Does USPS Hire Felons?

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Most people wonder how possible it is for felons to have a life in society after they must have completed their sentence. It is not hard to conclude that it is tough for such a person to rehabilitate themselves back into society. Everything applies differently to them because they were convicted of a crime. Getting a job falls outside the struggles felons face after serving their sentence. Felons find it hard to get a means of income because of their newly added status, “ex-convict.” Regardless, some programs have made it possible for ex-convicts or felons to get jobs to be still valuable to both society and themselves.

Does USPS Hire Felons?

The USPS or the United States Postal Service is one of the few agencies that help ex-convicts start their new free life by hiring them. Therefore, felons can rejoin society with a clean slate and make a reputation for themselves outside the one they were incarcerated with. This article will explain what the United States Postal Service(USPS) is, why, and how they hire felons to work under them.

Does USPS Hire Felons?

What is USPS?

USPS stands for the United States Postal Service. Otherwise called the U.S Postal Office or the U.S. Mail, USPS is an autonomous agency under the United States federal executive arm of government, charged with delivering postal services within the United States, which includes its island areas and states. It is a part of the few government agencies in the U.s that the constitution of the United States has granted express autonomy.

The U.S Postal Service has a sole right to deliver letters In the United States. It runs under a USO (universal service obligation), with legal mandates that demand that it provides equal and stable price and quality all over its entire service area.

The U.S Postal Service has unshared access to letter packages or boxes labeled U.S. Mail and shared access to personal letter packs with other private letter package delivery services in the United States.

Who is a Felon?

According to the Offline English Dictionary, A felon is “a person who has been tried and convicted of a felony –a serious criminal offense, which is punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year or by death.” Therefore, a felon is a person who has been legally convicted of and sentenced for a crime.

What are the Chances a Felon has at Getting a Job?

As a felon, the chances of getting a job are very slim. Companies, firms, and organizations find it challenging to consider hiring a former convict because of the status that comes with such a person, which tends to ruin their image before the public, and their uncertainty in trusting a “so-called criminal” to handle specific responsibilities in their business. It is believed that hiring a felon is a risk that most people should avoid. So, does that mean that a felon has no chance of getting a job? Some organizations or agencies exist that support second chance initiatives and offer jobs to felons -or, better put, the formerly convicted. With such organizations, former convicts have a chance, although little, at getting a job.

What is the Second Chance Initiative Program?

Second Chance Initiative Program is an NPO (Non-Profit Organization) that desires and aims to help segregated individuals to have a chance in a world that fails to see their importance. It assists people who face severe challenges in society to develop their lives to become prosperous in their various fields of endeavors and come out of the harsh realities and oppressions of imprisonment, racial prejudice, and unemployment. In short, the organization works towards the goal of restoring the “pushed-away” to society with a life they consider worth living.

Does USPS Support the Second Chance Initiative Program, and why?

The United States Postal Service supports the Second Chance Initiative Program and offers jobs to felons. This is because the government agency believes that felons and ex-convicts are people who still have a place in society. They are also aware of how difficult it is for felons to get jobs and make a living for themselves because of their past. USPS aims at fairness by giving everyone a chance, regardless of what society sees them as.

What Benefits do Felons get from USPS?

Regarding ex-convicts and felons hire process, the United States Postal Service(USPS) provides fellows with specific benefits and opportunities. Some of which include:

• Employment by Merit

The United States Postal Service(USPS) appoint or hire individual felons based on merit. Therefore, a felon who has shown excellent rehabilitation progress and has the required skills demanded by the USPS has a good chance of getting employed by the agency.

• “Ban The Box” Movement

The USPS removes every box on their application form that demands that a person reveal his criminal records. This helps them focus on the skillset their applicants have to offer without any bias towards such applicants from information like that.

• Job Safety

Being aware that felons don’t have the opportunity as others to be hired in their desired place of work or any place of work for that matter, USPS offers felons job safety and development in their career with them. Even when a felon defeats the odds and gets hired by a private organization, this is not present.

• Applicants Due Diligence

USPS deliberately does not do a background check on their applicants so that every applicant can have a chance at being hired if they meet the requirements needed. This doesn’t change that USPS ensures they hire applicants who have positive rehab records.

• A “Fair Chance” Employment Pledge

Outside the “Ban the Box” movement, USPS has also adopted a means to a fair employment scheme. The “Fair Chance” employment pledge demands that the employer, interviewing aspirants or candidates for a position/job, do not ask questions regarding a criminal record till the interview is over. This, like the “Ban the Box” movement, is to help the employer focus on the applicant’s qualifications without any bias or prejudice in mind. This provides a fair opportunity for felons to show their qualifications without a guise.


Felons may have a hard time adjusting to society and making a new picture of themselves, but with the help of USPS, things are made a bit simpler for them to achieve their goals. USPS has created a door through which such goals can become possible. It starts with offering a chance to felons to get a job. Hopefully, with this, they can navigate themselves through the difficulty they face in society and finally be the person they’ve always wanted to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does USPS deliver letters or packages to your doorstep?

USPS does not deliver packages or letters to your doorstep. A package would instead be delivered to your mailbox by a mail carrier. If the package doesn’t fit the mailbox, it will be brought to or very close to your doorstep.

2. How long does USPS take to await a package?

It takes about a few days for USPS to await a package and get it to you. 2 to 3 days is the standard duration in many instances.