Why is prime video not working on firestick?


Prime Video or Amazon Prime Video is an American subscription video-on-demand streaming service featuring thousands of movies and tv shows. Majorly the shows and movies on the platform are produced by Amazon Studio and MGM Holdings or licensed to Amazon as Amazon originals and it also receives content from other providers including children’s shows, sporting events, etc.  Here we will see about Why is prime video not working on firestick?

Why is prime video not working on firestick?

Why is prime video not working on firestick?

  1. There might be an issue with your Tv or laptop, so you can start by trying to restart the device by using the remote. The select button needs to be pressed along with the play/pause button at the same time for five seconds or select settings > device> restart from the Fire Tv menu.
  2. Try restarting the Fire Tv Stick to check if the issue persists.
  3. You can try switching off the internet modem for a few seconds as the issue might be with the wifi, unplug the modem for 30 seconds.
  4. You should also make sure that the fire tv stick is up to date on its software update.

If the problem persists then you should call the Amazon helpline because there might be an issue from their side.

What is Amazon Fire Stick?

Amazon Fire Stick is a device that can make any normal Tv into a Smart Tv, the device just needs to be attached to the Tv and then you can watch Tv shows and movies available on the streaming service over the internet. It has different models giving the customers a choice to choose from a variety of costs and features. The Fire Stick gives you access to streaming channels like Amazon, Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Youtube, and many more. The person needs to have a WiFi connection, and a Tv with an HDMI port and then you can stream thousands of shows and movies.

How to set up the Fire Stick?

Before the setup process, the person has to make sure they have everything which is required for the Fire Stick to work.

  • A Tv of any kind with an HDMI port.
  • A portable WiFi connection is a must.
  • An amazon account is a necessity , if you do not have an amazon account then you need to make one for yourself when the Stick arrives. 
  • Batteries for your Tv stick remote.

Step 1

Add power: Plug the power adapter into the stick and plug the other end into the power outlet, then make sure that the Tv stick is turned on.

Step 2

Attach to the HDMI port: The port needs to be connected on one side to the Fire Stick Tv and the other end to the Tv’s HDMI point, use a HDMI extender if you have something else connected on the HDMI port of the Tv.

Step 3

Select the channels: turn on the Tv to the channel that the stick is plugged onto(HDMI1 or HDMI2).

Step 4

Add a remote: put batteries in the remote and after this the remote should automatically connect to the Tv, if the remote doesn’t connect on its own then press and hold the home button for 10 seconds to send it to the discovery mode.

Step 5

Connect to the WiFi: Follow the instruction on the Tv screen to connect it to the internet.

Step 6

Register the device: the instruction on the screen needs to be followed to have the device registered on the device.

What type of Amazon Fire Sticks are available?

  1. Amazon Fire Tv Stick 4k: Best for 4k ultra HD streaming + SoundCloud digital signage software( starting from $39.99).
  2. Amazon Fire Tv Cube: Best for voice control(starting from $199.99).
  3. Amazon Fire Stick Lite: Best known for basic streaming(starting from $29.99).
  4. Amazon Fire Tv Stick: Best known for basic streaming and Tv control(starting from $39.99).

What are some of the streaming services available on Amazon Fire Stick?

  1. Amazon Prime Video(Paid)
  2. Netflix(Paid)
  3. Disney plus(Paid)
  4. Peacock Tv(Free and Paid)
  5. HBO Max(Paid)
  6. Hulu(Paid)
  7. The Roku Channel(Free)
  8. Showtime(Paid)
  9. Plex(Free)
  10. Xumo(Free)
  11. Youtube(Free)
  12. Comedy Central(TV provider required)

Is Amazon Fire Stick worth it?

Like any device, the Amazon Firestick also has pros and cons but majorly it has positive reviews and is considered worth buying, and has a huge face all over the world, especially before the coming of smart tv in the market.


  1. 50 fps and HDR
  2. Dolby Atmos Audio
  3. Volume control
  4. 4K capability
  5. Supports all streaming services
  6. Elegant design
  7. Access to some free services
  8. Easy to set up


  1. The Lite model is cheaper
  2. Persistent ads
  3. Only HD
  4. Limited scope
  5. No unique streaming feature
  6. Constant self-promotion
  7. Has very limited free features


Amazon Fire Stick can help people who do not have a smart Tv and want to watch any kind of streaming service on their television, the feedback on this device has been positive majorly even in 2022 when a lot of people use this. however, due to the coming of smart Tv, the sale of Amazon Stick has come down drastically and another downfall is that majority of the streaming services are paid for and a very few services are free of cost but that does not mean that it is not at all beneficial like every entity Amazon Fire Stick has its plus and minus.

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of an Amazon Prime subscription?

Currently, the cost of an Amazon Prime membership is $ 14.99 every month and $139 every year and for students, it is $7.05 per month and $70 per year.

How many users does Amazon Prime have?

Amazon Prime has a total of 175 million subscribers as of April 29, 2021, but it falls below Netflix which enjoys a total of 213 million subscribers which is far more than Amazon Prime. This is solely because people enjoy Netflix’s content for Amazon Prime.

Where is Amazon’s main location?

Amazon’s headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington, United States.