Fun facts about Lake Washington Institute of Technology


Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) is a premier technical college located in Kirkland, Washington. The institute was founded in 1949 as Lake Washington Vocational Technical Institute and has since then undergone various transformations to become the renowned institution it is today. With a student body of over 6,000 students and a range of programs across a multitude of disciplines, LWTech is a hub of innovation and creativity. However, there are several fun facts that you might not know about LWTech. In this blog post, we will take a deep dive into some of the most interesting and lesser-known aspects of this vibrant institution.

Fun facts about Lake Washington Institute of Technology

LWTech has a unique mascot and school colors:

Every college or university has its own unique mascot and school colors, and LWTech is no exception. However, what sets LWTech apart is the fact that its mascot and school colors are not your usual fare. LWTech’s mascot is a humanoid robot called “Robo,” who can be seen cheering on LWTech’s athletic teams at various events. The school colors are equally unique, consisting of orange and green. These colors are reflective of the institute’s commitment to sustainability, with green symbolizing the environment, and orange representing energy.

Robo was designed and built by a team of students and faculty from LWTech’s Robotics and Automation program. He stands at over 6 feet tall and weighs around 250 pounds. Robo has been a fixture at LWTech since 2012 and has since become an integral part of the school’s identity.

LWTech has a strong focus on sustainability:

As mentioned earlier, LWTech’s school colors are reflective of the institute’s commitment to sustainability. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. LWTech has a comprehensive sustainability program that touches on various aspects of campus life. The institute has installed solar panels on the roofs of several buildings, reducing its reliance on non-renewable sources of energy. LWTech has also implemented a composting program, which diverts food waste from landfills and instead uses it to create nutrient-rich soil for the campus gardens.

LWTech’s commitment to sustainability is not just limited to its operations. The institute offers several programs that focus on sustainable practices and technologies. These include programs in Environmental Horticulture, Sustainable Practices, and Clean Energy Technology. LWTech is also a founding member of the Northwest Green Chemistry, a consortium of organizations dedicated to promoting the principles of green chemistry.

LWTech is a hub for innovation

LWTech has a long-standing reputation as a center of innovation and creativity. The institute has been at the forefront of several groundbreaking projects over the years. For instance, in 2019, LWTech students designed and built an electric race car from scratch, which they entered into the Formula Hybrid competition in New Hampshire. The car was a huge success, finishing in the top 10 out of 34 teams.

In addition to the electric race car project, LWTech has several other initiatives that showcase its innovative spirit. The institute has a thriving entrepreneurship program, which provides students with the skills and resources they need to turn their ideas into successful businesses. LWTech also hosts an annual innovation showcase, where students and faculty from across the institute showcase their research and projects to the wider community.

LWTech has a diverse student body

LWTech has a student body that is both diverse and inclusive. The institute welcomes students from all backgrounds and cultures, and has a range of support services in place to ensure that every student can succeed. LWTech’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in its student body, which comprises students from over 40 different countries.

To further support its diverse student body, LWT Tech has several clubs and organizations that cater to the unique needs and interests of its diverse student population. These include the International Club, which provides a welcoming community for international students, and the Black Student Union, which seeks to promote the social, cultural, and academic growth of Black students at LWTech.

LWTech has a rich history

LWTech has a rich history that dates back to its founding in 1949. The institute has undergone several transformations over the years, from its beginnings as a vocational technical institute to its current status as a premier technical college. Throughout its history, LWTech has remained committed to providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen careers.

One of the notable aspects of LWTech’s history is its role in the development of the local aerospace industry. In the 1960s, LWTech played a key role in training the workforce that helped to build the Boeing 747. The institute also provided training for workers involved in the development of the Apollo spacecraft.


In conclusion, Lake Washington Institute of Technology is a unique and innovative institution with a rich history and a strong commitment to sustainability, diversity, and inclusion. Its unique mascot and school colors, focus on sustainability, commitment to innovation, diverse student body, and rich history are just some of the fun facts that make LWTech stand out from other institutions. If you are interested in pursuing a technical education that prioritizes innovation, sustainability, and diversity, LWTech is definitely an institution to consider.