Dorms at University of Houston-Clear Lake

As one of the fastest-growing universities in Texas, the University of Houston-Clear Lake is known for its excellent academic programs, vibrant campus life, and top-notch amenities. Among these amenities, dorms are a crucial component of campus life for many students, providing a safe and comfortable place to live while pursuing their academic goals. In this blog post, we will explore the dorms at the University of Houston-Clear Lake, looking at their features, benefits, and overall student experience.

Dorms at University of Houston-Clear Lake

Dorms at University of Houston-Clear Lake

Location and Housing Options

Located just outside of Houston, the University of Houston-Clear Lake offers a variety of housing options to suit the needs of its diverse student population. The campus features two main residence halls: Bayou Hall and Delta Hall. Bayou Hall is a traditional-style residence hall, while Delta Hall is an apartment-style residence hall.

Bayou Hall features double-occupancy rooms, which are fully furnished with beds, desks, chairs, and dressers. The rooms also come equipped with a mini-fridge and microwave. Each floor has a communal bathroom and shower facility, and laundry facilities are available on the ground floor. Additionally, Bayou Hall features a large community kitchen, lounge areas with televisions, and a game room.

Delta Hall, on the other hand, offers apartment-style living with both two and four-bedroom options. Each apartment includes a fully equipped kitchen with a refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher. The bedrooms are fully furnished with a bed, desk, chair, and dresser. The apartments also feature a washer and dryer in each unit. Delta Hall has a fitness center, a pool, a sand volleyball court, and a computer lab available for residents.

Amenities and Services

At the University of Houston-Clear Lake, dorms are more than just a place to sleep. They offer a wide range of amenities and services designed to enhance the student experience and provide a supportive environment for academic success. One such amenity is the Resident Life program, which provides a variety of educational, social, and cultural programs throughout the year. These programs include study groups, social events, and workshops on topics such as time management and stress reduction.

Another important service provided to students living in the dorms is the Resident Assistant (RA) program. RAs are trained student leaders who live in the dorms and are available to provide assistance and support to residents. They are responsible for enforcing university policies, assisting with maintenance issues, and providing guidance and advice to students.

The university also offers a comprehensive meal plan for students living in the dorms. The plan includes three meals per day, seven days per week, and is served in the university’s dining hall. The dining hall features a variety of options, including vegetarian and vegan choices, and is open for extended hours to accommodate busy student schedules.

Safety and Security

At the University of Houston-Clear Lake, student safety is a top priority. All residence halls are equipped with key card access and security cameras, and only residents and authorized personnel are allowed access to the buildings. Additionally, the university employs a team of trained security officers who patrol the campus 24/7.

Each dorm also has a designated emergency response plan in place in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency situation. The plan includes evacuation routes, designated safe zones, and protocols for communication with university officials and emergency responders.


In conclusion, the University of Houston-Clear Lake offers a variety of comfortable and convenient housing options for its students. With a focus on amenities, services, and safety, the dorms at UHCL provide an ideal living environment for students to thrive and succeed in their academic pursuits. Whether you choose Bayou Hall or Delta Hall, you can be confident that you will have access to all the resources and support you need to make the most of your college experience.