the public about the decedent’s death.

What are the means to inform people about decedents?

There are many means through which we can convey the message of the decedent. Let’s have an appearance over some mutual resources.

  1. Through Calls: Generally, family members or the people who were taking care of the decedent call the other family members (sometimes real members don’t live with them, so in that case, people who are staying with him/her, informs the family associates). It can be an easy and time & money-saving method if to inform a smaller number of people. 
  2. Through text: It is the newest way of the death announcement. With the rise of social media, it become easier to remain in touch with a large number of people and relatives. If a family group is made on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. then we can inform through this group also.
  3. Create a chain of people: If the number of people is large and we are not in touch with them for a large time then we can make a group of people, dividing a specific number of individuals among ourselves and cover a large amount of public, very proficiently.
  4. Through Newspaper: Death announcement through Newspaper is the most known and traditional way of announcing death. We will discuss this separately in upcoming topics and their templates.

In what manner to say that somebody has expired?

It is very difficult for us to say that our beloved one has died. It needs a portion of bravery and sensitive equilibrium. And if the person is a public figure, then their death announcement should be in a decent manner. Sometimes, a person is like God for their praises and if praises do not get their death note in the right way or if they get it suddenly, so there are high chances of challenges to law and command. We will debate the episode of Martin Luther King Jr and Michael Jackson’s death later in this article.

So, it’s best to simply say that the person has died or passed away. Some words can be used:

  • Died
  • Passed away
  • Reaches to heaven.
  • Went to the home of the supreme house
  • In extended rest.
  • Rest in peace.

These are some common phrases we use for the decedent. It depends on the personality or its status, love, and power in the public life of the deceased person.

In what way to engrave a Death Announcement?

       As we promised to cover the death announcement through newspapers topic. So, let’s discuss how to write it for the newspaper, and later we will discuss some templates.

But firstly, discuss why it’s important to publish it in a newspaper?

Since it is the oldest and known way to convey the death announcement. As nearly all the people read the newspaper, if anyone left unnoticed and not conveyed by any family member regarding the death of the person, then the newspaper is the most suitable way. In my house also, sometimes we got information regarding our relative’s death through newspapers only. It is because not all individuals are habitual with WhatsApp and Facebook. 

Also, it is mandatory to announce the death of a decedent in a national or local newspaper according to some laws for some reasons. But here we will not drive into its complexity.

So, in newspapers, just keep the death announcement simply. Highlighting the key events is a must. As newspapers charge per term for it. So, it is suggested to circulate a short section only (nearly 2-5 sentences). But it is your choice and faith, how much money you want to spend on death announcement. 

Some key points to keep in your mind:

  1. Always start with the person’s full name, state that they have died, and mention the date.
  2. Optionally, you can add the place of death.
  3. Provide the full information regarding the funeral ceremony and its location.
  4. If the person had some diseases from which he was suffering many times and died because of that, then you can add that only.
  5. You can also add any message on their behalf. 
  6. You can add the family’s other elder members’ names too.
  7. If in your culture any donations happen then you can add that information too. (!!Caution: It occurs in some relatives, so don’t take it in a bad way.)

Templates for Newspaper:

Here, I am providing some templates which you can keep in your mind. Keywords which are essential in this.

  • Name
  • The statement announcing that he is no more.
  • Birth and death date
  • Burial information
  1. Public burial: Date, time, and location
  2. Private burial

A simple template:

   (Full name), age, (your relation with him), no longer with us on (date of death) at (time of death), born on (date of birth) in (place of death). Funeral will be held on (date/day) at (timings) at (place of the funeral)

 It will be followed by (other information).

Let’s take some death announcement examples from the newspaper. We will assume that a person has died whose name was John, now we will see in how many ways we can publish his death notice. 

  1. With heavy hearts, we announce the passing of our beloved friend, John. He was a light in this world, and now we need to continue shining his light by carrying it within us in our hearts. Please join us for the farewell at [place of the funeral] at [time of farewell] on [date of farewell].
  2. Our beloved John has passed away after a long war/battle with [disease/cause of death], and now his holy soul can rest in peace. We would like to memorialize her at [place] on [date] at [time] by celebrating his wonderful life. Please join us if you would like to remember John with us.
  3. With sorrow, we have to announce the death of John on [day/date of the funeral]. We are mourning the loss of our beloved (relation with the decedent) and companion, who made an impression on everyone he met. Join us for the burial of his body at (time) on (date). In this difficult situation, we need your presence to share our sorrow and pain.
  4. We need your presence at a gathering at the funeral of John, who passed away last night. We are breaking down by his death. Funeral and rituals will be held at [place] on [date] at [time]. 
  5. With great sorrow, I am informing you all that my father John has gone to the home of God on (date), (day) at (timing). Funerals will be done as per social distancing norms at (location of the funeral), (date) at (timing). Sad family members:(all the other members including the elders, wife, and children names). 
  6. With great sorrow, I am informing all that my respected father John, a former member of the Senate has passed away after the long battle with cancer on (date). Funeral rituals will have happened at (place of the funeral), (date), (timing). The entire John family is in bottomless agony. Mobile No: 123456789
  7. I am a friend of John announcing with a heavy heart that John is no more, died due to a car accident at (date), (timing), (place of death). He leaves us alone in a very short time. We promised to see many of this world together but nature grabbed him from us. Funeral and other rituals will be held on (date), (timing) at (place of the funeral).
  8. John deceased on Saturday, October 1, 2021. An observing is prearranged for Tuesday, October 3, 2021, at the Christ Lotus Church at 9:00 am – 10:00 in Lincoln’s Gallery. His funeral amenity is to follow directly with burial in the church cemetery.
  9. John died on Friday, October 12, 2018, in Peterson House, California. He was born September 3, 1981, in New York. His Celebration of Life will be held at New Hope Church in Reese on October 15 at 3:00, followed by a reception. 
  10. There are few words to express the deep pain and sorrow of losing John to Parkinson’s disease. We want to host a private and dignified ceremony with his precious ones at St. Anslem Church arranged 5 October 2021 at 3 P.M. He wanted a traditional memorial, so please dress in black and prepare any kind words you would like to share. John is survived by his loving wife Margot, and his children, Tom and Duke, and seven grandchildren.

Templates for Social Media Post:

Nowadays, a large amount of people prefers social media as a source of death announcement due to its large connectivity and low cost. We can inform a large number of people since today almost everyone is connected with mobile and social media. 

Firstly, we will discuss the etiquettes of social media posts then we will see the templates.

  • Keep it humble: Humble post is most desirable showing your grief towards the decedent’s family members.
  • Remember your Audience: Before posting any post, we have to understand that not everyone will mourn or want to see any mourning post. So, we have to share that post with our targeted audience only. You can apply or ponder the sharing settings and crisscross who only can get your post. 
  • Think about the timing: Before posting, check the timing of the post. Many people who are connected with the decedent could not digest this news and it may impact their health also. 
  • Be sensitive: Since social media is a very vast platform and this death news is very sensitive then before posting anything, give proofreading and check if everything is right and ok or not. It should not be brokenhearted anybody’s feelings. 

Let’s have an appearance over some models which we can use for our social media column.

  1. With a heavy heart that I announce the passing of John early this morning. He has happily goodbye to this world with his seven grandchildren and his love Margot.
  2. John was a wonderful and supportive friend forever. He was very strong and sensible. He will constantly be evoked in our hearts.
  3. You were behindhand the all student’s achievements. Sir, the loss of your type of teacher is very stunning. You will be remembered in our hearts. Rest in Peace sir.
  4. John, it’s unbelievable and shocking news for me that you are no longer with us. You will always be remembered in my life and always be present in my heart. 
  5. It’s shocking news for me to believe. I recall viewing #John n theatre and telling my friend David, its director how much I’d adored the drama and wish I’d been a part of it. Such a talented person we lose today…. my God gives strength to his family to bear this pain.

Death Announcements of Some Public Figures:

As we promised earlier in this article, we will tell you about some incidents of death and their announcement and why it is a very serious matter to say it decently especially when people took you as noble.

1.Michael Jackson: 

On June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson was found dead at the age of 50 at his home in Los Angeles, California due to cardiac arrest caused by an overdose of sleep drugs.

He was the youth icon, God of pop music. He revealed many dance styles and steps that mediocrity cannot contest yet. The crowd and people who love dancing were crazy behind him. 

After his death announcement, people searched about him on the internet. The heavy consumer load made the google server down at that time. 

On July 7, 2009, 20k+ fans attended a public memorial for him at Staples Center, Los Angeles. Nearly 30 million people watch this incident on Cable TV and millions of followers viewed it online. 

2. Martin Luther King Jr.: 

Martin Luther King Jr., the most popular leader and activist for the rights of black died on Thursday, 4 April 1968 at 6:05 PM. He was gunshot by an escapee when he was stand-up outdoor in the gallery of Lorraine Hotel.

He was popular for his nonviolent thoughts. But after his death announcement, a major outbreak of racial violence resulted in the death of 40 Americans and extensive property damage in 100 cities.

3. Abraham Lincoln:

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by well-known stage actor, John Wilkes Booth on 14 April 1865. He was shot down because of his liberal policies. 

Lincoln was in favor to dismiss the slave system and give equal rights and vote power equal for all. But individuals similar to booth don’t like his views. He promoted the slave system. 

Throughout the civil war, the hatred of the opponent and Lincoln deepen amongst the slave system followers. Lincoln’s death shocked the whole of America and the search for Booth and his accomplices was the largest manhunt in American history to that date. 

He was recalled and sorrowed in the whole country. Some foreign governments issued proclamations and declared periods of mourning on 15 April. His burial and funeral marked a period of national mourning. 

4. Stephen Hawking:

Stephen Hawking was one of the most highly intelligent people in this world. Despite disabilities, he gave a tremendous contribution to the world in the field of space and cosmology. He defined the black hole and its equations. 

He passed away at the age of 76 on Wednesday, March 14, 2018, at his home in Cambridge, U.K. His family members acknowledged his death and stated that he deceased quietly. 

Last words of Stephen Hawking – ” My motto is there are no boundaries.” 

Hawking was an atheist but interestingly his funerals were done according to religious accords. 

It is fascinating to realize that he perished on “National Pi Day”, 3/14. 


We can conclude that someone’s life is so precious that it can provoke a war between 2 countries. It can force the government. It can provoke racial violence. It can raise the sentiments of the people. Also, it can shock the world.

That’s why we need to convey it in a very formal and decent manner. 

Death is the truth of life; nobody can run from this truth. In death, the only body dies not the true identity (the soul).  In the instance of Michael Jackson’s death, it cultivated up the inquisitiveness amongst the people worldwide to know what had done with him. Because he had full planning of living 150 years. But all went in vain. 

The soul is immortal, it just changes its place, its address, from one body to another. So, don’t worry or cry about this. Be hard and do an effort for harmony only. Leave your all sufferings and chant Hare Krishna, Hare Ram, and spread humanity. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

Q1. What is the difference between a death announcement vs Obituary?

Answer. An obituary is the life story of the decedent. It covers everything from birth to story. It comprises all that you would put in a death announcement or notice with your respected one’s memoirs. 

This includes:

  • Decedent’s parents, spouse, children, marriage.
  • Those who led the departed one in death.
  • Those who are still alive or surviving.
  • About vacation, education, and other accomplishments.
  • Amenities he gushed for the nation (military, doctor, policer, civil servant). 
  • Voluntary or any charitable work done by him in his life.
  • Hobbies, interests, and passions 
  • Any achievements gained by him in his life.

Q.2 Is it ok for posting death announcements on social media like Facebook?

Answer This question is somewhat tricky to answer. Let us discuss the pros and cons and then you decide which one you prefer.

  • Time-saving
  • Cost friendly
  • Environment friendly (as for printing the newspaper, we cut the trees but the digital platform saves trees.) 
  • A large amount of people is in contact with the help of social media platform. 
  • Fastest growing way and the latest edition and evolution in information exchange.
  • The receiver can read the news at any time on his WhatsApp at his/her ease.
  • Elders of our family are not familiar with social media.
  • Occasionally in between the infrequent posts, important news is hidden. 
  • It depends on their checking the message or reading the post. What if they didn’t check it?
  • Many people or family members want that family member himself convey this news to them if they didn’t then it sometimes break the relations also as many families not accustomed with this recent expertise.
  • Many rely upon newspaper news only as it is easy to spread misleading and fake news on social media. 

So, both the arguments are right on their terms and conditions. 

It is very difficult for us to say that our beloved one has died. It needs a portion of bravery and sensitive equilibrium. It becomes problematic for his loved ones to digest this truth. So, it becomes important to convey this message to all the members, relatives, friends, and to the people to whom the decedent was in touch.