Best Responses For I Miss You

The word ”Miss you” is a beautiful word used by a person for the other individual. It gives an emotional,  positive, and sad vibe to a person. We use the word miss you to convey to someone about their value and what their presence means to us when they are not around. Missing you is an experience of sadness as an absence of someone like a family member, friend, or lover. When a person says forget you to the other, there are many ways the listener will reply to the speaker. We all miss someone in our whole day as there will always be a person who is not with us and the person doesn’t need to be the same every time because we know so many people. It can be your friend, family member, or someone else. Let us learn ‘Best Responses For I Miss You’.

Best Responses For I Miss You

Sometimes, we can convey to the person that we are missing them. We just keep the things with us only. We all know that this year has brought us a significant loss. We all wholeheartedly miss some of our failures, including the members of your family with whom you cannot see each other again, and it is the most significant and saddest thing you can imagine experiencing.  Many actors are also gone this year which also gives us a reason for missing. Missing is not always for a person. It can be for the thing that we love the most or for our pet or something else because missing does not need any medium. It just wants a reason to miss someone and something. Therefore, missing is one of the sweetest things that one can experience.

Best Responses For I Miss You

As a response to miss you, there are positives and negatives. Both faces are present because when someone says, “I miss you,” the replies depend on the person that we like them or not or what we want to convey to them by our response. And if you are bored of giving the same reply, I miss you too so you can prefer this as to reply to someone according to your mood and perspective that to whom you want to answer and how:-

Positive response

As we miss someone, it has a positive side, like we know that the next one is also missing us. When you text or say to someone that you miss him\her, you get the reply as “miss you too.” It gives us a sense of peace or an emotional feel, Which is known as a positive response for the speaker. Your response to a person according to your will and perspective, like how you see that person and how you feel for that individual, is the positive way to interact with the individual by replying to their message “miss you.” There are many ways to respond to the word “miss you.” Here some are listed below, which can help you show your feelings and show the speaker their importance and what they mean to us, which gives a message of love and care for the individual. 

When an individual says “miss you,” there are many ways to reply to it like the other would say “miss you too,” which is the most common and the normal reply one gives to the person whom they love or like, which shows they both have the same feelings. 

When  you reply, “I wish you could be here now” or “I was just thinking about you,” it shows that you miss their presence because the person has been physically separated from you for a long time, and it also indicates that the person is thinking about the speaker and she’s already spinning in her head as they both miss each other

“You mean the world to me” when an individual says these words; it is the most beautiful and emotional reply for someone as it shows how much you care and miss them and shows their importance too to them. The word ”Miss you” is a beautiful word used by a person for the other individual. It gives an emotional,  positive, and sad vibe to a person. We use the word miss you to convey to someone about their value and what their presence means to us when they are not around. Missing you is an experience of sadness as an absence of someone like a family member, friend, or lover. When a person says forget you to the other, there are many ways the listener will reply to the speaker.

“I was so happy when I was with you,” it shows. It is easy and the best way to convey the importance of their presence to you as, because of their absence, the way you are feeling down and unhappy at some point.

When you reply as “What is the thing that you like about me?” This kind of reply can lead to a long and cute conversation. This is also considered as a flirty reply by the individual to their loved ones.

“I miss every inch of you” is a lovely and cute reply for the recipient, showing that you miss everything about that person. This is also a beautiful way to give the message as their presence is essential to you.

“I miss hugging you” shows that you are specifying that what is the main thing you are missing about the person, like you can also say “I miss your smiling face” or “I miss our madness together,” “I miss your stupid jokes your laughs.”

When you are missing someone who is your loved one and whose presence is most important or affects you, you can say that “Not having you here making\driving me crazy.”

As there are more ways, too. An ancient saying for missing you is “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” which means that when we are apart from someone, it makes our bond stronger and porous as our love for the person increases. This is a charming response one can give to. 

“I am counting the days when we will be together again” this shows that you have been apart for a long time, are very excited and eager to see him\her again very soon, and you wish that you can time travel or just fast forward the time so that you can meet your loved ones.

“I thought you were glad to get rid of me” this is a kind of funny reply you can give to your friends as this will lead to a long conversation, and you can have a discussion on why they are missing you, and at the end of the conversation, you have a smile on your face.

“What would you do if I were with you ”this again goes towards a fragility conversation, and it can be turned into a funny one, also depending on what type of person you are talking with.

“I made myself busy by looking at our pictures” conveys your love to the person as this shows how you think of them often. It is basically for long-distance relationships.

“I am dreading that every minute in which I am away from you” this response shows how much you care and miss the person miserably and want to see them soon.

If you respond like “and you are in my inappropriate thoughts” in response to failing, it is also a surprising and unique response to the speaker that will immediately put a smile on their face.

 “I miss you already” that kind of response seems so sweet and sweet, and the recipient felt blessed and happy when he saw this kind of response.

Some more replies are like “come back soon,” “I miss you little by little,” “I am home already.” This gives a surprise to the speaker, and that will be the best thing for them to hear from your side.

The above-mentioned are some best responses that you can give to the speaker to express your feelings and show them their importance in your personal space and what they mean to you, which will indicate your love and care for them. There are many more ways to respond to the word “I miss you.” While sometimes words are not enough to say how much you miss someone, but they also convey our message to the one.

Negative response

Like responses have a positive way of saying they have negative patterns, which can sometimes offend the person who listens to them or hurt them as they do not get the expected reply from the individual. 

A person replies to the individual rudely when they are not interested in talking to them or not wanna give any wrong message to them. Here are some responses we can give to those we don’t want to connect with and those we don’t like.

As a reply to “miss you,” they say “Wow thanks” or “I don’t miss you” or” I am busy, talk to you later’ this kind of reply conveys that you are not interested in the conversation and avoiding them as this reply just ends the conversation there. There are always some reasons behind the rude reply as that can be you don’t like the person or some personal things.

There are other ways to avoid talking to people you don’t want to talk to, or just send  a little chat like you when you click “I miss you” with “I have this effect on people” or “Me.” I also answer, “this type of response shows a certain attitude and conveys that you are not interested in speaking this message. This message can be understood as funny. If you talk to a positive person, the conversation can start on the funny side.”

“It’s been a while, hasn’t it?” or “I just met you a minute ago/or a few hours ago”  this response shows that there was not so much time that you met a while ago and a person who told you that they are missing you by this kind of reply can just ruin their mood.

“How are you doing ? ” This response just ignores the content and changes the topic of the conversation, which shows that you won’t feel the same as the speaker or you are not interested is also considered.

“How nice of you to say this” or “thanks, you just say the sweetest thing now” this also just shows your egoistic answer towards the emotional feel of the speaker. And shows that you are not feeling the same as the speaker, it also conveys a love towards yourself.

“Stop!! Texting me” this kind of response is for the creepy or irritating person who is disturbing you and when you want to get rid of them as you can’t tolerate them anymore.

“Sorry, don’t feel the same way” or “You will get over it” as when you did not feel the same for the person as they feel for you and just want to be clear to them as they should not think or should hope for something as this is the most straightforward response one can’t give to the individual and as for someone with whom you are not together anymore, and you just say that you will get over it as it’s not the same as earlier this is the replies means respectively.

“I did not go anywhere!” or “Why? Did you throw something at me? ” This reply conveys a funny conversation with the speaker, and this is the best way to escape from the central situation as this just changes the conversation into a funny one. It will end on a happy note, and the speaker is too engaged with the conversation so that there are more chances of forgetting the primary motive for which he\she texted to the receiver.

“Ohh really, thanks” This kind of reply again has the sense of attitude with a questioning term of an exclamatory as this shows that the listener is in doubt about it or they just want to ignore the conversation.

“Sure you do!” or “Sorry did I know you?” These are also considered as funny responses to the speaker as the listener says these words to the speaker, get an instant thought and smile on the face, and then the conversation can go on in any of the ways both recipients want.

There are also some kinds of responses for funny conversions like” Hello police!! Some weirdo is telling me that they were missing me” this kind of reply is generally used with the friends, and then they get into the conversation. 

“Whatever” or” stop this bullshit” or “shut your crap, next please”  are the rudest ways to respond to someone who tells you that they are missing you as you won’t care about them anymore, and it’s just a waste of time to talk to them.

There are many more ways to respond. “hahahahahahaha!!”,  “wait, all are you” “so what do I do?”, “I do not even remember who you are!”  


From the previous content, we can say or infer that it is not so easy for a person to respond to the message “I miss you” since the disappeared can have different types of faces, as can be seen for the person who can feel the same or a lot more than missing you to show the person’s zeal, love, and care. At the same time, one may also have the opposite of saying I miss you and the other rudely. Wise responds, which makes the speaker feel sad, while some people change the conversation in a fun way by answering unevenly, which makes the conversation fun.

It shows that people with different minds have different feelings, not every time they feel the same.  Sometimes it is also the speaker who does not have the good intention of conversation. It is just they want to disturb. Replying to miss you is such pathetic work to do as our one wrong response can cause us. We also conclude that persons have negative and positive perspectives for the other, so replies are not always coming as we think they will because, at the same time, not everyone may be feeling the same for the other.

Sometimes we want to say “I miss you,” but we can’t because the person we are missing is no more or far away from us. We can also say that there are infinite ways to respond to the word miss you which have different perspectives of their own the responses can be sweet and cute, which gives a pleasant feel they can be rude and sarcastic as they provide a negative feeling to the speaker or the reactions can be flirty, funny, witty and can be clever. So we can say that replying to miss you can be interesting, pathetic, and sweet.