Dorms at Jacksonville State University

Jacksonville State University, located in northeast Alabama, is a public university that offers a wide range of academic programs. It has a student population of over 8,000, with a large percentage of students living on campus in the dorms. The dorms at Jacksonville State University offer an excellent option for students who want to be close to classes and campus life. In this blog post, we will explore the dorms at Jacksonville State University in detail.

Dorms at Jacksonville State University

Location and Facilities

One of the most significant advantages of living in the dorms at Jacksonville State University is the proximity to campus facilities. The dorms are conveniently located near the classrooms, library, and student center. Students who live on campus have easy access to all the resources they need to succeed academically. The dorms also have excellent amenities that make campus living comfortable. For example, the dorms have laundry facilities, common areas, and study rooms.

The study rooms are particularly beneficial for students who need a quiet space to study without distractions. The dorms also have high-speed internet, which is crucial for students who need to research or complete online assignments.

Room Options

The dorms at Jacksonville State University offer a range of room options to accommodate the needs of different students. The most common room type is the traditional double room, where two students share a room. The traditional double rooms are spacious and comfortable, with two beds, two desks, and two dressers. The dorms also offer suites and apartments for students who prefer more privacy. The suites are typically two rooms that share a bathroom, while the apartments have a living room, kitchen, and one or two bedrooms. The suites and apartments are popular among upperclassmen who want to have a more independent living experience.

Dining Options

Another advantage of living in the dorms at Jacksonville State University is the dining options available to students. The university has a variety of dining halls and cafes that offer different types of cuisine. The dining halls are buffet-style and offer a range of options, including vegetarian and vegan dishes. The cafes offer quick bites like sandwiches, salads, and snacks. The university also has a meal plan system that allows students to choose the number of meals they want per week. The meal plan system is convenient for students who don’t want to worry about cooking or buying groceries.

Community and Social Life

Living in the dorms at Jacksonville State University also offers an opportunity for students to build community and socialize with their peers. The dorms have Resident Assistants (RAs) who plan events and activities for residents. The events range from game nights to movie screenings to talent shows. The RAs also organize trips off-campus, such as hiking and museum visits. These events and trips provide an excellent opportunity for students to meet new people and make friends. Living in the dorms also gives students the chance to learn about different cultures and perspectives from their roommates.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are a top priority in the dorms at Jacksonville State University. The dorms have a strict access control system that requires residents to swipe their ID cards to enter the building. Visitors must be signed in and accompanied by a resident at all times. The dorms also have security cameras and emergency call boxes in case of an emergency. The university has a campus police department that patrols the campus 24/7, ensuring the safety of students and staff.

Cost and Financial Aid

Living in the dorms at Jacksonville State University is a significant expense for students and their families. However, the university offers financial aid and scholarship opportunities to help alleviate the cost. The financial aid office can assist students in finding the best options for their financial situation. The university also offers work-study programs that allow students to work on campus to earn money for their living expenses. The work-study programs are an excellent option for students who want to contribute to their own expenses while gaining valuable work experience.

Maintenance and Upkeep

The dorms at Jacksonville State University are well-maintained and kept clean. The university has a dedicated team of maintenance staff who are responsible for keeping the dorms in good condition. If a student encounters any maintenance issues in their room, they can report it to the housing office, and it will be taken care of promptly. The university also conducts regular inspections of the dorms to ensure that everything is in working order.


Jacksonville State University is committed to making their dorms accessible to all students. The university has designated accessible rooms for students who need accommodations, such as wheelchair access or other mobility issues. The dorms also have elevators and accessible bathrooms on each floor. The university works with the Disability Support Services office to provide students with the necessary accommodations and support to ensure their success.


Living in the dorms at Jacksonville State University provides many benefits for students. The proximity to campus facilities, variety of room options, dining options, community and social life, safety and security, cost and financial aid, maintenance and upkeep, and accessibility are all factors that make the dorms an attractive option for students. Overall, the dorms at Jacksonville State University provide a comfortable and convenient living experience for students who want to be close to campus life.