Which college has had the most players drafted In the NFL?

The NFL Draft is a big event for any college football fan. Watching your favorite player being chosen is a moment a person will never forget. But which college drafted the most players into the NFL? It’s no secret that some of the NFL’s best players come from college football programs. The research discovers which colleges have the most draft players. There are no small schools by any means, but historic colleges with famous alumni and NFL Hall of Famers who are icons and inspirations for aspiring young people who want to break into the NFL.

The University of Notre Dame has drafted the most players in the NFL, more than any other university. A few other notable names would include the University of Southern California, the Ohio state university, etc.

Which college has had the most players drafted In the NFL?

University of Notre Dame

University of Notre Dame is a Catholic university in South Bend, Indiana. The school began playing football in 1887 and this year was ranked as one of the top picks in NFL draft history with 520 players drafted from the University’s football team.

The academy has only officially selected two student-athletes to the NFL this year, which is not much compared to previous years’ draft picks, Notre Dame All-Star and Baltimore Ravens’ Kyle Hamilton at No. 14 in the first round of new players in the draft selected in the 2022 NFL draft, it was the seventh overall pick by the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the first since 2019. Regardless of the number of draft picks, Notre Dame will undoubtedly continue to produce great NFL stars.

University of Southern California

The University of Southern California has the second-most drafted players in the NFL. USC has been a top producer of NFL talent for years. With 516 players selected since the league’s inception in 1888, not only have young new players made strides, but its famous alumni have also made history in the NFL. The most famous USC alumni are Reggie Bush, O.J. Simpson, Marcus Allen, Ronnie Lott, and Carson Palmer. For anyone looking for a school with a long tradition of sending players into the pros, look no further than USC. The university also has celebrity alumni, not only in football but also in other fields such as academy award winners, basketball stars, actors, directors, astronauts, musicians, and politicians.

Ohio State University

According to recent data, Ohio State University has the most players drafted by the NFL compared to many universities in the United States with a total of 473 drafted players. Many factors contribute to this success, but the school’s acclaimed football program is arguably the main factor. Ohio State University has the third-highest number of players drafted by the NFL. Ohio State University was founded in 1870.OSU also had a successful season with six of its players selected in the 2022 draft. So what is the secret to Ohio State University’s success? There is no universal answer, but many suspect it may have something to do with their amazing football program and equally great coaching staff.

University of Oklahoma

 A total of its 402 players were drafted into the NFL, 47 of which were first-round picks and 5 of whom were No. 1 overall draft picks, Lee Roy Selmon was selected as a defensive end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 1976 NFL draft, Billy Sims was the running back for the Detroit Lions in 1980, and Sam Bradford was a Quarterback for the formally known St. Louis Rams in 2010. Baker Mayfield was the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns in 2018 and Kyler Murray was the quarterback for the St. Louis Cardinals in 2019. That’s a remarkable feat, because Oklahoma has only about 31,000 students, compared with Michigan, which has more than 44,000 students and ranks fifth with the most drafted players in the NFL. It’s no wonder the University of Oklahoma is one of the most popular colleges for aspiring football stars. Any college football fan has probably heard of at least one Oklahoma Sooners player.

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan is the fifth-highest draft pick in the National Football League. This may be due to the great football program at the school. Players who come into the NFL from this school can be very talented and work hard to achieve their goals. Being drafted into the NFL is an honorable achievement, and these players should be proud of their accomplishments.

After the defensive end, The New Detroit Lions’ Aidan Hutchinson and Cincinnati Bengals defensive back Duxton Hill were selected for this year’s first-round picks . Based on draft history, the college football team has now produced 50 first-round picks, which ranks 8th in all of college football history. The Michigan Wolverines football team ranks 5th among the colleges with the most NFL draft picks with about 387 picks, just behind the University of Notre Dame, the University of Oklahoma, the University of Southern California, and Ohio State University.


When it comes to the NFL draft, there are a few colleges that always seem to dominate the game. The University of Southern California, University of Notre Dame, Ohio State University, University of Oklahoma, and the University of Michigan have all drafted a slew of players into the NFL. So for college students who want to make it into the NFL, one of these schools is the place to be. So here are the five colleges with the most players drafted into the NFL. These colleges and universities produce some of the best athletes in the country, as can be seen in the vast majority of players selected by professional teams. While the numbers change from year to year, these colleges may not always be at the top, but they certainly rank in the top 20 colleges with the most NFL draft picks each year.