Dorms at The City College of New York


Finding the perfect dorm can be a daunting task for any college student. The City College of New York offers a wide range of dormitories to accommodate students with different needs and preferences. From traditional-style dormitories to modern apartment-style complexes, City College offers a range of options to fit any budget. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the dorms available at The City College of New York and what each one has to offer.

Dorms at The City College of New York

Dorms at The City College of New York

The Towers:

The Towers are the most popular and sought-after dormitories on campus. Located on the corner of 138th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, the Towers offer students stunning views of the city skyline. The Towers consist of two high-rise buildings that are connected by a large glass atrium. The dormitory is co-ed, with separate floors for males and females. Each floor has a lounge area and kitchenette, making it easy for students to socialize and make friends. The Towers also have a 24-hour front desk and security, ensuring the safety of all residents.

The dorm rooms at The Towers are spacious and modern, with each unit accommodating up to four students. Each room is equipped with a private bathroom, a small kitchenette with a sink, microwave, and mini-fridge, and plenty of storage space. The rooms are also air-conditioned and have high-speed internet access. The Towers have a range of amenities, including a fitness center, game room, study lounges, and a laundry facility.

NAC Suites:

The North Academic Center (NAC) Suites are another popular dormitory option at The City College of New York. Located on the north side of the campus, the NAC Suites offer students a more traditional dormitory experience. The NAC Suites are co-ed and have two types of rooms: single and double. The single rooms are slightly larger than the double rooms, but both room types come equipped with a desk, chair, wardrobe, and extra-long twin bed.

The NAC Suites have a communal kitchen on each floor, allowing students to prepare meals together and build a sense of community. The dormitory also has a lounge area with a television, pool table, and table tennis. The NAC Suites offer several amenities, including a laundry facility and a 24-hour front desk and security. The NAC Suites are a budget-friendly option for students who want to live on campus but cannot afford the higher cost of The Towers.

The Apartment-Style Dorms:

The City College of New York also offers apartment-style dormitories for students who prefer a more independent living experience. The apartment-style dorms consist of three buildings: The North, The South, and The West. Each building has its own unique design and style, but all offer spacious apartments with full kitchens and living areas. The apartments are available in several different sizes, ranging from studio apartments to four-bedroom units.

The apartment-style dorms are popular among upperclassmen and graduate students who want more independence and privacy. Each apartment comes fully furnished and includes a washer and dryer, air conditioning, and high-speed internet. The apartment-style dorms also offer several amenities, including a fitness center, game room, and study lounges. The apartment-style dorms are more expensive than the traditional-style dorms but offer a higher level of privacy and independence.


Choosing the right dormitory can have a significant impact on your college experience. The City College of New York offers a range of dormitories to accommodate different preferences and budgets. Whether you prefer a traditional-style dormitory or an apartment-style complex, City College has something to offer. The Towers, NAC Suites, and apartment-style dorms are just a few examples of the many options available to students. With a little research, you can find the perfect dormitory to meet your needs and make your college