Does Old Navy Pay For College?

To know does old navy pay for college….read on this article…!

You’ve worked hard throughout high school and got the grades and an acceptance into the college of your choice, well done! Or perhaps you are of completing your undergrad degree and the list of fees has not reached its end. Kimberly Hershenson a psychotherapist, says to approach this challenge productively. Let’s see Does Old Navy Pay For College?

Does Old Navy Pay For College?

Does Old Navy Pay For College?

Finances dictate all our decisions and higher education is no exception. Sallie Mae’s How America Pays for College (2021) research report, found that 89% of families that invest in education believe that a college degree will create opportunities, while 81% say they value the potential of higher salaries. ‘Families expect to use loans as their paying-for-college plan and hope to pay down debt faster by making payments while students are in school.’

If debt after college is daunting, you should be thinking about working to earn a college degree debt-free, you can work a retail job and get a free qualification. Gap Inc. offers a tuition reimbursement program to full-time employees of the company’s workforce, including Old Navy, Banana Republic, Gap, and Athleta. 

‘Understanding Reimbursement or Tuition Assistant Programs.’

Tuition reimbursement is becoming popular as a benefit employers offer to their employees. 

The employer ( e.g. Gap Inc.) will reimburse an employee a percentage of the cost associated with education,  aid is usually in the form of tuition, fees, books, housing etc. The goal of such initiatives is to attract new employees – an increased amount of applicants widens the pool of finding ideal candidates for specific needs-  to retain talent. If an employee feels like a valued member with the added potential for development they are more likely to stay, resulting in minimal disruption to workflow and enhanced employee satisfaction. The programs produce highly skilled employees able to contribute to the organisation in more innovative ways. 

Employees applying for tuition reimbursement should consider the following:

  • Course, ‘Gap Inc. provides tuition reimbursements to employees who take courses at an accredited institution with relevance to their current job or immediate career growth. For instance, if a sales assistant wants to develop a new skill set, the company might consider funding a course in visual merchandising.’
  • Price, companies will only pay for a course that adds up to a predetermined cap. ‘Gap Inc. will only provide a tuition amount sufficient for two classes each term, and a total cost of up to two books each term. Gap Inc. dedicates $5000 each year towards the assistance program. 
  • Performance, Once you have completed the course with a letter C pass or higher, you are required to submit your transcripts within three months of completing your studies. Once your documents have been verified and approved you shall receive the tuition reimbursement.

Things To Consider When Applying For Tuition Reimbursement programs

What are your employee benefits?

The Society for Human Resource Management argues that employee benefits change for several reasons e.g. the changing job market or societal changes such as the impact of COVID, which encouraged companies to focus on retaining and developing employees. Before turning to the bank for financial assistance ask your employer about the latest company developments.

Balancing work and studies 

Consider the level of productivity required to maintain full-time employment and active academic pursuit. How will you manage your time? You might want to think about studying a course that fits well into your current schedule, opting to study part-time – even though it expands the duration of your studies- allows you to balance work and courses.

Stan Wiliams and Emily Rinkema authors of The Standard-Based Classroom: Make Learning the Goal, suggest useful approaches to time/task management. Firstly, ‘break the task into distinct parts and estimate the time it will take for each, allowing you to prioritize the completion of the parts. Meet deadlines, this is referred to as ‘sophisticated task management.’ Secondly, ask for feedback, assessment of your development based purely on the course results is not an accurate measure. You are encouraged to ask your managers or supervisors about what they have observed since the start of the program, their perspectives will provide insight into how you can excel and/or make changes.


You need to do your research, you are entering into a contractual agreement with your employer to meet specific requirements and if those standards aren’t met you will be held responsible for any financial settlements. Seek counsel from all the parties involved in your goals, your manager could offer insight on how past participants fared juggling both work and school.


Without adequate financial support students are marginalized from participating in a global economy where long-term success is dependent on educational pursuit, and where the gatekeepers are those who also offer employment. Students taking advantage of their employment packages have the upper hand in the talent market and are therefore offered more opportunities. Even though most tuition assistance programs cover only a portion of the cost of your desired course, it does not limit or prevent your chances of attaining financial aid or loan, it limits the risk of financial debt and low credit once you have completed your studies.


Can I get tuition assistance working part-time?

Unfortunately, only full-time employees qualify for this benefit, and if you are willing to make the shift to a 40-hour workweek, you’ll still have to work a calendar year of service before benefits are activated.

What subjects can I take?

Keep in mind that Gap Inc. employs this strategy in order to attract and retain talent. The retail industry has many departments such as marketing, business writing, human relations and merchandising. Align your course choices with these core disciplines at any regionally or nationally accredited institution. 

How do I apply? The Gap Inc. guidelines state the following;

  1. Arrange a consultation with management to discuss your eligibility.
  2. Prepare one application per semester and another for the following.
  3. Get your Regional Manager or Director’s signature.
  4. Forward your application to Crosby 
  5. Applications must be submitted before the first day of lessons.
  6. Crosby will determine the application’s approval in accordance with guidelines.