Dorms at Whittier College

Dorms at Whittier College: Your Ultimate Guide

As a student, your dorm is your sanctuary, your home away from home. Choosing the right dorm is just as important as picking the right college. Whittier College, a private liberal arts college located in Southern California, offers a wide range of dorm options for its students. In this blog post, we will explore everything you need to know about dorms at Whittier College, from the different types of dorms to the amenities and services offered.

Dorms at Whittier College

Dorms at Whittier College

Traditional Dorms: A Classic College Experience

Whittier College offers traditional dorms for students who want a classic college experience. These dorms are located on campus and are usually shared by two or more students. Each dorm room comes equipped with a twin bed, a desk, a chair, and a dresser. Traditional dorms have communal bathrooms and common areas, such as lounges and kitchens. This setup fosters a sense of community and allows students to bond with their peers.

Some of the traditional dorms at Whittier College include Johnson Hall, Turner Hall, and Stauffer Hall. Johnson Hall is a co-ed dorm that houses first-year students. Turner Hall is also a co-ed dorm, but it is designated for upperclassmen. Stauffer Hall is a women’s dorm that is open to all class years.

Suite-Style Dorms: More Privacy, More Comfort

For students who want more privacy and comfort, Whittier College offers suite-style dorms. These dorms have a more apartment-like feel, with each suite having its own living room, kitchenette, and bathroom. Suite-style dorms are shared by two or four students, depending on the dorm. This setup offers more privacy and allows students to have their own space, while still being part of a community.

Some of the suite-style dorms at Whittier College include Wanberg Hall, Harris Hall, and Earlham Hall. Wanberg Hall is a co-ed dorm that houses first-year students. Harris Hall is a co-ed dorm that is designated for upperclassmen. Earlham Hall is a women’s dorm that is open to all class years.

Special Interest Housing: For Like-Minded Students

Whittier College offers special interest housing for students who want to live with like-minded individuals. This option is perfect for students who want to explore their interests and hobbies while living on campus. Special interest housing is available for students who share a common passion, such as music, art, or community service.

Some of the special interest housing options at Whittier College include the Art House, the Eco House, and the Service House. The Art House is a co-ed dorm that is dedicated to students who are passionate about the arts. The Eco House is a co-ed dorm that is focused on sustainability and environmental awareness. The Service House is a co-ed dorm that is committed to community service and social justice.

Amenities and Services: More Than Just a Place to Sleep

Whittier College’s dorms offer more than just a place to sleep. They provide a wide range of amenities and services to ensure that students have everything they need to succeed. Each dorm has a resident advisor (RA) who is responsible for creating a safe and welcoming environment for students. RAs organize events and activities that promote community and engagement.

Other amenities and services offered by Whittier College’s dorms include laundry facilities, study lounges, and 24/7 security. Each dorm also has its own dining hall, where students can enjoy a variety of meals and snacks. Additionally, the college provides free Wi-Fi to all students living on campus.

Location: Convenient and Accessible

Whittier College’s dorms are conveniently located on campus, making it easy for students to attend classes and participate in campus activities. The dorms are situated within walking distance of academic buildings, the library, and other campus facilities. This location ensures that students are fully immersed in campus life and have easy access to everything they need.

Safety and Security: A Top Priority

Whittier College takes the safety and security of its students very seriously. The college provides 24/7 security to ensure that students feel safe and secure at all times. Each dorm has its own security measures, such as key card access and security cameras, to prevent unauthorized entry.

Additionally, the college has a comprehensive emergency response plan in place to handle any potential crises. Students are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the emergency procedures and to report any concerns or suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities.


Choosing the right dorm is an important decision for any college student. At Whittier College, students have a wide range of options, from traditional dorms to special interest housing. Each dorm offers a unique experience and a sense of community, while providing the amenities and services necessary for success. With a focus on safety and security, Whittier College’s dorms provide a safe and welcoming environment for all students.