Which College Has Blue Turf?- Let’s find out

Turf is artificial grass spread on the ground, in botanical terms. It enhances the beauty of the place. Even at homes, we use artificial green grass to give it a pretty look, isn’t it? In general terms, it is artificial grass that depicts the natural ones. There is less maintenance required to have such turfs. They have to be rinsed thoroughly before installing them on the ground. After that, the maintenance is minimal. It looks well like a natural lawn or park. Even universities in the US are using turf for the beautification of their campus. Many use them in playgrounds, parks, balcony areas, and stadiums. The turfs come in a variety of colors, out of which the unique one is blue. Here we are going to talk about, Which College Has Blue Turf?

Which College Has Blue Turf?

Which College Has Blue Turf

Boise State University is a college in Boise, Idaho. It provides many graduate programs in all streams of Art, Commerce, and Science. You can also go from MBA and Master in Commerce subjects. It has a football stadium which has been very famous since 1958 when the junior team won the National Championship. Twenty-eight years later, the green turf of the famous stadium turned blue as blue could give a different outlook. The stadium, also termed Lyse Smith field, is now termed “The blue” amongst common people. Apart from Boise University, there are eight others with non-green fields.

Origination of “The blue turf” 

The Bronco Athletics Director Gene Bleymaeir had an idea to turn the green-blue as all are aware that ye grass is not the real one. The grass is naturally green. They were about to spend huge dollars to recreate a green turf. The university theme color is “blue”, making them fall for it. Gene Bleymaier decided to create a bluegrass turf in the stadium to set an example. Yes, it was teased as a “Smurf Turf” field for ducks and geese to live. Later, it was accepted all around as “The Boise State turf”. 

The blue Albertsons stadium

The stadium is famous for being unusually blue. While Boise University stadium was getting popularity, Albertson’s stadium also created blue turfs for its players. Denver Bronco is an American football franchise organizing national-level football games in the west division. They are based in Denver, Colorado. Albertson’s stadium is located in Boise State University, earlier termed Bronco stadium. It was later purchased by John Albertsons, who runs a chain of grocery stores. Now it’s called Albertsons stadium

Bronco Soccer Stadium

It is a huge green park located at Boise University as well. It is a blue stadium from the inside. The soccer games sponsored by the Broncos are also played here.

Blue Turf and Broncos Stadium.

Blue turf is the name for the artificial turf used in several American football stadiums, including Boise State University’s Bronco Stadium. The turf was installed in 1986, and the first game on it was played on September 12, 1986. The blue color of the turf comes from a dye that is mixed into the plastic pellets that are used to make the turf.

The first blue football field in the United States was installed in 1986 at Boise State University. The blue turf was designed to be more visible to players and spectators and has since become a trademark of the university. The field is made of a synthetic material that is dyed blue and is replaced every few years.

Boise proud of blue turf idea

They tagged it as “boldly blue proudly innovating”

and compared the potato company’s innovative ideas to get famous all around the globe. To stay competitive one has to be unique in themselves. The president Dr. Marlin Tromp said,” Innovation is in our DNA. It is just what we do in Boise State”. 

This is highly true and this university is recommended by many students. It has many adventure sports, doctorate programs, and skill projects. The river sports are highly admired by the students.

It has to be accepted by all that the university is innovative and offers all subject programs.


Having established the all-blue stadium with the Bronco theme color the Boise State University began to call for a big sky conference. The big sky conference is an athletics conference by NCAA’s Division 1 and players of the football Championship subdivision. It is headquartered in Farmington, Utah. The members are from eight States









Such an idea was the first and very unique in the history of sports stadiums. The blue also suits the theme of the University as it is so near to the Boise River and is also named after it. It is in the main heart of the city of Idaho that people love to be there and enjoy studying and learning new things.

  • Why is Boise State blue?

They chose the Bronco theme of blue color. Earlier they wanted to combine with orange color but the combination was not well suited. Boise State’s original color is blue and orange.

  • What is blue turf?

The blue turf is artificial dyed grass on the ground which is blue. To give a unique look different color of grass is used in fields.

  • How is the Boise State location?

Well, the blue suits it, as it is parallel to the Boise River. The location is in the center of Idaho it is one of the most famous campuses in Idaho. The Boise river makes the location calm and adventurous in all ways. 

  • How many students are there at Boise State University?

There are more than 26000 students and more than 60 foreign students studying at the university. The students have to be really above average intelligence to produce innovative ideas to excel in their fields. 

  • How is the road to university?

It is very much proper in construction. One can travel by bike as well as walk.

  • What is the admission procedure at Boise State University?

The admission requires an application form to be filled out within the deadline. They also offer scholarships as per the capabilities of the candidate.

  • How to contact the university?

Phone Number: +1 (208) 426-1000

Address: 1910 University Drive, Boise, Idaho 83725 – Idaho’s Metropolitan Doctoral Research University.

1910 University Drive, Boise, Idaho 83725 – Idaho’s Metropolitan Doctoral Research University.