Does Paparazzi Buy Back Jewelry?

The company was founded by sisters Misty and Chani to get all the ladies’ trendy and classic accessories to style themselves with the newest designs coming in every day. Furthermore, they are well-known for their $5 jewelry business, which is a fantastic deal.  Here we will see about Does Paparazzi Buy Back Jewelry?

The company, headquartered in Hurricane, United States, has an annual revenue of $10–$50 million with around 100-500 employees under the leadership of Christina Wofford, CEO of Paparazzi. This multi-level-marketing company came into the industry in 2018 with its products manufactured in China and shipped over to various locations, but not to all countries directly.

Does Paparazzi Buy Back Jewelry?

Does Paparazzi Buy Back Jewelry?

You can return your Paparazzi Jewelry within 10 days of the receipt for a full refund by contacting their support at (855) 697-2727 for an RMA ( Return Merchandise Authorization) number. 

Your product becomes eligible for buyback only if it matches any of the following criteria: Different products

  1. received due to the company’s fault.
  2. The product was already damaged.
  3. The product doesn’t function properly.

On receiving a shipping label, you can return the item and you will receive a replacement or a full refund soon. A 15% restocking fee will be applied to any returned item that is not in its original packaging. The company does not support exchanges. 

In addition to returning the product, Paparazzi favors people by letting them resell the product without a business license. You can even work as a consultant for Paparazzi and make an income.

Payment, Marketing, and Warranty

Paparazzi products don’t hold any warranty. On finding a defective or different product than what you ordered through their website or consultant, it shall be returned for replacement or refund by contacting them. But they do provide a repair kit along with the starter pack of your choice, starting at $99, which helps fix slight damage. You can purchase the accessories using MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, VISA, and Discover on their website, store, or through consultants. The marketing strategy used by both the company and its consultants includes Messenger parties, flash sales, 12 days of Christmas deals, live speed shopping, hashtags on Instagram, consistency, and many more.

Paparazzi Sale

The company’s key principle is Teresa Garmon and holds a serious mission, which is to bring strength, independence, empowerment, and confidence to individuals and their families, as well as financial freedom through affordable fashion. 

They brought a $5 sale of a huge variety of never-out-of-style accessories to preach their mission. Apart from offering budget-friendly accessories, the company also provides employment opportunities for individuals as their consultants, who will be paid a straight 45% commission on each sale they make on Paparazzi jewelry. 

The company’s premium products are also available through their “Zi collection.” The brand, after selling accessories for such a long time, secured a rating of 3.1 out of 5 as it faced a backlash on getting a lawsuit for claiming that its products were nickel and lead-free through its official website and later quietly removing it.


In the light of hearsay and rumors, Paparazzi has been subjected to many criticisms, allegations, and false reports. Though several MLMs have been shut down and are often big scams, Paparazzi stands to be a legit one with its quality products and assurances. 

The company does recruit individual consultants but has solid products to sell as well. At times, the consultants have tried to make false income, which has been a major black mark for the company. 

Despite this, Paparazzi remains the market leader, followed by Hotshot Bling LLC, the Pearl Dashing, Benedict Smith Design Inc., and A & S Gifts. Still, the presence of toxic metals like lead, nickel, and cadmium in this jewelry is a black mark on their reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I sell the Paparazzi jewelry that I bought?

Paparazzi products unlike many other brands can be sold individually without getting a license. Still, you can’t make use of e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace for selling the same.

  1. Does Paparazzi jewelry turn green?

Some of the Paparazzi ring users might encounter green shades on their fingers which according to the brand’s explanation is purely the action of acids in the skin with the ring and no big issue. The remedy they suggest is that you use transparent nail polish to coat your ring which prevents acids from interacting directly with the ring and hence no green jewelry.

  1. Does paparazzi jewelry contain lead?

As per the recent studies conducted on pieces of jewelry by Paparazzi, it was noted that they contain heavy metals including arsenic, cadmium, lead, and nickel. Despite their promise to keep these toxic metals away, many of the jewelry including the $5 affordable range has these dangerous materials used for its manufacture.