How to pay for a Royal Caribbean booking?

Making a trip on a cruise is a dream for many people who want to enjoy the sun and live the best experiences of their lives. With our support, you will achieve it. Choose your dreamt route and register the payment. Lets find out how to pay for a Royal Caribbean booking?

You can make the payment directly if you book from our website. If you have made it with a travel bureau, contact the responsible. They  receive Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit card payments. Australian and New Zealander citizens have respect for a credit card.

Best time of booking

You are a good planner, and if you desire one of the best experiences of your life, we recommend you at least six months to a year of anticipation to make a booking according to the ship and destination. The plannings have many benefits such as having a budget to avoid missing any activities and panorama during the cruise.

The wave zones are between January to March when it is very popular for booking. Review our website promotions and benefits or external agencies who advise you choose the best option for you.

Types of payments

  • Direct Pay.

Applies only when you book on the website. Click the link when you must fill in the reservation number, your last name, Ship name, and Sailing date.

When you make a wire transfer or use a check, please do not forget to put the reservation number according to your country.


Royal Caribbean Cruises (Asia) Pte Ltd

Bank: JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. Singapore Branch

Account Number: 01-51-94420-6 (USD); Swift Code: CHASSGSG

Account Number: 01-11-94419-8 (SGD); Swift Code: CHASSGSG

Bank/Branch Code: 7153 001

  • Credit card

We accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express credit cards. Click here to make it.

When you make a payment, please contact the office at 6305 0033 for English speakers or 3158 9166 in Mandarin.

Australian and New Zealander bookings have considerations:

– Australia: American Express credit cards are accepted, but they are subjected to fees. Please contact your bank to check it.

– New Zealand: The payments by credit cards are processed outside of the country. Please contact your bank to check it.

  • Uplift.

With Uplift, you can directly purchase a reservation with them. The benefit of having an account is that it’s useful when you can’t pay immediately. You require a loan through the platform and choose your plan according to your economic conditions.

Another benefit to using this system is you can program your payment, even when the trip was realized. Therefore, you cannot lose the big opportunity to live a huge experience of your life on a cruise.

  • Agency.

This type of alternative is perfect for people who make the trip by cruise for the first time. A travel agent helps you to decide on alternatives according to your budget, lifestyle, and your expectations. They support you with your itinerary plan.

We do not review the reservations directly; the payments are from the travel bureau. Communicate with them if you have inconvenience with your booking.

Payment plan.

We do not offer payment plans formally, but you can make partial payments from the booking until the deadline. 

How to cancel my booking?

To cancel a booking, you have three alternatives to make it.

1. Please, call the Customer Service Team at 800-256-6649 for USA or Canada.

2. Complete an online form.

3. If you did not book with us, call them.

The time responses may be longer than you expected. Please, be patient. We communicate as soon as possible.

How much is the minimum amount to book?

When you book with Royal Caribbean, you have seven days to make the reservation since you booked. If the deposit has not been paid, the booking will be canceled automatically.

The minimum amounts to book are according to the number of people booking and the number of nights you host.

The conditions are the following:

– One to six nights the amount is AUD/NZD$100 per person

– Seven to fourteen nights the amount is AUD/NZD$200

– Over 15 nights is AUD/NZD$400 per person.


People: 2

Number of nights: 2

Your payment is AUD/NZD$200


1. What is the deadline to get the total refund of my booking for one to four nights?

If you change your mind , traveling with Royal Caribbean is inconvenient. You can request a refund with the following conditions.

When you cancel 90 days before your booking, you receive a refund of 100%. In case you call off your travel between 89-75 days before is 75% refund. Between 74-61 days corresponds to 50% of the price. Within 60-31 days is a 25% refund, and below 30 days is no refund.

2. How must I make the final payment?

If you booked lower than 4 nights, you must pay at least 75 days before the sailing date. Over 5 nights the payment must be completed at least 90 days before the sailing date. 

2. Can I modify my booking?

Of course, you can modify it on our website with your number reservation or phone.  The number is +1 800 434 6038.

With the app Royal Caribbean International on phone, you can modify it.

4. Can I opt for a refund when I have a positive COVID test before the trip?

The answer is yes with the following conditions and specifications.

1. Within 10 days of the cruise or at the boarding terminal obtain the total refund of your booking for you and the people who live with you at the same home.

2. Pro-rated cruise fare refund if your cruise is cut short for reasons related to COVID-19, for cruises departing on or before September 30, 2022.

3. If you have a positive test for COVID-19 during the cruise, Royal Caribbean International will cover the cost of medical assistance and support in quarantine inland or ship for you and your party family before September 30,22.

There are options to make the payments and choose the best options according to your needs. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact.