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How many times have we heard that books are a person’s best friend? And how many times do we take it into consideration whenever struggling with some real-life problem? If your answer is ‘Often’ then apparently you know about the books that may help you in this phase of life when it is taking the transformational turn into the wide reality; some of these books are mentioned here

Adulting: How to become a grown-up in 468 easy(ish) steps

The name is enough when it comes to this book. The non-fiction has its source of inspiration from the Kelly Brown’s blog, with the same name and addresses all the stereotypical changes and challenges faced by most of the recent college grads. The unconquerable awkwardness, the real look of the real world, the irrepressible feeling of being a non-adult are just a few of the many confrontations that are regularly faced by the college graduates, and this book does not only demonstrate these challenges but also provide fool proof solutions for all.

Graduates In Wonderland

 The hardest part about graduating from college is the goodbyes. While bidding adieu to all your teachers, classrooms, cafeteria, and dorm is difficult enough task in itself, taking farewell from your college BFF is perhaps the most difficult thing you have ever done. Though there is no way to take the parting enthusiastically, reading this book may make you feel less lonely.

The novel conveys a story of two college girls who have promised to stay in touch with each other via weekly e-mails, after the big day. They both set off to venture entirely different lives from one another and share their experiences as promised. This book would make a perfect farewell gift, so buy two copies and immerse yourself in the newest and more realistic wonderland, with your friend.

Lean In For Graduates

 In her book Sheryl discusses the most common and troubling concern of college graduates, i.e. Getting the first job. This latest edition has earned best-seller award both at the national and global level. Though some people consider the book to be a feminist article, the majority of people have accepted it as an entirely realistic piece of work, which every college graduate must read.

The book starts off with a letter to the reader from the author herself. The encouraging letter is then followed by guidance chapters from the experts of the field. The book also consists twelve real-life stories of the readers who, with the help of the original book (first version), have brought positive changes in their life. Read this book now, and perhaps, your story too may get featured in the next publication!

Life After College

 It is entirely natural to feel stranded after having completed the college. Though it may appear to people that you have it all sorted out, which you may have at a basic level, still the constantly nagging feeling of uncertainty is bound to attack you now and again. In such circumstances this book is a must-read for every college graduate.

The author has provided many practicable ideas and suggestions for young graduates to help them focus on the bigger picture of life. It consists of numerous inspirational quotes, exemplary practices, and easy tips to guide the reader in every sphere of life, be it financial, personal, professional, or that of relaxation. It is one book that every college grad should not only buy but keep handy at all times.

Long Walk To Freedom

 Though the book does not have any specific lesson for college graduates, still the sheer inspirational excellence of the book makes it a must-read. The autobiography of the greatest political legend of the time, Nelson Mandela, demonstrates the exhilarating story of his life. Though it is highly unlikely for a grad student to face the challenges of that level, it is still beneficial to read about the epic struggle and the following revolutionary changes to get renewed hope about the unknown future and understand the importance of endeavors.

On The Road

The American Classic has been a hit for every generation since its initial publication in 1957. The book narrates the journey of self-discovery of two Americans. The feature of the book that has made it so likable among young professionals and recent college graduates is the dead-on description of longing for freedom, every individual feel at this phase of life.

The inspirational instances and quotes narrated by the philanthropist author have made the given the novel a remarkable importance as a literary work. The book illustrates various aspects of the life of a 20 something, viz. drugs, wanderlust, uncertainty, etc. and encourages highly the need of following your dream.


This masterpiece by Malcolm Gladwell is an observational work that describes the life of the most successful outliers. It is written in the hypothesis that most people, when trying to get inspired from successful people pay too much attention to their person, forgetting that the being they are seeing is the output and not the raw material or the process itself that may have worked as the stimulant for their successful life.

Gladwell then describes the various factors that contribute considerably, if not equally, to their achievements. The book then tells the secret, in literal sense of the word, of the outstanding accomplishments of these highly successful achievers. Want to know that secret before setting off into the real wide world? Grab a copy today and read it yourself.

Put Your Dream to The Test

It would be needless to say that every college graduate has a certain dream, however unrealistic though, that has the capability to set them at work instantly, if only the realization of that dream could be confirmed. In his book, Dr. Maxwell has devised ten simplistic yet straightforward questions; that may help you to get a clearer picture of what you want in your life. The author has had an experience of almost forty years, and this book allegedly contains the crux of all his guidance. A must-read then it is for all the dreamers; and what time would be better than now? When you are indeed in the need of proper guidance.

 The Marriage Plot

 The stereotypical college drama and the transformation to the outside-real-world have made this book a must-read for all the Just-graduates. The story revolves around three grad students who have entirely different perspective about life and are still connected to each other. The sheer fact that the novel exhibits different types of people dealing with almost similar circumstances made it relatable to all the grads regardless of the differences in their personal tastes. Though, the book has something special for all sort of readers; it is a special treat for all the classic lovers, who have unequivocal interests in the contemporary issues like feminism, freedom, infatuation and true nature of love relationships.

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