Love Note- Different Ideas

Best Love Messages

A Love Note is a note to someone special. According to the research, it’s the best form of communication. Writing isn’t a waste of time, it’s the purest and deepest kind of gesture one can do to make their loved ones and their own self feel special. Love letters are very strong in themselves. They have the ability to make someone feel the most important and special one in their life. 

Expensive things and a forever-to-live together proposal can be the best but writing in your handwriting is the perfect thing anyone can do to make their beloved man/woman feel loved. 

Love note which is out of your emotions, feelings, deep thoughts, very personal, is something which can really help in everything you wish to do for your partner. You just have to be genuine, comfortable, vulnerable, and raw to let things flow in and work. 

Basic things to make your note look more appealing to the eyes are:-

  1. Be True and honest 

Writing to someone who’s going to be your love forever, always needs some more effort. Be free and be you. Write whatever you want to let them know about your relationship. 

Don’t hesitate to write any awkward thing as well. The more realistic you are, the more comfortable it will become for your partner to open up with you in the near future. 

Be at ease and open up with your thoughts. This will connect you both at a different level of your relationship.

  1. Don’t ever miss the greetings.

Never miss the important part of any letter or note. A greeting is a must in your love note. It catches the eye of anyone you address the note to. So an eye-catching greeting can work for you. 

Start with something very attractive and which grabs their whole attention. In simple words, which will make them want to read out the whole letter with full attention and no distraction. 

Pet names or something you call them when they are just mad at you such names will always put a smile on their face at first read-only. Like:-

  • To someone, I love with all my heart
  • To my chatterbox
  • To my darling
  • To my lovely spouse(girlfriend/boyfriend/ best friend/ myself)
  • To my kid
  • To my forever love
  • To my soul mate
  • To my partner in love
  • To my Love 
  • My dearest 
  • To my heart
  1. Be clear with the purpose of the note. 

Is it their birthday, or any other special day for you both? Is this something that they never expected from you, and you wanted to do something unexpected? 

Whatever the reason is just out of love or out of wanting them to relax and chill. Just include the reason for your write-up. It will always make them feel that special one in your life.

  1. Why do you love them or love being with them?

In the love note, you’ll already be including your purest and loveliest heart. So to make it more lovely you need to mention why you love them or love being with them. 

Include everything needed. Some ideas to the same can be:-

  • Qualities:-  Reflect their best Qualities. Allow yourself to write all such kinds of things to make the letter more romantic and personalized.
  • Affection:-  Shower them with Affection and love in the letter. Some reason for your love is a must.
  • Love Life:- Mention your Love life with them. How precious they are to you. When did you fall in love with them? 
  • Commitments:- The best part of a relationship is Commitments; future commitments. Talk about your future together in the letter.
  1. Start being able to recall the old days. 

Recall some beautiful memories and start with that. Add some good sentences to make the beginning more lovely. It should be more meaningful and less boring. 

  • When I heard my name in your voice for the very first time…
  • When I looked up in those crystal eyes…
  • Our first meeting made me feel you’re special…
  • I always felt myself with you…
  1. Ending the note with love.

Closing the letter or note must be lovely and sweet. You should wrap up the letter by listing down everything you wrote in the above letter. 

  • I’ll Always love you.
  • My love, the love we share is unconditional.
  • Till death, I’ll be always grateful for having you, my Love.

Some ideas about love note:-

Knowing how to start a letter, here are some of the ideas to make it more clear and to help you get different words and sentences for your loved ones. 

Note: Before ideas, it’s important to note that love letters and notes are for someone you truly love. It can be you itself as well. You can also write things to yourself you always wanted to say to yourself. So make sure that you write a good one to yourself as well. You are also important in your life.

  1. The day we met…

The day we met was the best and luckiest day of my life. I can’t even imagine how much happiness you have brought to my life. You are truly a person I always wished to have. I can’t imagine a day without you. No matter what, I’m always with you in every situation of our relationship and in every aspect of our lives. I can’t stop loving you. I love you. Thank you for being that kind and loving to me always.

  1. Being beside you…

Being beside you and with you, I enjoy every moment of life. I have a special person and love of mine as my soulmate. Then What else can I even wish for? I have everything if I have you beside me and with me. You have always been cherished. I can’t stop falling for you from the day I met you. I found one person and feel blessed to have you in my life. Furthermore, I love you so much. Thank you, for your love towards me. 

  1. The day…

That day when I saw you for the first time in person. I wasn’t able to blink my eyes. Not because your charm is irresistible because your presence made me so comfortable and happy that I wasn’t able to blink my eyes. You are honestly an eye-catching person. Your presence makes me so full and enlightens me with more love. 

I never shared such a great experience and feeling with anyone before. You are honestly a person with whom I can be anything I want to. I can be weird, be angry, be irritating, be funny in front of you. I don’t need to think twice when I am with you. Likewise, I just can’t stop thinking of you when you are with me and when you are far away from me.  Love you darling! 

  1. You are beside me and with me for the rest of our lives…

Knowing that I have you for the rest of my life is all that I ever wished for. From start till the end my day is next to you forever. Love you the most.

  1. I’m a little far…

Yeah! I’m a little far away from you right now. But I promise to be with you forever soon. I want you to know that I can’t imagine my life without you anymore. I am so attached to you emotionally and mentally that I can’t live without you. Like I seriously can’t think of a day off without hearing your voice and feeling your presence. I love you.

  1. I have to rush…

I have to rush to work, and you too have to rush to work. Still, you never fail to drop a message at your lunchtime, and whenever you get free time you just call me up or drop me a message. Asking about If I have eaten the food or not? If I’m good or not? If I’m doing good or not? Such sweet and caring messages and calls from you make me more energetic and less stressed. You are my medicine for every problem and every disease.

You are a savior. Furthermore, you are always there for me whenever I need you the most. I don’t have to really worry about anything when you are with me. You understand me in every sense and manner.

  1. I miss you so much…

I miss you so much when you’re out of town or in the town but not close to me. I think I’m obsessed with you. And this obsession with you is out of love. I want you to know that I will do whatever it takes to keep you with me. You will never have to make yourself worry about anything over me. I’ll always choose you no matter what.

  1. That damn smile of yours…

That damn smile! The smile is everything to me. Your voice makes me happier. Your smile makes me smile even more than I ever do. Laughter makes everyone laugh out loud but to me your laughter makes me stare at you more and more. I can’t stop looking at you when you laugh out loud at serious things. You know that for me, you are a joker and my cartoon.

You are mine forever and always. I love you my darling. My happiness is because of you. You are the owner of my happiness. I love you when you put effort to see that smile on my face in my hard times. Honestly, you are the true meaning of a gift and blessing.

  1. When you softly…

When you softly clean my sweaty face, you wipe off tears from my tearful eyes with your soft hands. I can’t really stop feeling you. How gently you clean my sweaty face. That gentleness when you hug me. And then how beautifully you make me smile. From being sad to being happy all I want is you. Those hugs from behind and those surprises you surprise me every time are so awesome and best.

The way you buy me food whenever I am hungry. And feed me with your hands. I can never forget this, I can’t really eat food on my own when you are with me. Because you always feed me first. I love you for being so caring and understanding. I love you for the person you are inside-out. Furthermore, I can’t unlive you at any cost.

  1. You’re the purest soul…

You are the purest soul. Furthermore, you are my heart. Likewise, you always cheer me up in every damn thing. I love you. You are the perfect person I have got as a blessing to me. I promise never to leave you. I promise to be with you.

I promise to be the best of me to you.

I will never ever let your efforts go vain. Likewise, I will always love you. You are the person of my life. I can’t replace you. I can’t have anyone else. This is your space and will always be. I just want you. I love you, my love.

A sample love note for Him

To my Man,

Hello! My Love. It’s been a while since I didn’t write to you. Today, I want to recall all the memories we had from the very start of the day I met you. I have always been grateful to you for everything you did and do and will be doing for us. I want you to know that I adore you the most.

Furthermore, I’m writing this letter to you because I want you to know what and how I feel when I’m around you. Not only that, but I want you to remind you that you are the person with whom I can be Myself, my ‘Real Self’. You give me so much comfort and the love I never thought of.

After my father, you are the person I feel safest with. You are the best brother, lover, son, friend to all the people you have in your life. To me, you are my everything. You are my heart.

I can’t forget those beautiful mornings spent with you. That call to wake me up for a run in the ground with you and sometimes for cycling too. That all was so fun and lovely. Every hour and minute seems a blessing when I’m with you. From getting ready for you to help you get ready, from choosing colors for special events to helping you dress accordingly, I have got everything in you and by you.

Sweet day wishes, cute text messages you send me whenever you get free time out of your work are super awesome to me. The way you handle my mood swings, kiss my forehead, hold my hand, grab me in your arms when I am not well is the perfect thing any girl can wish for from her man. I got everything when I met you for the very first time.

Now, when we are together I don’t want to make you feel and feel bad for anything. My lovely man [Pet name], I cherish you the most. I want you to know that I am always there with you whenever you need me. I will always make you smile a little extra when you feel upset. Furthermore, I will make you laugh out so loud that your cheeks and stomach will start aching. Likewise, I promise to be with you forever. Likewise, I want you with me forever.

Some days, I may hurt you, but you know that I really don’t want to make you feel bad. I’m sorry because I can’t imagine losing you. You are so much to me. I love us.

I wish there were more words to let you know how much I love you. Furthermore, I honestly, truly love you. Likewise, I know that whenever I’ll hold your hand everything is going to be alright because you are with me. Furthermore, I want to hold your hand till the last day of us on this beautiful planet. Thank you for coming my way and holding my hand forever.


A sample love not for Her

To my darling,

Hello! My Love. I’m not that good at writing a letter, but I know it will work over here. Because it’s a letter to someone I love deeply. I have always been the luckiest man to have a girl like you in my life. The love of my life indeed!

You glow me up differently when I’m with you. I can’t take my eyes off you when you are with me. Such a beautiful lady you are! That smile on your face glitters up your face with happiness and joy. I can’t really stop looking at you and your pictures. Whenever I miss you I just see your pictures and kiss my device’s screen.

I barely get time to talk to you for hours on the call or message, and you really never complain to me regarding this. I never told you earlier, but today I want to let you know that you’re the best person in my life. You really understand me in every aspect. Also, you never complain to me regarding anything.

You call me whenever you are free, but I cut the call because of the hectic work. Still, you patiently wait for my message and never go to bed before receiving my message. I love you, my girl. I can’t have any other girl like you in my life and never have I ever had.

You are the purest soul. I shout at you whenever you irritate me even after stopping you once for that but darling I swear, I never want to hurt you and never want to lose you. You are all mine and only mine. You are my girl, remember that.

I may get over-possessive sometimes, but you know what it’s all out of love. So, I’m sorry if you ever thought I want to control you, I never wanted to and will never want to. It’s your life. And I truly want you to live freely.

Honestly, I want to see you grow old with me, I want to see you smiling without teeth with me. I want to grow old with you and be with you till the end of our lives. I want to enjoy each and every moment of my life with you. Furthermore, I need you in every part of my life. You are my life. My love. My everything.

I love you [Pet Name] and know that I’ll always choose you no matter what. I’ll always hold your hand. Not only that, but I’ll always be with you, I promise. Likewise, I’ll always love you. Thank you for coming my way and for everything you have been for me. Thank you for stepping into my life and making it as wonderful as you.


A sample love note to yourself

Dear myself,

Hello Myself! It’s been a long time since I last connected with you. Today I’m writing a love note to myself because at first and last I’m the only person with myself forever.

I want myself to know that it’s okay to feel low and depressed at times but what’s not okay is not moving forward because of such a phase in my life. Everyone faces such phases and it’s all okay. Everything has an end to itself. I shouldn’t worry about everything that much. I’ll be kind to the person I’m becoming.

Likewise, I should take care of myself at my best. Furthermore, I love myself the most. Not only that, but I will always love myself for being such great support of my own self. No matter what, I promise to always trust myself and have confidence in myself. I will always respect myself. I will always love myself.


A sample love note to your friend

To my partner,

Hello [Pet name]! My dumb girl/ boy. You have been the greatest thing ever to me since the first day of our meeting. I can’t have a brother/sister like you.

The way your eyes light up when you get to know something interesting related to me, or you are something I love. Like seriously no one is that interested in the happiness or sadness of others but when it comes to you, it’s always fun. You are a true friend in every manner.

You always hold me when I’m upset. And you always cheer me up when I’m happy. We really enjoy every moment together. Every situation is fun when you are around. Every moment is a good moment when it comes to us. Cheers to us!

No one can take your place so don’t ever get jealous of my new friends. I know you won’t get jealous because you own my heart but still a reminder is necessary so that I can punch you on your face if you ever think of it.

Thank you for your support and every other thing you did and gave me without even asking for it. Thank you for making me feel lucky. This short love note is just to remind you of how special you are to me.


A sample love note to your parents

Dearest parents, 

My whole world! Hello! This is your kid here writing a love letter to the most special people in my life. I’m nothing without you. I don’t have to really tell you who you are to me. But I want to tell you that you are my life. 

I may shout and get angry at silly things. Because of the mood swings, I might talk to you in a bad manner, but I love you the most. I can’t imagine myself without you.

From birth till death you are the only people who will love me forever. From failure to success you are the only people who will be there to support me and stand by me. From crying to making me laugh you are the only people I will always lean on. You are the best. The perfect ones. I wish to give you the happiness you deserve. The comfort you deserve. And love you always show. 

My lifelines. 


These were some samples for the special people of your lives. I hope you like it. But in the process of a love note don’t ever forget to write a love note to yourself. It’s a mandatory thing. 

Love yourself- Make special ones feel loved.