Where Is Wheaton College?

Choosing a good college is one of the most crucial decisions of one’s life because it influences many aspects of your life, from academics to extra-curricular and beyond. Moreover, when it comes to making the right college decision, you probably evaluate a lot of factors. Factors include price, class size, majors, and one of the most important, location. Students should analyze their options carefully since this is an important decision to make. There are many wonderful colleges with great locations to select from, and one of them is the prestigious Wheaton College. Here is all the information you must know about the Wheaton College location.

Where Is Wheaton College?

Founded in 1834, Wheaton College is a private college in Wheaton, Illinois, with hostel facilities for students. It is one of the top-tier private liberal arts and sciences colleges. In addition to providing over 100 career-related majors and minors, Wheaton College offers a highly personalized liberal arts and sciences education along with internship funding.

Area and Location of The Wheaton College

While attending college, you may want to leave campus sometimes. Therefore, it is important to know whether the college is in a safe neighborhood or it is close to other cities. Here you can find everything you should know about the location of the college. 

Wheaton College is located in Wheaton, Illinois, about 25 miles away from Chicago. With downtown Wheaton, only a 5-minute walk away, and downtown Chicago just a 30-minute train ride away, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a college town despite being a few stations away from the country’s third-largest city. Other college-owned campuses include the 50-acre Wheaton College Science Station near Rapid City, South Dakota, which is used for field research in biology, environmental science, and geology.

Wheaton College’s main address and phone:

501 College Avenue
Wheaton, Illinois

How To Reach: Directions and Transportation

You can reach Wheaton College by the following methods:

Public transportation from Chicago

From Ogilvie Transportation Centre at Madison Street & Canal Street, take the Metra Union Pacific West Line train, and get off at the College Avenue stop. You may reach the eastern edge of the campus by walking one block west.

Getting to Wheaton College from the airport 

Public transportation from the airport takes a long route, hence we do not recommend it. We

advise you to get in touch with a ground transportation provider for a more direct route if you are

unable to drive from the airport.

American Taxi: 630.790.8294

West Suburban: 630.668.9600

Parking for visitors 

Visitors can find parking in a variety of places, including:

You can reach the Armerding Centre for Music and the Arts’ tennis courts by taking Centennial Drive to Kenilworth Avenue. 

Located behind Buswell Memorial Library and Edman Memorial Church, on Washington Street and Kenilworth Avenue. 

Accessible by taking Howard Street to University Place, close to Jenks Hall. 

Reachable from College Avenue, the vicinity of the Billy Graham Centre.

Harbor House Street Address

Guests staying at Harbor House, the College’s private guest house, or attending events can use the following address:

510 N. Washington St.

Wheaton, IL 60187

(On the southwest corner of Lincoln Ave. and Washington St.)

What Else Can You Find Around Wheaton College?

In the vicinity of the college, there are many wonderful places to visit. In downtown Chicago, there are more than 17 museums that are free to Illinois residents. Approximately 170 churches are within a 20-minute driving distance. A total of eight professional sports teams and venues are located in Chicago, and 56 forests are preserved in Dupage County. Furthermore, downtown Chicago is just a 40-minute train ride away from the college. Wheaton College students can visit Lake Michigan, which is 26 miles from campus and can also travel to four other states that are just a two-hour drive away. 

Downtown Wheaton

In downtown Wheaton, student favorites include Shane’s Deli, Egglectic Café, and the French Market on Saturdays. In addition to one of the top ten public libraries in the country, there are 52 parks in Wheaton. During the summer, students can enjoy the public pools, while during the winter, they can sled down hills. Furthermore, restaurants, stores, and coffee shops are popular among Wheaton students near Glen Ellyn and Naperville.

Downtown Chicago

Students can purchase an $8-weekend pass to downtown Chicago from the College Ave train station, which is a block away from Wheaton’s campus.

In Wheaton, students enjoy the proximity to this great city, which is filled with parks, museums, and sporting venues like Wrigley Field. Several of Wheaton College’s outreach activities and programs are based in Chicago, including Wheaton in Chicago, Chicago Evangelism Team, and Urban Ministries.

Educational Sites Near the Wheaton College

  1. Chicago from the Lake 
    Architectural and Historical Cruises
    435 E. Illinois Street, Chicago (close to Navy Pier)
    Advance tickets (recommended): 312.527.1977
    Tours run from late May through October
  2. Historic Pullman District 

Railcar Company Town from the late 19th century

Visitor Centre: 11141 S. Cottage Grove Avenue, Chicago


Opens Tuesday-Sunday: 11 am to 3 pm

  1. Museum of Science and Industry 
    57th Street and Lake Shore Drive (Near U of Chicago)
    Monday – Saturday: 9:30 am-4 pm
    Sunday: 11 am-4 pm
  1. Newberry Research Library 
    60 W. Walton St., Chicago
    Monday, Friday, and Saturday: 8:15 am-5:30 pm
    Tuesday-Thursday: 8:15 am-7:30 pm
    Reading Room hours: Tuesday- Thursday: 10 am-6 pm
    Friday & Saturday: 9 am-5 pm

Why Wheaton College is a better option for you?

Wheaton College is a prestigious college that provides a variety of learning opportunities. Furthermore, Wheaton College has a fantastic reputation when it comes to quality.

It is Ranked #187 in College Factual’s 2023 list of the best all-around colleges in the United States. In addition, Wheaton College, Illinois, ranked #5 out of 87 colleges in the U.S. Moreover, its location makes it an ideal choice for students who want to enroll in a university with great areas and a lot of wonderful places for them to explore and enjoy.