What to Text After Being Ghosted?

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Once in a while, you might have encountered a situation where you don’t get a reply and you wonder what might have gone wrong. You don’t know what to do and helplessly overthink. This article will help you gain confidence and give terrific replies to all those ghosters. The topic is ‘What to Text After Being Ghosted?’

What is ghosting? Ghosting is a method where the opposite party suddenly cuts you off from their life with no prior notice. You are left helpless, waiting for their reply and to get back to you. They will never text you again. Ghosting is an immature act; people are mature enough to know that cutting off contacts without letting a person know is something that shouldn’t be done. Even if you ask what’s wrong, you will get nothing but silence. Ghosting leads to loss of self-esteem, depression, and stress. But who can usually ghost you? Not someone whom you barely know or not a colleague or not a person who works on your lawn. People who are usually close to you, or someone with whom you have been talking for a while, are most likely to ghost you. You may have met this person on Instagram and have developed a liking for them. You have been talking over texts for a few months now and suddenly one day you notice that they have stopped replying, ignoring your texts. 

No matter how many times you enquire about their problems, it goes in vain because they just don’t feel the need to answer. You feel humiliated and various thoughts crowd your mind that you have been played; they were just passing their leisure time with you or you were none other than a silly person who had developed a crush on them because of their sweet words, etc. They have simply lost interest in you and you are left heartbroken. Of course, ghosting applies to family, friends; this was just an example of what ghosting actually is for your better understanding. You should always be prepared to make sure you aren’t getting ghosted and get answers ready to text them.

You don’t deserve it. In order to send terrific texts to your ghoster you need to have a powerful mind; gather up your courage and ask them directly why you were being ghosted and make them realize it is not a right thing to do and they shouldn’t have done it. Be confident, your texts should have power in them to make the ghoster feel the guilt. Don’t be understanding or ask for another chance. Below are tricks and examples which will give you an idea about what to text after being ghosted.

Advice on How to Ace Your Texting Game When Confronting a Ghoster

  • Confidence

As mentioned earlier, you need to be confident when you are texting. You are asking for the reason you are being avoided when things were well between you guys. There is no fault of yours, so demand an answer. When you are texting, make the person realize that what they have done is wrong. You shouldn’t sound like a pushover, though. Instead of making things better, it will make them worse. The person will assume that ghosting impacted you and that you are desperate for attention from them. It will fuel their self-esteem and make them proud of their deeds, which they shouldn’t be. Don’t back off when you don’t get a reply. Reach out to their friends, followers and notify them of their behavior. 

  • “Hey, didn’t know you were such a loser.”
  • “Are you afraid of confrontations now? Well, guess what? I will expose how you play with each and everyone.”
  • “You must think you are someone special, but, ghosting doesn’t make you great.”

       These are few examples that you can text or take inspiration to sound confident.

  • Zero Sense of Guilt

Don’t feel guilty for demanding an answer. Remember, you have done nothing wrong. Sometimes it might come to your mind that you are doing something wrong by asking them or you are bothering them, but it was their fault for not doing the duty on their part. Before cutting off contact, it is necessary that one explain the situation. Understanding both parties is very crucial here because it may affect your lives. You might have shared a close relationship with them or might have had something important to do with them. Whatever the reason is, one should elucidate on the matter. They are unaware of what’s going on with you, so you should take the responsibility for clearing the fog. Don’t be apologetic or hesitant. You are a victim and you want a proper justification for the damage that had been made to you. “You must answer back, that’s what a person with dignity does”, “I am not ashamed for demanding an answer. You don’t have the right to make confuse people”, “You were the one who said we should keep going, what’s the matter with you now? Why are you ignoring?”

  • Stop Being Desperate 

You have been ghosted, which means they don’t need you and had abandoned you. Don’t hang onto them hopelessly, don’t be needy, and don’t make yourself look miserable. Learn to let go of your feelings and face them. You don’t need someone’s validation and you can find lots of people who will not let you go. Ask your ghoster the reason and the motive. Your texts should have weight in them, you don’t really care about what they have done to you. Give up convincing them to come back to you and show that you were not into them, either. Be pretty firm on what you say. Stop saying please. Stop asking them how they are doing or stop pouring your feelings. Turn yourself into a bold person who is fighting for an injustice that had happened to them, and that you will not tolerate it. “What you are doing will just make me develop trust issues for you.”, “I won’t beg you to come back cuz I am too busy with myself”, “Sorry, didn’t realize you cut off contact, I had so many people to talk to.”

  • Have A Sense of Rationality

Don’t be rude. Although ghosting is something bad, the person who has ghosted you has not committed a crime nor had insulted you over text. You should be formal and sassy without insulting the person while texting. Enquire about the problem first gently and if they don’t reply just remind them that what they are doing is actually ghosting and that shouldn’t be done (for example: “Hi, I was just wondering if something went wrong because you have been avoiding my texts over the past few weeks. Can you please explain to me the situation?” If you don’t get a reply after this, just send a text mocking them for their irresponsibility. “I am worried that your phone might not be working for quite a while now. How do you catch up with others, though? Through letters?”

  • No Need to Be Understanding

You need not understand their situations. Foremost, they have not explained their situation, so there is no point to be considerate of such people. They have made you miserable and you just want an explanation about why did they cut you off. “I just don’t get the point of you ghosting me. What was the problem? As far as I remember, things were so well till the last day we had texted.” or “I am tired of this recurring childish thing. What do you take me for? Unless you explain your situation this time, things won’t get back to normal as they were.”

  • Stay Firm for an Answer

People will try to give you a lot of advice, blame you, or ask you not to confront your ghoster but don’t listen to them. You want to confront them, not to talk to them again, but for your own benefit. People usually blame themselves for getting ghosted and just to forgive the ghoster. This shouldn’t be done. You are right; you deserve an explanation. People are there to make fun and to be entertained, so don’t be a scapegoat.

What Type of People Can Ghost You?

Love Interests/ Crush

 The people who are most likely to ghost you are people for whom you have started to develop feelings or have a liking towards them. They have shown interest in you and you have shared some lovable conversations over the text. Unfortunately, they are no longer interested in you. They were there just for the fun and when things started to become a bit serious; they moved themselves out.


Yes, it is shocking but a family member can ghost you. Sometimes things don’t remain the same as it was before. They don’t want to have a relationship with you anymore. It can be seen for siblings, cousins or uncles and aunties. Parents usually don’t ghost their children but if they do there might be some reasons.


Ghosting from friends can hurt the most. They are the people you have chosen to trust and have shared a close connection with them. You are left all alone and you feel sad when they ignore you. You feel like a part of you have been snapped away and you just think what did you do deserve it and how will you go on without them in your life.

Close Acquaintances

These are the people who are neither your friend nor a family member. You might be from the same field and might have some common interests. You are not on terms to flirt with each other either. It may not hurt when they cut off contact but you can feel humiliated.

Other Sources

You might have had applied for a job or an internship somewhere and they have promised to get back to you but you find that they are nowhere near texting you only to go and check that they have already hired. These practices should stop because it makes our hopes and we don’t deserve to be left heartbroken.


While ghosting is a bad thing there can be various reasons why someone has ghosted you. Most of them are intentional but some of them can be unintentional too. These unintentional ghosting doesn’t stay for long and they usually text you back as soon as possible. Accidents, sudden deaths, misfortune, loss of any kind of belonging or property, depression can make the person alienate them from the rest of the world. They are not in the mood or extreme sadness prevents them from texting anyone. You should understand. First of all ask, “What’s wrong?” or “Is there any way I can help you?” If they don’ reply try going through their social media, if they are not active then you can be assured of the fact that they are not deliberately avoiding you. Look for your mutual friends; ask them if they know something. If you find an answer then it’s well and good but if you don’t then you have no other option than to wait. If a certain amount of time has passed you don’t have to wait for them anymore. If they didn’t feel the need to re-contact you then you shouldn’t be bothered. You have done your job, forget about them.

Do’s and Don’ts When Confronting a Ghoster

The Do’s

It may feel intimidating at the beginning but you should text your ghoster no matter what. Keep your texts short. You are not the one who should explain but the person who has ghosted has the responsibility of making you aware of their situation. Try to be logical and reasonable, and have an in-depth understanding of what they are trying to say. If they want to get back like before, make sure they don’t ghost you in the future. Give a warning. If the party is unresponsive then just leave it like it is. You have your own self-respect, try to not lose it.

 The Don’ts

The Don’ts is the most crucial part when you are texting someone who has ghosted you. There are a lot of things to remember that you shouldn’t do. Don’t threaten or blackmail anyone. They have every right to cut off contact with a person they don’t want to see anymore, it’s just that they should be mature enough to give prior notice before ending anything. Don’t stalk them, stalking is a heinous crime and you may get reported, and stalking will just degrade your personality. Begging is another thing that should be at any cost avoided, don’t send long texts, don’t text them every day. You are confronting them not asking them to make everything normal because if things go back to normal again you will be ghosted again. Stop everything you are doing immediately. 

Here are a Few Other Texts That You can Send to Your Ghoster to End Things As well As Sound Sassy

  •  “Have been trying to reach to you for quite some time, just wanted to let you know I can’t wait any longer”
  • “You are a person who thinks texting is all fun and games, no one takes you seriously either.”
  • “Get over your childish play; you are going to regret this.”
  • “Had no idea that you had lost your hands, hope you get well soon.”
  • “Did your mom take your phone away, I thought you told me your parents were open-minded.”
  • “Hi, I had fun playing and using you too. Thanks for volunteering.”
  • “Well, I didn’t care about you either.”
  • “I don’t know why you won’t answer me when you are confidently posting your Spongebob like face on Instagram.”
  • “Look at your guts dude, don’t try to be over smart with me.”

If You are Concerned Then You Can Try Sending These Texts 

  • Hey, just wanted to hop in and make sure that you are okay, you haven’t been texting so a bit worried for you.”
  • “I don’t know why you had been avoiding me lately but I hope you are okay.”
  • “Take your time coming back, but, once you are back I need the reason for your absence.”
  • “You are not a person to ghost someone, I will try to be logical and wait for you.”

Send these texts and think of your job as done. All you need to be is to be smart with a big brain, not clingy and not forgiving. Even if you try to understand them, try understanding them on a logical basis.


You will often face these kinds of people. It’s not your fault that you were a victim. But always make sure to clap back. Don’t tolerate such behavior and end things over text so that you can keep your head straight for future events. Don’t hesitate and ask whatever you want to.  Ghosting is a selfish act and makes them realize you are not the one who will succumb to their foolish acts. This cannot go for long and that they will face serious consequences in the future. Use the tips and tricks along with the examples of text messages and show them you cannot be played. Be upright and move on. Don’t let anyone sway you. You are a person with emotions who doesn’t deserve to get ghosted.

Frequently Asked Questions            

  1. How do I know if they are ghosting me?

Ans: The answer is simple. They will one day just cut off ties without your knowledge, without any explanation.

  1. Is it necessary to text when someone ghosts you?

Ans: Yes, of course. Don’t sit there in silence and wonder what was wrong. It will make you stress more. You don’t want to look like a loser, do you?

  1. Is it my fault that made the person uncomfortable? Was I being too pushy?

Ans: There may have been some misunderstandings between you two. It may have been your fault or it may have been their fault, but whatever it is they owe you an explanation. They don’t have the right to leave you on nothing. That is just rude and it proves that they are immature.

  1. I ghosted a friend of mine a while ago. They were being too nosy in my matters and I didn’t like her from the beginning. Did I do the right thing by ghosting them?

Ans: First of all you can’t say that they were being ‘nosy’. Maybe they were trying to help you and worried about you as your friends. Most close friends are like that. Her generosity towards you was being mistaken by you as being ‘nosy’. Second of all, you said you didn’t like her which means that the things she did for you always had a negative impact no matter how hard she tried. It was your fault for not understanding her and even if your friendship failed you should have cleared up things with her over a text. She deserved it. The things you mentioned in your comment don’t justify your actions.

  1. How can I sound sassy while texting my ghoster?

 Ans: There are already examples in this article on how to sound sassy while texting. In my opinion, you should just don’t care about that person. Pour a bit of humor and a bit of truth that you know about them in the text.

  1. Is it really okay to text after they have ghosted me?

Ans: You are not texting them to beg them to back to you, but, to remind them that what they have is wrong and they owe you an explanation. You should clearly mention that you don’t expect anything from them and you want to end things too.

  1. Can my mom ghost me?

Ans: Yes, there is a probability that your parents can ghost you. You should be mentally ready. Reason can be anything, maybe disappointment. As long as they don’t clear up the fog you won’t know until and unless you dig a bit deeper.