Why Tide Pods Are Best For Your College Life.

College means fun, adventure, and life lessons. One of the life lessons is how to take care of yourself in an environment that is; fast-paced and also has a nomadic feel to it. The cozy feeling of finding fresh and clean clothes on your bed is now a distant memory. Let’s begin Why Tide Pods Are Best For Your College Life.

Why Tide Pods Are Best For Your College Life.

You are now on your own. How you`ll handle your laundry will affect several of your social life`s variables, if not all. Deciding on a detergent is the most significant aspect of your college laundry routine. You should select a detergent with a stain remover and a brightening agent, or else carry multiple bottles and build patience for complicated wash cycles.

The solution here is to use products like Tide Pods. Let me explain to you why I recommend detergent packs containing multiple liquids. These single-use detergent packs are labor and time-saving. Tide pods are single doze, easy to use detergents. They come with stain cleaner and brightener, all in one pod. 

Tide pods are to be thrown directly into the drum. It eliminates any confusion if you do not know about the positioning of the detergent tray. Also, his product is a heavy-duty fabric washing liquid, graded through consumer surveys. The college staff recommends the freshers consider Tide pods as their choice of detergent. It is because washing machines are costly and cumbersome to repair. Single-use detergent pods minimize the operation-related damages to the washer. 

The stain remover does most of the heavy lifting resulting in many of the stains either gone or diminished. However, an important thing to remember is that these products are not cost-effective. You may find yourself paying a bit more than the traditional options. These products are for time-saving and efficient processes rather than cost-effective.

What Is a TidePod?

A Tide Pod is a set of three liquids encapsulated into one pod-shaped packaging made of Polyvinyl Alcohol. It is a water-soluble polymer that dissolves during the drum revolutions. It helps keep detergent, stain remover, and brightener separate and prevents neutralization during their shelf life. These liquids mix during the wash cycle and clean, remove stains and brighten your clothes without needing human or machine intervention.

How Does It Work?

As with any soap, Tide Pods contain fatty acids responsible for making a chain between water and grease. It essentially lifts off the stain from the surface of your fabric and drains down with the washing water. 

Other common stains, such as Ice-cream or certain salad dressings, are hard to clean. These food products contain a thickening agent that is hard to remove, for which, Mannanase in the pod is used to break its molecules.

Tide Pod includes DDD chemicals, which take ultraviolet light, and convert it into visible white light. This white light is just enough to make the natural yellowing of the clothes go a bit dimmer.

My College Experience With Tide Pods

When I was preparing to leave home for college, my aunt warned me against using single-use detergents. In her experience, the pod usually left bluish spots on the clothing. However, I had already bought them, among other things. After my first wash, I did see some blue staining on my clothes. Later, my roommate corrected my usage of the pods and instructed me to load only half of the drum. It cost me more, but I did not see any blue staining. 

With time, I realized that the blue stains were pod liquid that was not rinse off of the clothing. Whenever I overloaded the drum to save money and, this happened, I would wipe the spots with a wet towel.

My biggest problem with pods was those people in the dorms who did not know how to use them properly. These people put pods inside the detergent drawer that would clog the machine drainage system. Once, I saw a washing machine on fire for the same reason. Someone for unknown and odd reason, jammed three pods into the detergent drawer. This invalid usage led to internal leakage that was resulted in a short circuit.

How Much Is The Monthly Cost?

I buy an 81-pack of original cold water clean pods for about $30. It lasts me approximately two months because I like daily clean sheets on my bed. But if you are not that much of a clean-freak, you may use it in once a week rotation. However, I would advise you to minimize the load and liberally use the pods for extra cleanliness. Also, because limiting the load quantity puts less pressure on the machine. It helps with the longevity of your appliance.

During my college days, I and my roommate split the cost between the two and used two pods each per week. It was economical and more sensible since the shelf life is about fifteen months. It is advised by the manufacturer not to use the pods beyond their expiry date.


It’s a great product for college students, those who live on the road, and generally for anyone do not want to spend time on laundry. It’s a versatile product, so even if you have the time and resources for multiple bottles of detergent, softeners, brighteners, etc. Just keep a small pack of 12 around for those days when you don’t feel like putting all the energy into the chores of washing clothes. This is why Tide Pods Are Best For Your College Life.

In my personal experience, I was much more confident knowing that I wore clean clothes every day. It made me feel comfortable and relaxed. It is reflected in my daily interactions with my classmates. Especially with my professors with whom I have created long-lasting bonds.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) There are so many types of this product available. Which one should I select?

It depends on the water temperature supported by your washing machine.

3) Should I put the pods after the clothes?

In front-load, place your clothes before the pod and in a top-loading machine, the pod goes in first.