Where Can I Deposit Money For GCash?

With its various partner locations, you’ll never run out of ways to deposit money into your GCash mobile account. You can also deposit money right from your phone using your GCash app and Online Banking. GCash, a mobile payment innovation developed in the Philippines, has revolutionized how we perform financial transactions. We can deposit and withdraw money, pay bills, and do a variety of other services with just a few taps on our cellphones, and we can do so anywhere. In this article, we will see about ‘Where Can I Deposit Money For GCash?’.

Where Can I Deposit Money For Gcash?  

Where Can I Deposit Money For GCash?

Overview: Where Can I Deposit Money For GCash?

Cash-In is the process of adding money to your GCash Wallet. Individuals can cash in using the GCash App’s BPI Mobile Banking, PayPal Funds Transfer, MasterCard/Visa debit cards, etc. They can also cash in by visiting GCash Partner Outlets (GPOs), which include Globe Stores, Puregold, SM Business Center, Cebuana Lhuillier, and Villarica Pawnshop, among others. 

You may perform all of these transactions using a “mobile wallet” anywhere without having to withdraw money when compared to having cash in your pocket, which is more likely to be lost or stolen.

Best Ways to Cash In on GCash Mobile Wallet

It’s now time to understand how to fund your GCash Wallet in which its app is the most convenient way to get funded. You may either use the application to deposit money from your bank account or make over-the-counter transactions at partner locations. Another way to cash in the GCash mobile wallet is through remittances. Follow the steps below to transfer money from these channels and convert it to GCash.

Cash-In Using Your Bank Account

Before depositing money from a bank account to the GCash wallet, you must connect your bank account to GCash. Here are the steps for depositing the money from the bank account:

  • To view the accounts, you can connect to your GCash, first click the Profile link in the bottom corner of the home page, and then select “My Linked Accounts.” 
  • Next, select your bank account by choosing the banks available. Enter your card information or log into your banking account to complete the connection transaction. 
  • You’ll then see your bank’s page, wherein you will input your information. Your bank will send you an SMS with a one-time password (OTP) code. T
  • o continue, enter the OTP, and you’ll receive text messages providing that your bank is now connected to GCash.

Cash-In Using GCash Partner Banks

You may also link your banking apps to GCash to make cash-in faster. Most banking applications are compatible with GCash. Other Instapay-affiliated banks charge between 10 and 25 PHP for each transaction, while other bank applications have no fees. Cashing out using PayPal is completely free.

  • To connect your preferred banking app, go to Profile, then “My Linked Accounts,” select your desired bank, and follow the steps.
  • After you’ve connected your bank account, go to your dashboard and hit “Cash In,” then choose your bank from the My Linked Accounts page and input the necessary amount. “Next” and “Confirm” should be clicked after.
  • You will receive an OTP from your bank. Input the code and touch “Submit” before viewing your new GCash balance.

Cash-In Using Remittance

Using remittance, you can request your transfer be made directly to your GCash Wallet. Among the global remittance partners of GCash are MoneyGram and Western Union.

  • On the GCash application, click the “Cash In,” then select your desired remittance partner from the “Global Partners and Remittance” option. MoneyGram and Western Union will then require a claim remittance reference number.
  • Fill in the amount you expect to obtain as well as the reference number. Western Union demands a 10-digit number, but Moneygram needs an 8-digit number. Then click “Next” and wait for the confirmation message to appear. After that, you can see your new GCash balance.

Cash-In Using Paypal Account

Cash-in using a Paypal account is preferable for freelancers who use their PayPal balance and expats who want to transfer their money to Philippine Pesos faster.

  • To link your GCash account to PayPal, go to the menu bar and select “My Linked Accounts,” then choose PayPal and input your account’s email address. 
  • The PayPal login page will appear after that. After inputting your email and password and confirming the two boxes, click “Authorize.”
  • Once you’ve linked your GCash to PayPal, go to the dashboard and touch “Cash In,” then “My Linked Accounts,” then “PayPal.”
  • Enter the required amount, then press “Next” and “Confirm” to get your funds within 24 hours.

Cash-In Using GCash Mastercard

Connect your GCash Mastercard to your GCash Wallet to conveniently add money to it and use it to purchase goods both in-store and online. The actual card of your GCash Wallet is your GCash Mastercard.

  • Go to My Linked Accounts in your GCash app, choose GCash Mastercard, then Add a Card.
  • Input the last four digits of your GCash Mastercard and the 12-digit Virtual Account Number. The Virtual Account Number can look on the back of the card. Then enter the 6-digit PIN you chose. To be sure, type it in again.
  • After you tap Next, you’ll get a notification indicating your account has successfully linked to your GCash Mastercard. Make sure you have enough GCash to pay for your purchases with your GCash Mastercard by cashing in.

Maximum money you may deposit on GCash

The monthly limitation for GCash users with the Basic Membership Level is PHP 50,000, and the monthly limit for GCash users in the Semi-Verified and Fully-Verified Membership Levels is PHP 100,000. Lastly, enterprise customers have a monthly wallet limit of PHP 500,000. The outgoing and incoming GCash transactions are not covered by the monthly wallet limit. Instead, the cash-in/incoming transaction wallet limit is different from the cash-out/outgoing transaction wallet limit. They can still use GCash after they used their monthly limit for outgoing transactions, but only for receiving transactions and vice versa.


GCash is effortless to use and has multiple options to deposit. With the tour of the most frequent functionalities of GCash—Cash-in—as a guide on where to begin with cashless wallets,  you can get started with online transactions. It’s quite handy, and it might save you money and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do if I haven’t received the money after I cashed in?

The money transfer may take some time. Please wait 5 minutes in case the process goes through successfully. Inspect your network connectivity and ensure a steady connection if you haven’t received any money after cashing in. You may also see if you obtained an SMS confirmation from GCash, if your Cash-In transaction has been recorded in your Transaction History, and if the cellphone number you provided was right on your receipt from our bank partners.

  • Why can’t I cash in my money online?

If you are not able to cash in, take these steps to determine why you were unsuccessful. Inspect your network connectivity and make sure your connection is stable first. Then, see if you’ve exceeded the GCash wallet or your bank’s transaction restrictions and if your bank account’s balance is insufficient to complete your cash-in transaction. 

  • How do I cash in money from GCash while overseas?

You may fund your GCash account using our international remittance providers. As the recipient, provide your GCash number and personal information.Overseas cash-ins are only available to fully verified customers. Only Filipino nationals living overseas are accepted, and you must register and be verified using your Philippine address.