Dorms at Florida State College at Jacksonville


Choosing the right dorm can make all the difference in a student’s college experience. Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) has a wide range of on-campus housing options available to its students. From traditional dorms to apartment-style living, FSCJ has something for everyone. In this post, we will take a closer look at the different types of dorms available at FSCJ, as well as the amenities, locations, and costs associated with each.

Dorms at Florida State College at Jacksonville

Dorms at Florida State College at Jacksonville

Traditional Dorms

FSCJ has four traditional dorms on its campuses: Deerwood Center, Downtown Campus, Kent Campus, and North Campus. These dorms are the most popular choice among students as they are centrally located and offer a more social and community-oriented experience. Traditional dorms at FSCJ are either double or triple occupancy and are fully furnished with a bed, dresser, desk, and closet space. Each dorm has shared bathrooms, communal kitchens, and laundry facilities.

Deerwood Center and Downtown Campus are both located in the heart of Jacksonville, making them ideal for students who want to be in the middle of the action. Kent Campus and North Campus are located in more suburban areas, offering a quieter and more peaceful environment. The cost of traditional dorms at FSCJ ranges from $2,700 to $3,300 per semester, depending on the location and occupancy.

Apartment-Style Living

For students who prefer more privacy and independence, FSCJ offers two apartment-style dorms: South Campus and The Flats. These dorms offer students the opportunity to live in a more self-contained environment while still being on-campus. South Campus apartments are two or four-bedroom units with a shared kitchen and living area. The Flats are one-bedroom apartments with a full kitchen, living room, and bathroom.

Both South Campus and The Flats offer more space and privacy than traditional dorms. They are also ideal for students who prefer to cook their own meals or live with fewer roommates. However, they do come at a higher cost, with South Campus apartments ranging from $3,200 to $3,600 per semester, and The Flats costing $5,200 per semester.


All dorms at FSCJ offer a variety of amenities to make students feel at home. Traditional dorms have communal lounges, study rooms, and recreational areas. South Campus and The Flats have fitness centers, outdoor grilling areas, and swimming pools. Each dorm also has high-speed internet, cable TV, and 24-hour security.

FSCJ also offers a meal plan for students living in traditional dorms. The meal plan provides students with a set number of meals per week that can be used at on-campus dining locations. Students living in South Campus and The Flats have access to a kitchen, so they can choose to cook their own meals or purchase food from on-campus dining locations.


FSCJ’s dorms are conveniently located on or near its campuses, making it easy for students to get to classes and other on-campus activities. Traditional dorms are located on Deerwood Center, Downtown Campus, Kent Campus, and North Campus. South Campus and The Flats are located on the South Campus.

The location of each dorm offers different benefits to students. For example, Deerwood Center and Downtown Campus are located near shopping, restaurants, and entertainment venues, while Kent Campus and North Campus offer a more suburban and peaceful environment. South Campus and The Flats are located near the St. Johns River and have access to outdoor recreation areas.


The cost of living on-campus at FSCJ varies depending on the type of dorm and location. Traditional dorms range from $2,700 to $3,300 per semester, while South Campus apartments cost between $3,200 and $3,600 per semester. The Flats are the most expensive option, costing $5,200 per semester.

It’s important for students to consider the cost of living on-campus when making their college budget. However, living on-campus can also offer financial benefits such as the convenience of not having to commute, access to on-campus jobs, and the opportunity to take advantage of meal plans.

Application Process

To apply for on-campus housing at FSCJ, students must first be accepted to the college and have a student ID number. Once they have their student ID, they can complete the online housing application and pay the $150 housing deposit.

Students must also provide a copy of their vaccination records and undergo a criminal background check. The housing application is typically available in the spring for the following fall semester, and applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Roommate Selection

Roommate selection is an important part of the on-campus housing experience. FSCJ allows students to select their roommates, or they can be matched with a roommate based on their housing application.

When selecting a roommate, it’s important for students to consider their compatibility in terms of lifestyle, habits, and personality. FSCJ also provides resources for roommate conflict resolution and mediation.

Living Learning Communities

FSCJ offers Living Learning Communities (LLCs) for students who want to live with others who share similar academic interests or career goals. LLCs allow students to engage in academic and social activities with their peers while living on-campus.

FSCJ’s LLCs include the Honors Program LLC, the Health Sciences LLC, and the Aviation LLC, among others. Living in an LLC can help students develop a sense of community and support while pursuing their academic goals.


The dormitories at Florida State College at Jacksonville offer a range of unique experiences, each tailored to meet the diverse needs and preferences of students. From tranquil retreats to vibrant communities, there is a dormitory that aligns with every individual’s aspirations and goals. Embrace the opportunity to find a dorm that resonates with your personal journey and immerse yourself in the vibrant college life that awaits at Florida State College at Jacksonville.