Are Varsity Letters Good For College?

Being awarded a varsity letter is the highest one can have bestowed upon them in high school. They signify excellence in sporting events, band programs and academics. Now that you know how it works and the significance it holds, you wonder about whether it will help boost your college applications significantly- the answer is yes, to an extent. Being awarded a varsity letter from your high school signifies to the admissions officer that you are a dedicated and successful student. It tells them that you are talented and one with team spirit too! They can help you with regards to getting placed into college clubs and sports teams in college as well. Now, to get into the details about how varsity letters can help you boost your application and also help you after you get into college, read on! 

Are varsity letters good for college?

How Does a Varsity Letter Help your College Application? 

A varsity letter is proven evidence of hard work and perseverance which could easily show the admissions officers that you are a pupil who can display the same as part of the college’s students base. But it is important to note that a varsity letter can support and give your application more weight- but it cannot make your application complete. 

How does a varsity letter help you in your application process? 

It is evidence of your array of positive and proven skills. A varsity letter is earned by someone who has participated in a team sport, a musical or has excelled in academic pursuits. It acts as awarded evidence that the prospective pupil is capable of being a good part of a team and excel, which places you as an interesting and considerable candidate. 

•They show you as a holistic achiever. Any university always looks for individuals who can make themselves a part of as much as possible. They look for those who can show proper involvement in a highly diverse number of fields and a varsity letter with a good grade point average is good to show you as a well-rounded individual. 

•They help you to get letters of recommendation: The teaching facility of your school is heavily involved in the selection of students who get awarded varsity letters. Winning a varsity letter would give you a high chance of getting some amazing letters of recommendation from your teachers. Here’s a pro tip- if you’re aiming for a degree which even remotely has to do with the reason you got awarded your varsity letter, then make sure to highlight that too! A varsity letter can also help you get placed in college sports teams or clubs, but there is always the possibility of having to audition for them. 

What Else are you Going to Need for your Application? 

Apart from the varsity letters, your college will most definitely look for your academic prowess through your transcripts. They’ll have a good look at your statement of purpose and what you can bring to the student base that the other students cannot.

 Here is a list of the other stuff you’re going to have to keep checking off your list to ensure you have a strong application. 

•Transcripts and Entrance Exam Scores: Scholastic achievements and transcripts are some of the first things that most universities will look at. These include your GPA (Grade Point Average), mark sheets, and SAT or ACT scores, whichever you’d taken to get your application sent.

•Letters of Recommendation: Universities will look at recommendation letters from your teachers and coworkers if you ever worked part-time during your school life. Professional and personal attributes and skills are spotlighted in recommendation letters. They also offer the admissions officer a favourable impression of you since they have heard from somebody in a position of authority in your academic life. 

•Statement of Purpose: Every college is always looking for personal statements from all the students to read about why you’re motivated to join them. They’ll want to hear about your hopes for college life and why you want to join their particular institution. It may also contain your story so far, what shapes you as a person and your goals as well. These contribute hugely to the success of your admission. 

•Extracurriculars: You should also include extracurricular activities and considerable hobbies that you have participated in during your academic career. These could be activities such as being a member of a community or even doing volunteer work. Your varsity letters serve as excellent documentation of extracurricular activities. 

Pro-tip: You’ll have to remember that every college expects a fee to apply to their colleges. Some universities also look for university-specific tests or anything related to your degree in particular. So, remember those too before submitting your application!

How Many Varsity Letters Can you Earn? 

Now that you know what a varsity letter is, you’d wonder if getting more than one would help. Can you earn more than one varsity letter anyway? Most schools do not place a limit on how many times you can earn the letter. Instead, the limit is the number of letters or patches you can obtain. As a result, if you meet the standards set each year, you may be eligible for the award more than once. You can also earn letters for a variety of sports. 

The school’s policies and rubrics govern the awarding of varsity letters. As a result, if your institution’s policy states that the letter can only be won once or twice, that is the limit. However, most school policies do not state that previous awardees are not eligible for the letter. 


Varsity letters can make you eligible for clubs when you’re in college and can help you endorse your university applications by illustrating that you’ve excelled in a particular field. Varsity letters, on the other side, will just not enable you to get into college.You’ll need to offer up your school transcripts, letters of recommendation, essays, and evidence of extracurricular to supplement your application. These, along with varsity letters, will help you present yourself as a well-rounded candidate who would be an asset to any institute.