How do You Tell Your Parents That You Failed a Semester of College?

Failing is a part of life, it forms the way we think and imagine how we want to be. Even if that is the case but you don’t fail your first semester of college as it forms a critical part of your college. One thing also if you do fail, How do You Tell Your Parents That You Failed a Semester of College?

How do You Tell Your Parents That You Failed a Semester of College?

The first thing that you want to is to do a little research about how do your parents deal with or accept failure. You need to remember how your parents dealt with you when you failed the other grades before you moved to university.  You want to make sure that your parents understand your concerns and problems that made you fail.  You don’t want to sit like a statue when your parents ask you why you failed, before they ask that question you must have already had answers to their questions. Have a sit down with your parents and explain the whole situation calmly as possible. Do not cry make sure that your emotions are in check, you may want to use that trump card later. what do I mean, well let us find out

Ways to tell your parents you failed

If you have stubborn parents sit down with them and explain these as clearly as possible with these points.

  • You don’t want to mumble and scrumble as you talk. explain with confidence and pride and admit that you did wrong.
  • Make sure that you don’t repeat the same statements over and over again.
  • Talk to both parents when they are not angry or disturbed by other little things as they might be blinded by rage and sideline your explanation.

Parents like children who are brave enough to admit their mistakes, what do I mean by that?

  • Most parents want to know everything from what went wrong, was bullied, or….. other things happen.
  • You don’t want to tell your parents everything that happened as they might think that it is stupid or reckless, so it might cost you a second chance.
  • make sure that you state problems or actions that you can give reasonable answers to as most parents are not “born free”.

Take your parents out on a little trip to appreciate them for the good things they did for you and then you drop the bad news with a little mix of hope that you will do better.

Reasoning with your parents

After you talk with your parents, they might ask this question, “tell us son/daughter what are you willing to do so that you don’t fail the next semester?” how do you answer that?

  • Don’t talk propaganda as you might not live up to that crap. You will be so focused on making sure that you deliver but at the same time, you will be destroying yourself. By the time you have to write your final exam poooshh! you’re empty. Leave propaganda nonsense it will finish you for the second time
  • Give a realistic approach/plan on how you are going to be better or excellent next semester.
  • Don’t include or say complicated terms to get your parents to be on board as they might ask you to explain then you just go numb. So keep it simple and interesting
  • Keep them guessing what are you going to say or do. Keep them glued to your talk as you don’t want them to go silent and say this person is lying

How to avoid a total annihilation or rejection from your parents?

We all know that when you fail it might be hard to tell your parents the truth as they might reject or annihilate you from going to college at all.  How do you avoid that fate?

  • the first thing that you want to do is to make sure that you make them understand how hard you are struggling
  • you can’t expect your parents to understand you when you go in circles you might go straight with your story. running in circles will only make things worse
  • promise them that you will do better.
  • make sure that you have your facts straight about your talk, as many parents will do their little research.

How to avoid failing your first semester in college?

Let’s just say that you don’t want to avoid failing in the first place and you want to ace your first semester. Here are some tips that can help you

  • Make a plan before you even go to college. That will help you prepare fully and predict how things will be.
  • Making friends will be the key factor as those friends that you will make can either break you or make you. Choose people who are doing the same program as you’re doing.
  • when you are in college make a schedule that will be flexible and easy to work with and that you can keep up with. You don’t want to be tired and worn out when exam time comes.
  • Try to remember that you must put schoolwork in front and other things follow.


Nobody wants to fail that’s why you must push to do better to make sure that failure will not form a part of your life. Trying your best will put you at the top. Always listen to your parents because what you will be facing, they faced it too and probably know the answer better than you. Work hard and smart. always remember that when you work hard you can accomplish anything. By this article you would have learnt about How do You Tell Your Parents That You Failed a Semester of College?