How to reply to kudos email?

If your supervisor offers you genuine accolades in the email, it is excellent. Without a doubt, responding to an appreciative email is the most pleasing way to convey your thankfulness. Take notice of everything you will say about how to reply to a “task nicely performed” letter or email and plan to send your own thank-you letter. In this article we shall see how to reply to kudos email?

how to reply to kudos email?

It’s gratifying and exciting with which you handle your professional obligations when someone notices your effort, especially the supervisor you account to. In your reaction to a favourable email, always convey your sincere gratitude for your employer’s words.

After all, you’ll like to carefully consider how to answer the email in order to acknowledge their gratitude. This post will look at the best solutions in this situation.

Tips to address a kudos email

Show Your Appreciation

After getting praise, the most awesome thing you can do is express gratitude for the recognition. Your bosses are generally too preoccupied to praise outstanding deeds, but they find the opportunity to recognize excellent performance. It’s great to acknowledge your manager in person for recognizing your difficult graft. Just strive not to be overly modest about your accomplishments. It could imply that you disregard their point of view or that your achievements are unworthy of praise.

Rejecting kudos might also lower your self-esteem. Thank your supervisor by responding to an acknowledgment email with a simple “Thank you for acknowledging my accomplishments” message.

Show sincere gratitude.

Based on the circumstances, accolades may be given in various methods. We may be pleased with ourselves, but we may also lose confidence or suffer from the dreadful imposter feeling. In any case, appreciation indicates that you accomplished something correctly, so consider that in your email.

Don’t go overboard

It’s always important how you make statements. We can appear overly sensitive in an attempt to demonstrate thankfulness at times. Say phrases like “Your words have humbled me; I’ll hold your words dear to my thoughts.” The trick is to be genuine — say precisely what you’re thinking. 

Make a note in your job record

Inform your manager that you’re happy with your successes and that you would like to keep a reference of the email in your job record. Supervisors recognize that workers want to save documents of their accolades; they may be especially beneficial when it comes time for annual appraisals. Create two versions while you’re at it: one for your job record and one for your file cabinet.

Protect your privacy

Because your employer sent you a private email, you must respond similarly. Use the nice email you got from your employer to brag to your colleagues about your accomplishments. If you’re performing excellent work, it reflects how you engage with coworkers and carry out your responsibilities. Feel inclined to convey how much you like dealing with your employer when you thank them for the positive email, but only if you intend to.

Benefit from the situation

Your employer’s comment must inspire you to strive even harder. You may take advantage of this chance to stand out from the crowd by inquiring how you can assist or contribute to a new initiative. Offer your skills for a corporate project, learn how to improve your talents by enrolling in an education program, and become engaged in other aspects of your organization to broaden your experience.

Consider the task

Consider the task or effort that your supervisor appreciated after appreciating the remark. If a staff member praises you for completing a development idea, you might mention the effort that poured into the venture. This is a terrific technique to maintain the discussion going while also demonstrating your expertise and abilities from work.

Convey Gratitude

Your manager generously acknowledged your achievements; now it’s your chance to reciprocate the praise and thank his or her work ethic. You may not know it, but firm executives and high-ranking employees are frequently overlooked. The workforce rarely expresses thanks or admiration to them. Therefore, particularly with your supervisor, understand how to react to compliments at the job by giving them back. Let them know how grateful you are for their assistance in allowing you to flourish at your job.

Sample response to Kudos Emails

An example of a quick response.

I appreciate your gracious remarks. I appreciate all of your support, advice, and help.

Your gratitude matters a great deal to me. Be sure that I will strive to give it my all at the workplace and back up our company.


An example of a formal response.

Human Resource Office.

Xyz Marketing Services, 

3288 Oak Street, 


20 April 2017. 

Greetings, Mr. Watson!

I got your message yesterday and would like to express my gratitude for your thoughtfulness.

Without the help of my internal control colleagues, I would not have been able to accomplish the job. Moreover, you have always provided me with the motivation to achieve our corporate goal.

I want to maintain my current level of productivity and aim that you will continue to trust me for upcoming projects.

Your words of support inspire me to do harder. Any suggestions on how I might enhance my performance would be much appreciated.

Kindly let me know what I may accomplish to improve my abilities and how I can assist the organization in moving forward.

I anticipate hearing from you.


Sales Executive 

J. Taylor

Co. Private limited Finest Insurance.


Regardless of the situation, kudos generate a positive atmosphere, strengthen the link between the giver and the recipient, and relieve pressure and anxiety. These praises must be gently delivered and appreciated. When it goes to replying to these accolades, many individuals struggle.

When reacting to these remarks, one of the most important things to remember is never being hesitant to answer. When a recipient responds to praise with honesty and sincerity, it assists in establishing a good connection, friendship, and respect with bosses, coworkers, and dear ones. When somebody praises you, make an effort to respond.

It might appear insignificant how you take (or reject) praise, but it impacts your entire professional image. Ultimately, productive people aren’t ashamed of their hard graft, and neither should you.