How Many International Students Does MIT Accept?

MIT or Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a private institute in the USA and is considered one the most prestigious institutes in the world. They offer various courses such as Aeronautics & Astronautics, Biological Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Computational Biology, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Sciences, Physics, and so on. You will also find amazing peers and form connections with some of the most brilliant minds in the world. This article will help you to get a general idea about the admission process. Let us know How Many International Students Does MIT Accept?

How Many International Students Does MIT Accept?

If we look at some data from the official MIT website, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology or simply MIT accepted 123 applicants from 9165 international applicants for the batch of 2025 in first-year. Thus the acceptance rate was 1.34% for international students. For the batch of 2024, the acceptance rate was 3.4%. The number of international applications was 4149, out of which only 142 got selected. 

Now it’s time to understand different aspects of this question and why it matters to you.

Why MIT and more importantly why should you care?

MIT ranked first in the QS world university rankings in subjects…

* Physics

* Chemistry

* Architecture

* Computer Science and Information Technology

* Economics and Econometrics

…. And so on.

So if you are planning to complete your graduation from one of the most prestigious universities, you should consider MIT.

Why MIT is so selective?

At MIT you will be admitted based on how quirky, elite, and extraordinary thinker you are and how you approach real-life problems. Needless to say, you also need to be a brilliant student with amazing enthusiasm and eagerness to undertake different challenges. As they like to say “we admit people, not numbers.”

How to get into MIT?

 As much as they evaluate how academically brilliant you are they also care about “ your match with MIT.” 

Your SAT and ACT scores will play a crucial role in your selection. SAT as in Scholastic Assessment Test tests your verbal, mathematical, and thinking skills, which is conducted by The College Board. For MIT you need to score more than 750 in Maths and 730 in ERW. The target is to be 75 percentile with overall marks of 1570 or more.

In the ACT or American College Testing test, you need to score more than 30 in maths, 25 in reading, and 25 in English. The average ACT score at MIT is 35.

You should also appear for SAT essay section and ACT written section as it is can benefit your chances of admission. 

Academically you should be a top scorer and need to have an ‘A’ in your class subjects(Roughly stating). Better if you score more.

You must participate in Extracurricular Activities. As they mentioned they look for persons and not scores. You need to have some international achievement. If you appeared for the olympiad and had an excellent rank, you completed extra courses related to advanced college-level studies while continuing your high school education, or even if you are a dextrous guitar player you have an added benefit.

Two letters of recommendation from different teachers are required to get admitted to MIT.

List your creative activities in your resume and 

“Describe the world where you come from; for example, your family, clubs, school, community, city, or town. How has that world shaped your dreams and aspirations? (250 words or fewer)” (source: MIT Admissions). 

After all of that, if you cleared their criteria you will be called for an interview. Due to the covid situation, all the interviews were held virtually throughout the world.

Early action interviews generally take place in November and Regular Action Interviews are held in January.

That was a general idea about how you can get into one of the top universities in the world notably MIT in this case.

Let’s go through some stats before we conclude this article

If we talk about overall admission stats…

The number of First-year applications was 33240. Only 1365 of them were admitted i.e. 4.1% of the total applied candidates got admission to continue their studies with MIT.

Among them, 719 candidates were admitted through Early action while the total number of applicants was 15081 students.

Through Regular Action 621 candidates were admitted out of 18250 students.

680 students were placed on the waiting list, and 25 were selected to continue their education.


Throughout the article one argument became very clear that you need to be among the elitists in your country to hope for admission into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, not only academically but also as a person with many hobbies, interests, and passions. We wish you all the very best in your preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many students does MIT accept each year?

MIT accepted about 1365 students for the batch of 2025.

Does MIT accept JEE scores?

No, MIT does not accept JEE scores.

What GPA is needed to get admitted to MIT?

Your GPA should at least be 4.1.

What percentage of students at MIT are International?

10% of the undergrad students are international while 40% of the graduates are international students at MIT, making it roughly 29.5% of the total students.