Dorms at Castleton University


Choosing where to live during college can be a daunting task. It’s important to consider factors such as location, cost, amenities, and community. At Castleton University, dorm life is a vibrant and essential part of the college experience. With a variety of options to choose from, Castleton’s dorms offer something for everyone. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the different dorms available at Castleton University and what makes each one unique.

Dorms at Castleton University

Adams Hall – The Classic Choice

Adams Hall is one of the most popular dorms on Castleton’s campus. Located near the center of campus, it offers convenient access to classrooms, dining halls, and other amenities. The building itself has a classic look, with brick walls and large windows. Inside, Adams Hall is divided into several floors, each with a different layout. Some floors feature traditional dorm-style rooms with communal bathrooms, while others offer suites with private bathrooms and living areas.

One of the things that sets Adams Hall apart is its strong sense of community. The building houses a mix of freshmen and upperclassmen, making it easy for students to make friends across different class years. The common areas, including lounges and study rooms, are well-maintained and provide plenty of space for socializing and studying.

Ellis Hall – Modern Amenities and Design

If you’re looking for a more modern living experience, Ellis Hall is a great option. Built in 2016, this dorm is one of the newest additions to Castleton’s campus. It features a sleek, contemporary design and a range of amenities that make it a popular choice among students.

Inside Ellis Hall, you’ll find a mix of traditional dorm rooms and suites. All of the rooms are air-conditioned and come with modern furniture and appliances. The building also features a fitness center, game room, and outdoor courtyard, providing plenty of opportunities for students to stay active and social.

Perhaps the most unique feature of Ellis Hall is its “green” design. The building was constructed with sustainability in mind, using materials and systems that reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. From solar panels on the roof to rainwater collection for landscaping, Ellis Hall is a great choice for students who are passionate about environmentalism.

Woodruff Hall – Quiet and Serene

For students who value peace and quiet, Woodruff Hall is an excellent choice. This dorm is located on the outskirts of campus, nestled in a wooded area that provides a tranquil setting for studying and relaxation. The building is designed in a traditional New England style, with white clapboard siding and a sloping roofline.

Inside Woodruff Hall, you’ll find a mix of single and double rooms, each with its own private bathroom. The building also features several common areas, including a cozy lounge with a fireplace and a kitchen for cooking and socializing.

One of the benefits of living in Woodruff Hall is its location. Although it’s farther from the center of campus than some other dorms, it’s still within walking distance of all the main amenities. Plus, the surrounding woods provide a beautiful backdrop for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Castleton Apartments – Independent Living

For students who prefer more independence, Castleton University also offers apartment-style living. The Castleton Apartments are located a short distance from campus and feature a range of unit sizes to accommodate different needs. All of the apartments come fully furnished and equipped with appliances, making it easy for students to move in and start living.

Living in the Castleton Apartments offers a different experience from dorm life. While students still have access to all the resources and activities on campus, they also have the freedom to create their own schedules and routines. The apartments also provide a great option for students who want to live off-campus without having to navigate the rental market on their own.

Hoff Hall – The Honors Community

If you’re part of Castleton’s Honors Program, Hoff Hall is the perfect dorm for you. This building houses only Honors students, creating a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about academics and intellectual pursuits. The dorm is located near the center of campus, providing easy access to all the main resources and activities.

Inside Hoff Hall, you’ll find a mix of traditional dorm rooms and suites, as well as several common areas designed specifically for Honors students. The building features a seminar room for Honors classes and discussions, as well as a lounge and study space for socializing and studying.

Living in Hoff Hall is a great way to connect with other Honors students and take advantage of all the opportunities that the Honors Program offers. From guest lectures to study abroad programs, there’s always something happening in the Honors community at Castleton.


In conclusion, Castleton University offers a variety of dorm options to meet the needs and preferences of its diverse student body. Whether you’re looking for a classic dorm experience, a modern living space, a peaceful setting, independent living, or an Honors community, Castleton has something for you. By choosing the right dorm, you can enhance your college experience and create lifelong memories and friendships.