Can Students Go To FSU Football Games?

   FSU Football meaning Florida State University Football comprises the Seminoles football team that represents FSU in the American Football Association. Now can students of Florida State University FSU go to the Seminoles football games, we should know by the end of this article.

   Many students at FSU might wonder if they are eligible to go to the university’s football games in various parts of the country and the answer is YES. Not only that, the school also introduces a spear it reward account for students who participated in games in the school.

Can Students Go To FSU Football Games?

Brief Overview Of FSU Football Team (Seminoles)

   The Seminoles have three unbeaten seasons, 14 successive years in the ultimate four of the AP Poll between 1987 to 2000, the team has won almost 30 games successively within a few years and has made history in streak winning among college student football in the country meaning that this team in FSU has always maintained great history.

How To Determine Your Eligibility As A Student To Attend FSU Football Games?

   There are steps to note as a student before registering for the student ticket which will decide your eligibility to attend the FSU football games and they are stated below:

  • Firstly you must be a fully registered student at Florida State University as at the time you enroll for the games
  • You must have paid the full athletic fees for the session to be eligible for the free tickets
  • First come, first serve basis application because there are limited seats available for the students
  • Paid full tuition fees for the academic session
  • It has recently been added that before each student is eligible for the free tickets, they must have collected the COVID-19 vaccine because good health is prominent.

How To Register For The Tickets To Attend The Football Games As A Student?

   Getting the tickets to attend the FSU football games as a student is not much of a stress since it will be transferred electronically to your school ID through your student portal. To register for the tickets to attend any games from the school, you sign in to your student ticket portal.

Note: This is distinct from your usual FSU student portal. If you do not have the student ticket portal ID yet, you should activate the account first with the last 12 digits on your student ID and PIN which is usually their birth month and year, click on the “Student Football Home Games” then follow the instructions on the website accordingly and finally register with your preferred email address which your student ticket will be emailed to and that is basically all.

   Also, note that the price of tickets differs depending on the location of the football game ranging from $250-$350 for seating space, student seats are different from the auditorium and no other students can use your tickets except you because the number is peculiar to you alone. It is best to apply between 5 pm on the Sunday before the game week and the amazing fact is that tickets are free for the first 16,000 students that apply while other applicants will require a fee meaning it is safer to apply early.

Why FSU Students Should Attend Or Join The Football Games?

   It is recommended for students to be involved in school sports activities especially football games in FSU even if it is just by attending the games without joining the team  team because there are some importance of being involved such as:

  • Fun and engagements
  • Stronger Connection
  • Pave way at the International level
  • Scholarship
  • Lucrativeness
  • Fun and engagements: This means that attending the games will add to your undergraduate experiences as you will be involved in the activities of the school, enjoying and entertaining yourself with the football game and cheering up the school team as a fan.
  • Stronger connection: if you attend or join the FSU Football team which only takes place once yearly, you tend to meet more people, and friends who you can maintain stronger bonds with later in the future.
  • Pave way internationally: Imagine a scenario when the football team competes and everyone is cheering them on as a result of a large number of students present, it will raise awareness on how invested the students are in the football games whether they win or not.
  • Scholarship: You can win scholarships from organizations or the school if you win awards as a result of participating in the game or win a spear reward created by the university as a result of attending the games.
  • Lucrativeness: Attending Or Joining the FSU Football team(Seminoles) will help maximize your time and make a meaningful experience of your time as a student at FSU.


   It is ascertained in this article that students can go to the FSU Football Games. Also, how to know if you are eligible, about the Seminoles, how to get your tickets and why you should join or attend the FSU Football games have been addressed in this article and I hope you find it helpful.


  1. Can students from other colleges in the US go to FSU Football Games? Definitely. Though the process they will undergo to get their tickets may be different, they can attend FSU Football Games.
  2. How can I join the FSU Football Team? All you have to do is register through your student portal under student activities, go to football sports, register and start going for football training.
  3. What if I have not paid my tuition fee and athletic fees for the session, Can I still apply for the free ticket? You would not be eligible to apply for the free ticket if you have not paid the fees.