Dorms at Briar Cliff University

Briar Cliff University, located in Sioux City, Iowa, is a private Catholic university offering a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs. One of the key aspects of student life at Briar Cliff is the housing options available on campus. The university offers a range of dormitories and apartment-style living options for students. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the dorms at Briar Cliff University and what they have to offer.

Dorms at Briar Cliff University

Location: The Best Dorms at Briar Cliff University

Location is everything when it comes to student housing, and Briar Cliff University knows it. The university’s dormitories are conveniently located on the main campus, allowing students easy access to academic buildings, dining options, and recreational facilities. The dorms are situated in a beautiful, peaceful setting, providing an ideal environment for students to focus on their studies while still enjoying a vibrant campus life.

One of the most popular dorms at Briar Cliff University is the Bishop Mueller Hall. This dorm is a co-ed residence hall that houses approximately 200 students. The building is equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and a variety of lounges and study spaces. The dorm rooms are spacious and come fully furnished, including a twin XL bed, desk, and wardrobe. The building also has a game room, fitness center, and laundry facilities, making it an all-in-one living space for students.

Another popular dorm at Briar Cliff University is the Toller Hall. This residence hall is exclusively for female students and houses approximately 100 students. The building is equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and a variety of lounges and study spaces. The dorm rooms are also spacious and come fully furnished. Toller Hall also features a fitness center, laundry facilities, and a kitchen, making it a great place for students who enjoy cooking.

Amenities: What Makes Briar Cliff University Dorms Stand Out?

Apart from their convenient location, Briar Cliff University’s dorms offer a range of amenities that make them stand out from other student housing options. One of the most notable amenities is the university’s commitment to providing a safe and secure living environment for its students. The dorms are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, and access to the buildings is restricted to residents only.

Another great feature of Briar Cliff University’s dorms is the resident assistants (RAs) assigned to each floor. The RAs are upper-class students who are responsible for ensuring that students are following university policies and regulations. They are also available to provide support and guidance to students who may be struggling with academic or personal issues.

In addition to the safety and support services, Briar Cliff University’s dorms also offer a range of recreational facilities for students. The dorms are equipped with game rooms, fitness centers, and outdoor recreational spaces, providing students with plenty of opportunities to stay active and engaged outside of the classroom.

Traditional Dorms

Briar Cliff University has two traditional dorms on campus – Heelan Hall and Bishop Mueller Hall. Heelan Hall is a co-ed dormitory that houses first-year students, while Bishop Mueller Hall is exclusively for women. Both dorms have shared living spaces, including bathrooms, showers, and study lounges. The rooms in these dorms are typically double occupancy, with some single rooms available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each room comes equipped with a bed, desk, chair, closet, and dresser for each student. The traditional dorms offer a community living experience and are an excellent way for students to meet new people and make friends. The dorms are conveniently located near the dining hall and other campus facilities.

Apartment-Style Living

For students who prefer a more independent living experience, Briar Cliff University offers apartment-style living options. The apartments are available in two buildings – Bodensteiner Hall and Clare Residence Hall. Bodensteiner Hall apartments are exclusively for upper-class students, while Clare Residence Hall apartments are available to both upper-class and graduate students. The apartments come in one and two-bedroom configurations and are furnished with living room and bedroom furniture. The kitchen includes a full-size refrigerator, stove, oven, and microwave. Apartment-style living offers students a more independent living experience while still being connected to the Briar Cliff community. It is an excellent option for students who want to live off-campus but still be close to campus resources.


Briar Cliff University offers a variety of living options to meet the needs and preferences of its diverse student body. Whether a student prefers the community living experience of the traditional dorms, the privacy of suite-style living, or the independence of apartment-style living, Briar Cliff has something to offer. All of the living options on campus are conveniently located near campus facilities and offer a safe and comfortable living environment. Students at Briar Cliff can be confident that they will find a home away from home while pursuing their education.