Does Harvard University have dorms?

Harvard University is a prestigious school. It is the ancientest institution in the US established in 1636. Harvard is a private Ivy League research institute having its location in Cambridge, MA. Harvard is prestigious all over the world. It was named after its very first benefactor John Harvard. In this article we shall see Does Harvard University have dorms?

There are over 20 dorms at Harvard. Harvard University has 16 freshmen dorms and 23 upperclassmen dorms where sophomores, juniors, and seniors live. The freshmen dorms just like the name are strictly got freshmen alone. 

Does Harvard University have dorms?

The upperclassmen dorms

The upperclassmen’s residence is called the house system. Each house contains about 350 undergraduates and has a common room, library, gym, and dining hall.

  1. Adams house: It is located between Harvard Square and the Charles River. The house is named after John Quincy Adams and the Adams family. The Adam house contains the library, kitchen, upper and lower common rooms, conservatory, and the famous Gold room. The house was established in 1931.
  1. Cabot house: Cabot house was established in 1970 and its name commemorates Thomas and Virginia Cabot. Cabot House, formerly known as South House was formed after it was merged with East house. The house colors are red and gold. Cabot house is connected to Whitman, Briggs, and Barnard by a series of tunnels.
  1. Currier House: The house is named for Audrey Bruce Currier and was opened in September 1970. It houses over 350 undergraduates and its residents see called the Currierities. The Currier dining Hall ranks among the outstanding dining halls in terms of food quality.
  1. Dudley House: This house majorly houses non-resident undergraduate students. The building houses a computer lab, dining hall, game room, coffee shop, common room, locker room, and a library. The house was named after Thomas Dudley and was established in 1935.
  1. Dunster House: Dunster house was built in 1930 and is among the first two dorms at Harvard University. It was named after Henry Dunster. Henry Dunster is the first president of Harvard University. The house is located on the banks of Charles River close to the John W. Weeks footbridge.
  1. Eliot House: The house was opened in 1931 and is named for Charles William Eliot. It houses a round number of 400 students.
  1. Kirkland house
  2. Leverett house
  3. Lowell house
  4. Mathew house
  5. Pforzheirmer house
  6. Quincy house
  7. Klinthoop house

The freshman dorms

This dorm is only for freshmen and they are located around the Harvard yard.

  1. Apley court: The Apley court was previously part of Adams houses. It has one of the extensively spacious rooms among the freshman dorms. It is located on the South of Harvard yard, Holyoke street.
  2. Canaday dorm
  3. Grays dorm
  4. Greenough dorm
  5. Hollis dorm
  6. Howorth dorm
  7. Hurlburt dorm
  8. Lionel dorm
  9. Massachusetts dorm
  10. Matthews dorm
  11. Mower dorm
  12. Penny Packer dorm
  13. Stoughton dorm
  14. Strauss dorm
  15. Thayer dorm
  16. Weld dorm
  17. Wigglesworth dorm
  18. Maple yard.

What are the best dorms at Harvard?

  1. Greenough: It houses over 85 students and is located in the Crimson yard. It contains single rooms, double rooms, and triple rooms that share hall bathrooms and a six-person suite that has a private bathroom. Its view of a green courtyard is one of its appealing features.
  1. Hurlbut: This dorm houses 60 students. It had single rooms and a six-person suite. It is built in a crimson yard.
  1. Penny Packer: It has suite-style rooms, with each suite having a private bathroom. The suite also has an extensively large common room.
  1. Wigglesworth: Wigglesworth is divided into three buildings. It is one of the substantial freshmen dorms in Crimson.
  1. Grays hall: It houses over 95 students. It is built on Elmyard. The building has quad suites with private bathrooms.
  1. Matthews dorm: Matthews dorm is another built on Elmyard. It is directly in the campus center. It contains triple and double suites with spacious common rooms.
  1. Weld: This dorm contains suites with built-in bathrooms and common bathrooms. President John F Kennedy is an alumnus of this dorm.
  1. Appley court: This hall contains single rooms, double and triple rooms with private bathrooms. Its prominent features are marble staircases, hardwood floors, and high ceilings.
  1. Holes: This Hall houses 60 freshmen in single rooms that have shared bathrooms. The residence is built in the center of Harvard yard.
  1. Holworthy: This hall houses over 80 freshmen in uad rooms. The quads comprise two bedrooms and a shared common room.

What is housing day at Harvard?

Housing Day is the day when freshmen are distributed/sorted into different upperclassmen’s houses. Houses host events to welcome the freshmen. On this day, special events like dinners, singing competitions, dance, etc. The freshmen also get a tour of their new houses by the upperclassmen. Also, on housing days, some houses bring back some of their housing traditions For instance, the Dunster house hosts Stein and plays golf. The day is usually an emotional day for freshmen as they are separated from their friends and roommates in their previous dorms. Freshmen also receive their house t-shirts on this day.

Dorm essentials for Harvard

Harvard dormitories provide some essentials like a mattress 80), a dresser, wardrobe, desk and chair, bookcase, ceiling fan, and a floor lamp.

The items to pack as a college student includes; 

  • Bed linens (pillows, sheets, and blankets)
  • Clothes for all weather
  • Towels
  • Sports/gym wear
  • Phone
  • Laptop/computers 
  • Laundry basket
  • Toiletries
  • Trashcan
  • School supplies (pen, pencil, notebooks)
  • School jersey

Contraband/Prohibited items in Harvard dorms

  • Firearms and weapons
  • Pets (Dogs, Cats)
  • Exercise equipment
  • Microwaves (the only acceptable microwave ovens are those available for rent through Harvard Students Admission Dorm Essentials).


  • Can s ents live off-campus at Harvard University?

A: Yes, some students live has been an argument that living off-campus is much better because you do not have to deal with annoying roommates and you get to furnish your room however you want, to your taste.

  • Are Harvard dorms nice?

A: Yes. Harvard dorms are usually rated among the nicest and cleanest dorms nationwide.

  • What is the housing cost at Harvard University?

A: The housing cost at Harvard University is $10,927