Where Is Williams College?

“There is a time and place for everything, and it’s called college” by Bill Cosby ( Becky McDivitt). A college is an academic institution which provides higher and distinctive professional coaching. The faculty of a college helps the students in reshaping their dreams into real life.  This place plays a pivotal role in developing the future lives of students, researchers and scholars. Choosing the most suitable college is like saving and investing in the future lifetime of a student. Let us know more detail about ‘Where Is Williams College?’.

Where Is Williams College?

Where Is Williams College?

Williams College is one of the best choices of private institutions for graduation in the United States of America. Its main campus is located in Williamstown, Massachusetts, which is near the Mount Greylock in the Berkshires. The setting of this college is rural. The campus size is approximately 450 acres. It contains more than one hundred academic rooms beside the athletic area. There are also residential buildings in the campus. According to Forbes ‘ annual top colleges ranking, this college is ranked as the best National Liberal Arts College in America of the country.  This institution is the second oldest college of higher education in Massachusetts. The first oldest one is Harvard College. There are a lot of interesting traditions continuing in the school for reviving the old system. This includes a semi-annual function and contests beside a Mountain day where the students climb Mount Greylock as physical activity. Academically it’s affiliation with the top board of the country like AICUM, Annapolis Group, 568 Group, Oberlin Group, CLAC, and Space-grant made this school quite precious. In sports, this college is a part of NCAA III. In April 2022, this college has been entitled to be the first higher education school in the United States which has ended the loans and work-study requirements and change into a full grant financial aid system. The mascot of this college is Ophelia, which is the Purple Cow. The nickname of this prestigious institution is EPHS. 

History Of Williams College:

It was founded in 1793 nearly 229 years ago. It is named after its benefactor Ephraim Williams Jr. He was a landowner and soldier from the Province of Massachusetts.  The motto of this institution is linked with its founder which suggests   

 “ Through the Generosity of E, Williams, Soldiers”. 

This institution was first established as a men’s college which In late 1960, women students became part of this college.

Academic Staff And Total Students In The College: 

There are three hundred and nineteen faculty members with a ratio of 6:1 students and teacher. There are classes in the institution has 84.2% which have fewer than 20 students. It has total students 1,987 enrolled out of which 1,962 are undergraduates and 25 are postgraduates.

Which Programs Are Offered At Williams College?

There are twenty-five academic departments and programs offered in this school. There are thirty-six majors in a variety of subjects. The most popular and famous majors offered at this school include:

  • Subjects related to Economics
  •  Subjects related to Biological Sciences
  • Computer sciences
  • Political Science and Government
  • English Language and Literature

Requirements To Get Admission To Williams College:

Admission to this college is most selective with an acceptance rate of 15% which will reduce by 8 % in coming years. Half of the applicants who applied to this college have an SAT score between 1410 and 1560. This implies that in order to have a confirmed admission to this prestigious institution, one must have a 4.07 GPA or higher.

Tuition and Financial Aid In Williams College:

Nearly half of the undergraduates receive some kind of assistance financially. The average need-based scholarship is $51,521. Its tuition fees are $ 59,660 while boarding fees are $15,000.

High Involvement in Athletic Activities of The College:

The athletic program of this institution has been highly successful and award winning. It has won 22 of the last 24 College Director’s Cups for NCCA Division III.

Williams College Campus

This college offers satisfactory student facilities including, tutoring,   a men’s centre, daycare, health services and insurance. It also offers twenty hours of foolproof safety and security service besides late-night medical emergency service. 

Famous Previous Students Of The Williams College:

The college has many prominent previous students whole around the world.  There are members of the United States Politics, Judicial System, Pulitzer and Noble prize winners, Billionaires,  Prime ministers, Diplomats, CEOs and Heads of Companies, Scholars in academia, literary and media figure and professional athletes.  


The location of this college is a perfect one for the undergraduate research fellow. Williams College is well recognized in the country as the #1 National Liberal Arts College and also the Best Value school. Students of this college are very competitive which grooms them in their future lives. This college faculty  is famous for its renowned research and tutoring programs. So, this college will be the best choice for anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much students are satisfied with the system of Williams college?

Answer: According to the indicator of student satisfaction which is the average freshman retention rate,  96% of students are satisfied with the system of the College.

  • What makes this college unique and special?

Answer: Besides, the perfect facilities of the school, this college has small classes, attentive faculty and a close-knitted community. These features are enhanced with extra coaching and research programs in the college.

  • Is this College an Ivy League School?

Answer: No, this institution is not an Ivy League school.

  • Which talented students are admitted to this college?

Answer: Williams students are extremely smart, athletic confident and multi-talented.